Jan 31, 2011

Being Human in the U.S.A.

Whoa. Déjà vu. I watched a show and then another one that looked just like it. How much like it? Was it the same show? Well, that's still to be determined. I'm talking about Syfy's Being Human.

When I heard Syfy was producing a remake of one of my favorite British shows I was less than enthused. Things like this rarely go well, one glaring exception being The Office, which has faired very well here in the states. But I will say this, besides the show taking place in Bristol, there isn't anything inherently British about the plot of Being Human. It really is something that could be played in almost any local so I decided I'd give the new show a shot and try to keep an open mind.

I hadn't kept up with much about the American Being Human before it aired so I was confused during the first episode when I realize they had changed all the characters' names. Annie, Mitchell and George were now Sally, Aidan and Josh with actors Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington. My only guess is this was an attempt to eliminate confusion when discussing the two different series because otherwise it makes no sense. I have not seen Rath's work before, she hasn't been in anything I would have watched, but you may remember Witwer from such shirtless roles as Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica and Doomsday in Smallville. He's also the voice and likeness of Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Huntington should be easily recognizable by comic fans, he played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, he also starred in Fanboys.

With the first two episodes of the Syfy series watched I would have to say I got the same feeling from it that I did when I started the British series. Of course that's because the premise is exactly the same, three miserable and lonely people (who just happen to be a ghost, vampire and werewolf) find each other and decide to live in the same apartment. Being a ghost, Sally can't leave the apartment anyway so she didn't have as much choice in the matter. Aidan, like Mitchell, is trying to be a good vampire and not eat people, while Josh is trying to keep his loved ones at arms lengths to prevent them from being hurt by his werewolf curse.

Besides the same premise and characteristics, there are some tweaks made to the American version. Unlike in the British series where Mitchell himself turns the character Lauren into a vampire when he slips up, the girl Aidan drains in this version (Rebecca) is unwittingly turned into a vampire by his "friends" instead. Speaking of friends, Jason Watkins' Herrick, the lead vampire from the BBC series is played by a familiar actor here. You may remember him as Jacob from Lost, Mark Pellegrino. He's called Bishop this time around and the respect/hate relationship between him and Aidan has remained. Sally's story is identical to Annie's so far (and I find it oddly amusing they gave her almost the exact wardrobe Annie wears) but Josh gets an added twist. His sister is brought into the show to signify his previous departure from family and friends.

Aidan not turning Rebecca himself is definitely a major plot change and similarly, Josh's sister being added will also likely lead to the show taking different paths from the original show. It already has in a way. Even though the first two episodes were very similar, I don't see the show continuing along the same path as the British version for too long. Or if they do, I don't expect it to stay on the air. Without a doubt there are many people watching who have never seen the BBC Being Human but there are a lot like me who have seen both and simply don't want to watch a copy when we could easily watch the superior version (which just began its third season).

There's not as much blood and gore in the Syfy series, which the BBC show never shied away from. I expected that but bottom line, it's still enjoyable. If you've never watched the BBC's Being Human I would HIGHLY recommend it but for now Syfy's Being Human is an acceptable substitute if you like ghosts, vampires and werewolves...being human.

Blog@ 1/24-1/28

In case you missed them, here are the stories I contributed to Blog@Newsarama last week!

Video game adaptation of THE WALKING DEAD in the works? - Telltale Games could be close to announcing a game based on Robert Kirkman's successful comic book.

Etsy Made Me Do It: Laptop Skins - My weekly highlight of geek chic. Great ways to make your computer geekier than it already is.

IDW opens a Ben Templesmith Store for the iPad and iPhone - The artist/writer gets his own app.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome casts its Adama - The next BSG prequel series has found their main player.

True Blood actor to play the Man of Steel? - Well at least that was the rumor last week, we just found out it will be British actor Henry Cavill instead.

Keep checking Blog@ for other great comic book/pop-culture stories and reviews from my co-workers and myself!

Jan 27, 2011

Web Comic Review - The Undergrounds

So Dracula, The Mummy, Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster walk into a bar. No, wait...Four monsters, picked to live in a house...No...that's not right either. How about the four most famous monsters wind up running a cafe with the greatest monster hunter, Van Helsing, watching their every move and drinking all their coffee? Sound interesting. That's The Undergrounds, from Semantink Publishing.

The Undergrounds is a free weekly webcomic strip written interchangeably by Michael Fountain, Derek Johnson, Marcel Losada, James Ninness (author of Mythoi) and Joe Pezzula. The art duties are handled solely by Daniel Touchet, who you may remember is the artist of the upcoming Sim-I from Semantink with Pezzula.

The premise is simple, as any good comedic strip should be. Dracula is the virgin-loving (also Soduku-loving) manager of a coffee house called The Undergrounds. On a daily basis, his monstrous employees somehow manage not to kill or scare all the customers away while providing mostly sanitary beverages. Mostly.

Frankenstein's Monster is a total pervert, although sometimes it can come off as sweet, but no, usually just perverted. (He's got a fondness for their cappuccino machine.) Wolfman is dumb as a brick, or dumb as a dog if you won't take offense to that. He's the comic relief in the cafe. And then there's Van Helsing, who just happens to be their best customer and worst enemy. He's also a dirty, dirty old man. The Mummy is easily the most level-headed of the bunch.

Sometimes the jokes are a bit too on-the-nose for my taste but mostly The Undergrounds is just great, non-clean fun. It's something that could easily fit in a daily newspaper's comic strip section...if the newspaper was published by Larry Flynt. When I heard how many writers there were on the comic I was a little apprehensive but the group's scripts flow seamlessly. Touchet has a great way with the details. He peppers the background with cameos the likes of Green Lantern, Hellboy, Captain America...Danzig, showing that he's got a great affection for the medium. Not to mention he can draw some hot little ladies. If you're a fan of the classic movie monsters and some gross-out humor, The Undergrounds is right up your alley.

I think I have a new theme song...

It's called Nerdy Girls Need Love Too. (Substitute "girls" with "birds" if you so wish.)

Singer/songwriter Amy Lee Radigan has composed a delightful anthem, not just for me, but for nerdy girls everywhere! With references and cameos from Harley Quinn, Star Trek, Super Mario, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sandman, Catwoman, Black Canary, Batman, Lord of the Rings (although she mispronounces Aragorn's name, I'll forgive her), The Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, this little lady's like a geek encyclopedia.

"I hope you can love me for the nerdy girl I am," she sings innocently at first but it's the pseudo-dirty chorus that really gets me each time I hear to it. A girl after my own heart. Speaking of my heart, this is probably my favorite line of the whole song, "While Bruce Wayne will forever be my dreamboy..." It's like she's singing FOR ME! Maybe she read my love letter...

You can download the song at her website here and also join her Facebook fanpage if you loved it as much as I did. Keep on singin' it for the nerdy ladies Amy!

Jan 26, 2011

Hey, That's My Cape! - Will WONDER WOMAN Work on TV Again?

Wonder Woman is getting her own television show. Again. Am I happy about this? Mostly. I hate to say it but it’s better than getting nothing at all.

When the original news broke that David E. Kelley was putting together a show featuring Princess Diana, I was happily surprised. When network after network decided to pass, I gritted my teeth. We had already been denied a big-screen Wonder Woman when the studio disagreed with...whatever Joss Whedon’s plan was. Of course he picked up the superhero pieces and is now the director of The Avengers film but we’ll probably never know what his vision would have looked like.

Click on through to Newsarama to read this week's very opinionated Hey, That's My Cape!

Jan 25, 2011

How Twitter Brought an Actor & an Artist to The DEVIL INSIDE

Pretend you’re the Devil. You’ve been running Hell for a few millennia and you’re just kind of done with it. Could you just up and leave? Would the forces of Hell let you? Never mind that. Would Heaven let you freely walk the Earth? And if you did make a successful break for it, what kind of life would you live?

That’s the foundation of Devil Inside, the weekly webcomic from artist Dennis Calero (Man of the Atom, X-Men: Noir) and actor Todd Stashwick (The Riches, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

“If he doesn’t use his mojo he doesn’t show up on their radar so he’s really working very hard to not be the thing that he is,” said Stashwick of their Devil named Jack, “It’s a man caught between his past and what he hopes his future is."

"Sort of in the same way as the Incredible Hulk, he establishes himself in a community and tries to sort of live life as a man but he is what he is and he has to use his powers which is fun for us to watch,” said Calero, “It’s a lot about the nature of evil and the nature of choice and how those two things are interrelated.”

Read my full interview with the creative team at Newsarama to find out how these crazy kids found each other and what the hell the Devil's doing on Earth.

Jan 24, 2011

The Adventures of Sexy Batman

With a title like that how could I NOT be in love with Kate Beaton's comic strip.

The Adventures of Sexy Batman are a series of strips created by Beaton who previously said "you will never see me do a Batman comic," because there are so many out there these days. Well, I'm glad she changed her mind.

"Dear readers, a fact: Batman is fun," she wrote, "Batman is so much fun, and that is why everyone makes comics about him. Case closed, everyone make Batman comics and feel good about it. Plus, is this not where you go for cartoon butt drawings? A marriage of two fine things, like wine and more wine."

I think her and I would make great friends. Head on over to her site to enjoy the rest of the naughty but hilarious Batman strips and check out her other work, some of which is going to be published by Drawn & Quarterly later this year.

Jan 21, 2011

Blog@ 1/17-1/21

In case you missed them, here are the stories I contributed to Blog@Newsarama this week!

Comics at the Golden Globes - I don't know if you noticed it but the award show was filled with superheroes this year.

Etsy Made Me Do It: Cufflinks - My column on Blog@ showing off the best in geek chic from the crafting site. This week, cufflinks!

Three New Stills from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Perhaps in an effort to combat the promo shot (allegedly) leaked earlier this week, Fox released three stills from the actual film.

X-MEN: First Class Director Gets Mad, We Get Magneto In His Helmet - Plus a shot of Xavier and a teaser poster for the film.

Colleen Coover & Paul Tobin’s New Graphic Novel FREE On Top Shelf 2.0! - Top Shelf announced today they’ll be offering a new graphic novel, Gingerbread Girl, for free online.

Keep checking Blog@ for other great comic book/pop-culture stories and reviews from my co-workers and myself!

Jan 20, 2011

Hey, That's My Cape! – An Elegy For Amelia Johnson

An elegy. A lament for the dearly departed. How often, after someone’s passing, do we wish we had said or done more? That we ask for just a few more moments with our loved one to say our final goodbyes. And worst of all, what if you were the one that people needed to say goodbye to. Well, what if someone could do it for you? That’s the basic premise of Archaia’s An Elegy for Amelia Johnson, and is the story I’m going to tell everyone to read this year.

Check out the review for my early pick of one of the best graphic novels of 2011 in this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Newsarama.

Jan 19, 2011

Convincing myself Anne Hathaway can play Catwoman through pictures.

Big news out of Hollywood today. Anne Hathaway has officially been cast as Selina Kyle in the third Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. It was also announced that Tom Hardy, who was already down for a role, will be playing Bane. My initial reaction to Hathaway's casting? DO NOT WANT. So here is my attempt to convince myself the Princess can play the prostitute.

There's no doubt in my mind Hathaway is a talented actress, it's just that in my mind, when I look at her I see sweet and proper. I can't help it. My first introduction to her was in The Princess Diaries. Then she was in Ella Enchanted. And then another Princess Diaries movie. But at least in this shot she looks like Selina decked out for a Gotham social event ready to do some pick-pocketing.

And before, like everyone else, you point out movies like Havoc or Rachel Getting Married, I haven't seen those. People have been sending me clips all day and all I can see is her acting like she's on Saturday Night Live. Though, slinking cat in this pic?

But here's an interesting tidbit. Sue over at DC Women Kicking Ass picked up on the fact that "Catwoman" is never mentioned in the press release from Warner Bros., only "Selina Kyle." So could we have another "Two-Face" situation on our hands? Will Hathaway not become Catwoman until the end of the film? This shot makes me think of Batman: Year One with Selina hanging out her apartment window.

Apparently she beat out Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley for the role, neither of which I would have been particularly pleased about either. A lot of people have asked me who I'd rather have play Catwoman, and while I never really decided on someone, Rachel Weisz was brought up and I certainly would have been content with her. I picked this shot because, well, vinyl and I can see her crouching on a rooftop like that.

In the official press release Nolan said, "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story." And that's really what all the skeptics, including myself, have to remember. In my mind, Nolan has not steered the Batman ship wrong yet. A lot of people didn't think Heath Ledger would make a good Joker and look how that turned out. So although I don't care for the choice, I'll trust that Nolan made the right decision for the film.

I'm still holding true to the fact that I would have preferred Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises. It would have made great symmetry with Batman Begins and helped bring everything full circle. But you know, Catwoman is Catwoman and I love her. And nothing could be as bad as Halle Berry. Right?

At least she's got boots on in this one. So what do you think of the casting choice? Will Hathaway make a convincing Selina Kyle? And although this was mostly about her, what about Hardy as Bane? Not sure which direction Nolan will take with him but Hardy is a fantastic actor.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Jan 17, 2011

Send Teresa to Gally!

Coming up next month is the 22nd annual Gallifrey One convention, the North American Doctor Who con for those of you not familiar. Well it just so happens that my friend Teresa Jusino has been asked to appear on one of the panels there. There's just one hiccup. Due to some lame circumstances beyond her control, Teresa doesn't have money for the flight to California anymore. She's hoping some of her fellow geeks can help her out. Here's how...

Teresa is raising funds Kickstarter-style. What that means is, if she doesn't raise the $350 she needs for the flight by February 5, everyone who donated will get their money back. And she isn't just asking for random donations, you'll get a copy of her chapbook for your contribution.

$5.00 for the book ONLY

$6.00 for a SIGNED copy

$7.00 for a PERSONALIZED copy (ie: “Dear Fred, You’re awesome. Keep on keepin’ on! Love, Teresa”)

Not too much to ask for, right? You may remember Teresa did a piece on me and my fundraising efforts for MDA on one of the sites she writes for, China Shop Magazine. I'm going to help Teresa out and I hope you'll consider doing so too (and help to spread the word).

Being on this panel would mean a lot to Teresa...none other than Jane Espenson would be sitting up there with her. Both those gals (and several others) contributed to a book called Whedonistas, a lovely celebration of Joss Whedon and his works, and that's what the panel will be discussing. You can read more about this all at Teresa's blog. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Only one week into the effort to send Teresa to Gallifrey One, I am happy to report she is OVER HER GOAL! She (and I) are extremely thankful to everyone who donated to get her there. She's decided to keep it going until the end date she had set, February 5th, because she may have extra travel expenses while in L.A. So what she's decided to do is, well I'll use her words: "I’m going to snag two copies of Whedonistas to give away at random to two people who have donated between January 17 and February 5th. (So, yes. If you’ve already donated, you’d still be eligible!) They may even be signed by my fellow panelists, including Jane Espenson. We’ll see what I can do."

Blog@ 1/10-1/14

I meant to post this on Friday but I slacked off instead. What can I say, it was a busy week! Here are the stories I contributed to Blog@Newsarama last week.

The Nerdy Bird is the word. - My introduction to the crew.

Etsy Made Me Do It - A new feature on Blog@ where I highlight some of the best geekery items on the crafting website.

My Pet Is Super Contest! - A writing contest for kids, going on now, sponsored by Capstone Publishers who are helping to bring us the new DC Super-Pets book by Art Baltazar.

Chris Evans in his Cap Costume - The title pretty much says it all. See what the Blog@ readers think of the getup.

Love the Goon? Hate Twilight? I've got a t-shirt for you. - Hot Topic is selling an awesome Goon shirt.

Keep checking Blog@ this week for other great comic book/pop-culture stories and reviews!

Jan 13, 2011

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book

We all have favorite comic book covers and if you're like me, you have a LOT of favorite comic book covers. But god forbid any of us ripped the cover off to hang on our wall! It'd be nice if we could get prints of any cover we wanted but unfortunately that's not the case. But now, you at least have access to 100 great ones.

From Quirk Books, the folks who brought us the Worst-Case Scenario series, comes DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book. It starts with New Fun #1 and ends with Batman #679.
Here are 100 of the most important, most incredible, and most bizarre comic-book covers from DC’s incredible archives-all perforated and ready to display in your apartment, dorm room, or cubicle. From Action Comics #1 and Batman #1 to lesser-known heroes like Mister District Attorney, this oversized compilation features every major milestone in DC’s extraordinary history: Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Fables, 100 Bullets, and much more. The book is arranged chronologically to give readers a long look into how America's most pressing social concerns (women's rights, drugs, war and more) have been reflected in the unique and visually stunning medium of comic books.
On the opposite side of each poster there are related covers and commentary by Robert Schnakenberg discussing the comics, characters, writers, and artists. Some include comments from the artists themselves too. There's even a foreword from DC Comics veteran Paul Levitz, who recently saw his own DC 75th anniversary book published. This one's not quite as big but it is large enough to show off the fantastic art no matter where you decide to hang it.

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book is seriously cool. I wish something like this was available while I was still in college, I would have wallpapered my room with it. I'm certainly too mature for that now (*giggle*). Of course there's stuff I wish was in there and isn't but with the ridiculous amount of covers DC has put out in the last 75 years I'm just glad I wasn't the one who had to narrow them down.

Jan 12, 2011

Hey, That's My Cape! A Batman Animated Series That Never Was

What if Bruce Wayne never got privately tutored or went to boarding school but attended a regular public high school instead? And what if those halls were filled with teenagers plotting the demise of the student body or scheming to steal bake sale profits? Well, you’d have something called Gotham High.

Check out the amazing brainchild of Jeffrey Thomas and Celeste Green in this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Newsarama. Hint: It's totally Nerdy Bird approved.

Comic Book Video Games FTW!

If you thought 2010 was a huge year for fandom, just wait for this year to play out. And I mean literally. You're going to be playing a lot. One of the greatest things for us is when genres cross over and we get a double-whammy of nerd fever. Not all comic readers are gamers and not all gamers are comic readers but there is a huge intersection connecting the two and 2011 is going to be a banner year for fans of both.

DC Universe Online is the first such title to be released this year satisfying not only comic fans but MMORPG fans as well. Jim Lee has spent a lot time getting this one to us but it’s finally here. Though a score of gamers have already gotten the chance to play in beta and the reaction so far has been positive. It seems DC and Sony Online Entertainment were right to think this was something fans have been waiting to pounce on. Shaping your very own hero or villain and having them interact with the DC Universe is pretty cool after all. The only downfall on this one, for me anyway, is the title is only available for PC and PlayStation 3. My computer is on its last legs and would never support such usage and I don’t own a PS3. I’ll have to watch some friends play before I decide whether or not DC Universe Online is worthy of buying a whole new system. Oh and lest we forget an opportunity for DC to make some extra money off this deal, there’s also going to be a bi-weekly comic book tie-in written by Tony Bedard and Marv Wolfman as well.

If you thought patiently waiting through the delays of DC Universe Online were bad, try being a fan of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise. Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds finally hits stores February 15 after a ten-year gap between the last iteration. With a story by comic creator Frank Tieri, fans are going to be thrown into a very busy world filled with popular comic and game characters. Ryu, Wolverine, Iron Man, Morrigan, Trish and Dante from Devil May Cry, Deadpool, Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Captain America, Doctor Doom, M.O.D.O.K., She-Hulk, Super Skrull and X-23 are just some of the fighters you’ll be able to choose from. And I can’t forget my favorite addition to the cast, Sir Arthur from Ghosts n Goblins. What?! That’s amazing! Besides the fantastic character list, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is powered by Capcom's MT Framework, an advance version of the graphics engine they used for Resident Evil 5, so it’s going to look and play fantastic. I can’t wait to pit the most ridiculous people against each other.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters is the highly anticipated movie tie-in coming to us on June 1, about two weeks before Green Lantern the film is released. I’m incredibly wary of this one knowing how tie-ins usually turn out, *cough*Iron Man*cough* but with the details released recently, my hopes have lifted some. Here’s the official synopsis:
The Manhunters are an android race, originally created by the Guardians of the Universe to serve as the first interstellar police force. The Manhunters became more obsessed with administering punishment than serving justice, forcing the Guardians to dissolve their ranks. The few Manhunters that survived fled into exile and the Guardians founded a new elite police force called the Green Lantern Corps and armed its members with specially crafted power rings. Now the Manhunters are back and out for revenge, readying their forces for a war against the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Faced with destruction, the Corps is looking to you as the newest recruit, gifted but cocky test pilot Hal Jordon, to protect peace and preserve justice. Building on the anticipation of Warner Bros.' feature film Green Lantern, in theaters June 17, 2011, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters includes the likeness and voice talent of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, who is the star of the upcoming motion picture.
Obviously what I’m most excited about trying out are the Power Ring constructs. Warner Bros. Interactive and Double Helix have said we’ll at least be able to use our ring to create a gatling gun and giant fists but there’s likely to be a lot more. Probably the biggest news? You’re going to be able to play as Sinestro. Whether you can do that solo or only when playing with a friend I don’t care. You. Get. To. Play. As. Sinestro.

Batman: Arkham City is easily my most anticipated game of the year. It only has an estimated release date of the fall right now but I’ll be thinking about it probably every day until then. Rocksteady seems primed to rock our world once again in this sequel to the hugely popular Arkham Asylum. With the asylum in ruins after the Joker’s rampage last year, the newly appointed Mayor/former warden at Arkham, Quincy Sharp, turns a section of Gotham’s slums into the new housing facility for inmates. Oh yeah, that’s a swell idea. And it’s being run by none other than Dr. Hugo Strange, who as we’ve seen from the recently released trailer, knows Batman’s biggest secret. Once again written by comic scribe Paul Dini, the five times bigger world will also be home to Catwoman this time around. Please god let her be playable.

We know the least about X-Men: Destiny so far but this RPG, with a TBA release date, is being written by none other than Vertigo/Marvel/X-Men: Legends writer Mike Carey. And well, he’s awesome. In X-Men: Destiny players will be a brand-new mutant learning about his/her powers in a world with supporters and disparagers alike. I’m assuming you’ll be able to choose whether you go bad or stay on the light side but either way it sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’ll pull out my old Nintendo and play The Uncanny X-Men until then.

These are just some of the titles being released in 2011. Which comic book video games are you most looking forward to playing this year? What adaptation have you always wanted them to make?

Jan 11, 2011

The Nerdy Bird is the word.

You all know I've been writing and hosting for Newsarama for a while now. Turns out I'm going to be taking on even more work for them. (I'm obviously insane.) Say hello to the newest contributor to Blog@Newsarama!

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Blog@ but it's sort of a separate entity from the main site in that content can be posted immediately and we have our own voice. I'll be posting there daily from now on and instead of linking to all the stories here each day I'll probably do a link round-up on Fridays. But don't wait until then! Check out Blog@ every day to see what sort of trouble I'm getting into. :)

Most of you already know me pretty well but my first post on Blog@ is an introduction, first date style. Check it out!

Jan 10, 2011

I can stick Batman's head WHERE?!

There are some things you wait your entire life for. The one thing that will make your life complete. For some people it's the perfect job, for others, true love. Me? It's a Limited Edition Batman MIMOBOT Flash Drive. Hallelujah!

Hot off the presses from CES 2011, Mimeco, the company that does the MIMOBOT line of designer USB flash drives, has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment to create limited edition DC superhero and villain flash drives. And no, they're not starting with Superman, they're starting with my boyfriend, Batman. To be more precise, they're starting with a limited 5,000 item run inspired by Batman's 1939 debut in Detective Comics. Someone gimme.

In the past Mimoco has partnered to create flash drives out of Star Wars characters, DOMO, Halo and Hello Kitty. The Dark Knight drive comes pre-loaded with exclusive Batman MIMOBOT wallpapers, screensavers, and avatars and will eventually come in the blue and grey version you see above. Oh, but they're not stopping there.

Of course wherever there's a Batman a Robin's sure to follow. "The DC super heroes lend themselves perfectly to the collectability of MIMOBOT flash drives and Mimoco is an ideal partner that delivers wonderful products to consumers," said Karen McTier, executive vice president of Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "As lifelong fans of DC super heroes, we cannot wait to bring comic book lovers a wide assortment of MIMOBOT products that will span the DC Universe, and couldn’t be happier to start with a nod to the premier Batman," said Evan Blaustein, CEO and founder of Mimoco.

The Batman and Robin MIMOBOT flash drives would be lonely without a Rogues Gallery to fight. Hence the extremely creepy Joker and seductive Catwoman drives to round out the bunch. The limited-edition vintage Batman MIMOBOT is now available exclusively at mimoco.com and in select retail shops and comes in 2GB-16GB sizes, costing $19.95 - 59.95.

Even more MIMOBOT's will be released later based on additional DC Comics’ characters, including Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern! Another big move by DC Entertainment to spread out their market base for sure. These are going to be hugely popular.

Jan 8, 2011

Wired.com's Sexy Geeks of 2010

Everyone else has been spreading the word this week so I figured I might as well post about it. I've been chosen by Wired.com as one of their Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010 along with Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Grant Morrison, Alessandra Torresani, Stephen Colbert, Veronica Belmont, No Age's Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, Corrinne Yu, Matt Smith, Marina Orlova, Julian Assange, Shira Lazar, Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge, Mila Kunis, Mark Zuckerberg, Ms Mars and Chris Hughes.

Not sure how much of a "geek" some of those folks are but at least they got it right with me. From Wired:
Who were the sexiest geeks of 2010? Depends on what you mean by the words sexy and geek.

Those terms mean nothing and everything at the same time. They're linguistic signifiers stuffed with commodification and infested by interpretation. They can be used to stereotype and sell whatever to whomever.

To get the conversation started in Wired.com's Sexy Geeks 2010 competition, we've spotlighted the geeks that galvanized culture so convincingly this year that they became sex symbols, whether they wanted to or not. We're talking people like Patton Oswalt, who put a bullet through the head of "geek culture" marketing — for Wired, no less! — which is why he, and his gun, made our list.

Eyeball our list of top contenders for the Sexy Geek 2010 title, then nominate your own favorites and vote below.
Here's my page. Not a sexy picture per se but hey, you can't have everything, right? Since the initial post, Wired.com users have nominated several of my geeky gal pals as well, Jessica Mills, Molly McIsaac, Katrina Hill, Jill Thompson, Sara Lima, Kylee Lane and even two of my more macho geeks buds, Alan Kistler and Ben Templesmith. The thing that sucks is users don't seem to know the difference between actual geeks and people who act in geeky television shows or films or even fictional characters. More like Sexy Geek Icons.

Anyway, if you so wish you can cast your up or down votes in the scroll down section of their page or see them all directly here or here. Beware, there are a LOT of pictures now. There's so many it goes onto a second page (I'm on the second). You can vote for as many people as you want but you can only vote for a person once I believe.

Thanks for your support, this is totally bizarre for me!

Jan 7, 2011

Hey, That's My Cape! - Enter a New Universe With Artifacts

One of the biggest complaints from people who don’t read comics are they’re too hard to get into. The Big Two have 75 years of history behind them and can be quite intimidating when trying to jump in for the first time. Hundreds of characters, retconned origins, multiple universes, out of continuity stories, well, it can even be confusing for lifetime fans sometimes.

That’s why it’s much easier to introduce new readers to comics by directing them to the smaller, indie publishers first. These companies haven’t been around nearly as long and, on the whole, don’t have their own interconnected universes. Titles from publishers like Archaia and IDW can easily be picked up without worrying about having to read six other titles to figure them out. One younger publisher that took its cues from the Big Two and chose to birth a brand new universe is Top Cow Productions.

Take a look at my journey into the Top Cow Universe with the help of Artifacts, their recent crossover title I say is the perfect jumping-on point, in this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Newsarama.

The Beat’s Annual Year-End Survey, 2011 edition

Heidi MacDonald runs a fantabulous comics blog with a bunch of other folks called The Beat. If you've never visited, shame on you. Once again this year, Heidi has put together The Beat's Annual Year-End Survey answered by scores of comic book creators and journalists. And whaddayaknow? She was nice enough to include me this year.

Myself along with David Gallaher, Chris Ryall, Sam Humphries, Gail Simone, Chris Roberson, Kieron Gillen and others answered four very simple (depending on your viewpoint) questions posed by Heidi:
  • What are our 2011 Projects?
  • What was the biggest story in comics in 2010?
  • What will be the biggest story in comics in 2011?
  • What guilty pleasure (of any kind) are you looking forward to in 2011?
Find out the answers I know you're dying to read at The Beat! Also check out parts one, two and three as well.

Jan 6, 2011

Frank Beddor Continues to Fight The Looking Glass Wars

Frank Beddor has donned several different hats during his career - actor, producer, stuntman and even freestyle skier - but his ability to create a universe where a royal bodyguard protects his charge with a very special hat has earned him scores of devoted fans.

Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars trilogy of New York Times best selling novels captivated Lewis Carroll fanatics in another unique interpretation of Alice’s classic tumble through Wonderland. In his trilogy, Alice is really Alyss, a Princess originally hailing from Wonderland who is lost in our world and found by author Charles Dodgson (aka Carroll). Dodgson, so captivated by Alyss’ stories of her world, turns them into his now famous work, albeit with a few major details changed.

The producer of 1998’s There’s Something About Mary, Beddor transforms Carroll’s askew universe into a more grown-up, harrowing tale of wars, card soldiers and imagination as weapons. The success and appreciation of The Looking Glass Wars led him to create three graphic novel spin-offs featuring Alyss’ bodyguard Hatter Mattigan, a stoic officer whose skill with a blade is unrivaled in their kingdom. Renowned comic book artist Ben Templesmith illustrated the first volume, released in 2008, while the second and third (released this past October) has relative newcomer Sami Makkonen on artist duties. I spoke with Beddor about the latest graphic novel release in the series, his approach to writing comics and his ever-expanding Wonderland universe.

Head on over to Newsarama to read the interview.

Jan 4, 2011

How the Doctor broke my heart.

The universe has conspired against me. The Doctor is getting married. To his daughter.

Or, more accurately, David Tennant is now engaged to his on-screen daughter Georgia Moffett according to the Daily Mail. BUT WAIT! It gets even weirder. Moffett is the real-life daughter of 5th Doctor, Peter Davison. Talk about wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey.

Tennant, 39, and Moffett, 26, met back in 2008 while filming an episode of Doctor Who's fourth season in which Moffett played a genetically engineered clone of the Doctor named Jenny. Albeit a female version who's younger and yeah, I'm gonna say it, cuter than he. The couple plans to wed on New Year's Day of 2012. Tennant formerly had a relationship with another co-star, actress Sophia Myles who played Madame de Pompedour in the DW episode "The Girl in the Fireplace."

Tennant met his future father-in-law during a 2007 Children In Need special on the BBC. "Davison, 59, played the Doctor from 1981 to 1984, in which time Georgia was born to his first wife, American actress Sandra Dickinson," says the Daily Mail. Moffet herself has an 8-year-old boy from a previous relationship, the father of whom has never been publicly revealed. Davison said of his daughter’s relationship with the Doctor, "It’s great because David is a genuinely nice guy. I’m delighted Georgia has found happiness because she hasn’t always had an easy life."

As much as it tears my heart out he's no longer on the market and that he's not engaged to be married to ME, I'm very happy for him. At least I've still got my back-up.

Jan 3, 2011

Buffy Turns 30 As Season 8 Ends

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #40 sees the end of the groundbreaking Season 8 but also marks the Slayer herself turning 30. I remember first watching the television show and relating ever-so-well because I was close in age to the character. So Buffy turning 30 means I'm close to turning 30 and that's just incomprehensible. It does, however, mean awesome things for you, the reader. Check out the latest press release from Dark Horse Comics...

Sad Buffy is sad.

Careful readers may have noticed that the release date of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #40 has been moved to January 19, 2011. The change in date is no accident. The final issue of the much-talked-about series will hit shelves on the birthday of Buffy Summers. In order to celebrate both the end of Season 8 and the birthday of the beloved character, Dark Horse is proud to announce six Buffy Birthday Parties across the country!

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie had this to say about the event: "It's been a long, strange ride to the end of Buffy's eighth season, and when we realized that her thirtieth birthday fell on a Wednesday, the day new comics go on sale, we realized we had to move our release date to coincide. We're excited to celebrate this landmark occasion and hope we can gather good crowds of Buffy readers and fans together to wish her well as she heads off for Season 9, a little bit older, her head hung low. . . . "

It's hard to believe the vampire slayer is another year older, but time and tide wait for no man, woman, or demon. If, while reading this, you notice your local comic shop is not listed as hosting a party, have the shop's owner contact Dark Horse, and we'll provide them with activity sheets to host their own event.

The following locations will have games, prizes, giveaways, and more for their Buffy Birthday Party! Details vary by location.

4:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m.
Oxford Comics Games & More
2855 Piedmont Road NE
(404) 233-8682

Special Guest: Georges Jeanty, artist, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8

5:30 p.m.—7:45 p.m.
Multnomah County Library
Central Library, US Bank Room
801 SW 10th Ave.
(503) 988-5123

Special Guests: Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 editors

*Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comics will be available for sale at the event from Cosmic Monkey Comics.

4:00 p.m.—6:00 p.m.
Muse Comics & Games
2100 Stephens Ave., Suite 107
(406) 543-9944

4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
Midtown Comics Downtown
64 Fulton St.
(800) 411-3341 / (212) 302-8192

4:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.
Lone Star Comics #6
931 Melbourne Rd.
(817) 595-4375

5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
Lone Star Comics #8
3100 Independence Parkway #318
(972) 985-1593

While I hate my comics being late, I think in this once instance I can give them a pass. This is just a great, fun idea.

In other Dark Horse news, the publisher is holding a contest right now to win every 2011 digital title of theirs. Just register for their digital newsletter at Digital.DarkHorse.com before Jan. 14th, 2011. If you've previously registered, you're automatically eligible. It couldn't be easier, give it a shot. They now have a Dark Horse Bookshelf app on iTunes too!

EDIT: Geek Girl Con has put together THREE more birthday parties for fans. The information is as follows:

7:00 pm at Comics Dungeon in Wallingford, WA
250 NE 45th Street
Comics Dungeon will be providing discounts of up to 25% on Whedon titles! We will bring cake! There may be singing!

7:00 pm at Isotope - The Comic Book Lounge
326 Fell Street
We'll be holding a Buffy-themed cupcake contest!

6:00 pm at Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd

All three are expected to have "Once More, With Feeling" karaoke and cake! Check out their press release.