Aug 18, 2011

My Birds of Prey

I've spoken a few times about how I'd love to see a Birds of Prey film happen. But not until someone asked me on Tumblr who I would cast in such a film did I give it any serious thought. Here's what I came up with.

In case you aren't familiar with their faces that's Laura Prepon as Oracle, Diane Kruger as Black Canary, Charlize Theron as Lady Blackhawk and Nikki Reed as Huntress. I know there have been a few more players in BoP but these are the main ladies in my eyes and who I'd like to see on the screen if it ever happens. In a previous Hey, That's My Cape! where I spoke about different comics I'd love to see adapted, I mentioned the team:
I know, I hear you groaning. Bear with me for a second. We’re all wondering what’s going to happen after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy ends. Neither he nor Christian Bale seem to want to make a fourth film, which I kind of agree with anyway, ending on a (more than likely) high note is better than dragging things on until there’s nothing left. So where do Warner Bros. go from there? Another take on Batman would surely need to wait until some time has passed on the Nolan/Bale team-up and finding another magical combination is going to be extremely challenging.

My suggestion is delving into the rest of Gotham. I fear something like Batgirl wouldn’t be gritty enough coming off the Nolan films. Batwoman would be fantastic but I’m sure they’d never go for it. But Birds of Prey would be perfect. It didn’t work on television but look at how they did it. Black Canary was a child. Let’s forget about origins here and just jump right into the story. Three (or perhaps more) female characters taking down some of Gotham’s worst with both mental and brute strength. And you know who I could see directing it? Quentin Tarantino. Think about it for a minute. Think about the female characters in Kill Bill or Death Proof.He knows how to create a film with strong women and who’s stronger than the Birds of Prey? And to make it even more appealing, convince Bale to come back for a cameo telling Barbara to be careful about X,Y, and Z to which she informs Batman she knows more than him.
What do you think of my choices? Have you ever thought about who could play these amazing women? Who would be your picks?


Logan said...

How about you as Oracle??

Joshua Xalpharis said...

The others have demonstrated the ability to portray a strong female role, but Diane Kruger seems... soft-spoken, if you will.

It would be interesting to see that impression proven incorrect.

dash_bannon said...

You know what would be cool? A Catwoman movie that was good. I skipped the first one, but read the comic.

If they based the character on the recent pre-reboot Selina Kyle, it would be good.

We'll see what the reboot does to her character.

readerofprey said...

As awesome as that would be, I can't help but fear they would screw it up.

And I don't really see them making any movies about non-big-name characters. It's a good dream, though.

Elzikyo sone of master shake said...

Dena Meyer as Barbra

Angelina Jolie as Huntress

Scarlet Johansson as lady blackhawk

Ali Larter for black canary

And just because I can Lucy Liu as Lady Shiva

david said...

Dianne Kruger definitely has the look, but she's a bit skinny to play one of the deadliest martial artists in the World IMHO.

She'd need to eat a few steaks first.

Anonymous said...

Jill Pantozzi, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hudson Leick, and Yancy Butler.

Anonymous said...

Jill Pantozzi or Alyson Hannigan; Renee O' Connor or Helen Hunt; Laurene Landon or Cynthia Rothrock; and Shannen Doherty or Eliza Dushku.

Anonymous said...

Bella Thorne, Ashley Tisdale, Caroline Sunshine, and Selena Gomez. They would be hopelessly miscast, but the tweens and the dirty old men in the audience would like it.

Anonymous said...

Jill Pantozzi, Kathy Long, Sybil Danning, and Adrienne Curry.