May 20, 2011

Women in Comics: A Roundtable about the 'Geek Girl' Phenomenon

I had the honor recently of being asked by's Editor-In-Chief Laura Hudson to sit in on a women in comics roundtable to discuss the "geek girl" phenomenon. My fellow ladies? None other than G4's comic expert Blair Butler and leader of The Beat (not to mention my boss at Publishers Weekly Comics Week), Heidi MacDonald.

"We decided to assemble several of the most prominent women in comics media to talk about the "geek girl" phenomenon, how things have changed (or not) over the last couple decades, and the way women in comics are regarded by the mainstream media, superhero comics, and other female fans," writes Hudson.

I was extraordinarily happy to be asked to join in on this discussion with three ladies I very much admire. So head on over to Comics Alliance to read what we had to say. And yeah, as you can imagine, we had a lot to say...


thingsiveseenandheard said...

this sounds awesome! Im very interested in hearing/reading this discussion (as an aspiring female sequential artist) but for the life of my i can't seem to locate it on the comics alliance site

The Nerdy Bird said...

Just click on the link in the last paragraph!