Apr 27, 2011

Hey, That's My Cape!: Superhero Take Your Kid to Work Day

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (which is now Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day) is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April every year. I used to go with my mom or dad to work whenever it came up but that was mostly so I didn’t have to go to school. I guess you’re actually, I don’t know, supposed to learn something about careers or some such nonsense. For most kids I know, it basically instilled in them the urge to never actually work a day in their lives because they saw how boring it could be.

But I digress. For those parents who had different or exciting jobs, I’m sure Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is a fun experience. So that got me thinking. Pretty much every kid at one time or another says they want to be a superhero when they grow up. What about the children OF superheroes? Do they want to be just like mommy or daddy or do they want to go in the opposite direction?

Head on over to Newsarama for this week's Hey, That's My Cape! where I explore some possible Superhero Take Your Kid to Work Day scenarios. And no, I didn't stick to characters who already had kids. :)


Anonymous said...

Most jobs are boring. That's why the employers have to pay money to get the employees to do them.