May 31, 2010

Nerdy News

Happy Memorial Day everyone, it's time for some Nerdy News!

Hang onto your wigs. Alias is making a comeback on ABC. This according to TV gossip columnist Kristin from E! She says a "reliable source" at the network told her they are looking to reboot the J.J. Abrams created series which ended it's run in 2006. To which I say, "hell no!" but also, "Abrams is already doing another spy show for NBC this year (Undercovers) so get some new ideas."

The source told her ABC is trying to hold onto their Lost audience by re-envisioning the spy drama with it's basic elements, "But the series would most likely not include any sort of complex mythological throughline such as the Rambaldi prophecy (a storyline that lost some of the fans)." The source did not say whether or not Abrams would actually be involved.


By the time The Hobbit actually hits theaters, someone will be able to write a jaunty tale of the journey it took for it to get there and make a movie out of that. Complete with ballads that take days to listen to. The film's latest misstep? Guillermo Del Toro has stepped down as director.

It was announced on yesterday that the Mexican director would still be co-writing the screenplays with The Lord of the Ring's Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh. “In light of ongoing delays in the setting of a start date for filming The Hobbit, I am faced with the hardest decision of my life”, said Guillermo. “After nearly two years of living, breathing and designing a world as rich as Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I must, with great regret, take leave from helming these wonderful pictures."

Jackson said they are sad to see Del Toro go but have been kept in the loop the entire time. “The bottom line is that Guillermo just didn’t feel he could commit six years to living in New Zealand, exclusively making these films, when his original commitment was for three years."

No new director has been lined up but it already seems like Jackson has said "Not it!" Peter Jackson's manager Ken Kamins told Dealine New York, "Peter has and has had obligations and commitments to other films that would make it impossible for him to direct The Hobbit at this time, even if it was offered, which it hasn't been."

The film, in two parts, is still scheduled to be released December of 2012 and 2013.


Who knew tin was worth so much?

Over 200 items relating to the young comic book adventurer Tintin were sold off at the Drouot-Montaigne auction house in Paris Saturday. In total, the lot went for 1.3 million dollars.

The most expensive items were two inked and water-painted original panels from 1938's "King Ottokar's Sceptre." They sold as a pair for $299,620. Second highest was a bronze statue, showing Tintin with dog Snowy at his side, for $153,650.

No word on who the buyers were but I wouldn't be surprised if Steven Spielberg was one of them. Not only is he directing The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, he's also a huge fan of the comic books.

May 28, 2010

Batgirl Deserves Her Own Film

Something criminal has been brought to my attention. With recent direct to video animated features like Green Lantern: First Flight, Wonder Woman and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, you'd think it was only a matter of time before someone as popular as Batgirl got her own film. Guess what? Turns out Warner Bros. was planning on that very thing but CHANGED THEIR MINDS. Gather your proverbial torches, we must storm the castle.

Stella from Batgirl to Oracle: The Barbara Gordon Podcast alerted me to this unbelievable travesty upon comic book fandom. The news originally broke in an interview the website Think McFly Think did with Bruce Timm. Here's what he had to say:
We had originally planned to do sequels for Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but Wonder Woman’s sales started out extremely slow and then over time were eventually able to catch up to probably Justice League [New] Frontier. The Exec’s decided because it wasn’t able to sell quickly right away, where as Justice League was, that there wouldn’t be any more female super hero films right now. We were developing and hoping to get started on a Batgirl film based on Year One, but because of Wonder Woman’s slow sales start, that won’t be happening now.
I really cannot imagine this. After Wonder Woman, superheroines like Supergirl and Batgirl are the best choices for guaranteed sales. I feel strongly about this and so do a lot of other people. Stella actually started a petition. SIGN IT NOW, it takes literally 20 seconds. This is part of what she has to say:
We, the undersigned, call upon Warner Home Video, Inc. to rethink their decision to cancel the development and production of Batgirl: Year One. As Batgirl is a popular character in comics and a cultural icon, her debut in a full-length feature would bring several generations together: the Yvonne Craig generation, the Batman: The Animated Series generation, and the The Batman generation, not to mention the different comic generations. Giving Batgirl/Barbara Gordon a chance as a film will not only allow Warner Brothers Animation to produce a more diverse movie-lineup in the future, but will give the fans of other female superheroes the chance to see their own favorite on the screen.
If you love Batgirl, and I know you do, then do Stella, myself and Batgirl fans everywhere a favor by signing the petition and spreading the word wherever and however you can. You wouldn't want to make a redhead angry, would you? :)

May 27, 2010

Another Jonah Hex film already?

I think it's silly when Hollywood gets ahead of themselves by starting work on a sequel to a film that hasn't even been released yet but in this case I don't mind. Why? Because this isn't a sequel. Warner Bros. is bringing us Jonah Hex - animated.

The animated short, Jonah Hex, is the next DC Showcase from Warner Bros. Animation. It will appear on the Special Edition Blu-Ray and 2-Disc Special Edition DVD releases of Batman: Under the Red Hood coming out July 27 and these are the very first images to be seen! You may remember that Spectre was the last DC Showcase short, available on the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (which I reviewed) DVDs.

Written by Batman: The Animated Series writer Joe Lansdale, Jonah Hex features the voice talents of Thomas Jane, Linda Hamilton, Michelle Trachtenberg and Michael Rooker. Here's what we can expect to see in the short:
In the DC Showcase story, the tough-as-nails bounty hunter Jonah Hex always gets his man - until someone else gets to him first - in this case a murderous madam who wants to steal more than just her bounty from Jonah Hex.
The short, like Under the Red Hood, will be rated PG-13. The Jonah Hex live-action film is set to be released next month. It will be interesting to see how it's success or failure effects the animated version. I think it's very cool that Thomas Jane is finally getting to play Jonah Hex. I heard he pushed really hard to be cast in the live-action role but of course they eventually went with Josh Brolin.

Which are you more excited for, live-action or animated? Were you picking up Under the Red Hood anyway or has the inclusion of the Jonah Hex short sold you?

Felicia Day Talks Comics And Joss Whedon's Qualifications For 'The Avengers'

It seems appropriate I wrap up a trilogy of Felica Day interviews the same day the third and final issue of her comic book, The Guild, hits stores. From Dark Horse Comics, the mini-series is based on her hugely popular web series and shows us something we never saw on the show – how the guild met.

Now that all three issues have been released, we discuss her experience writing comics for the first time, her past and future in the genre and what she thinks about her friend Joss Whedon directing The Avengers, including her possible role in the film.

Read the whole interview at MTV Splash Page!

May 26, 2010

Hey, That's My Cape! - The Voyage of the Death Ship

Depending on the copy, Bram Stoker's Dracula can run up to 400 pages, but it continues to grow in length throughout the years. Dracula is not only a classic novel, it’s a classic horror novel. Since it was first published in 1897, it has inspired additional books, films and countless other adaptations in media. Can you just imagine if all of those offshoots were included in the original novelization?

I’m a big Dracula fan and I’m always interested to see new stakes, I mean takes, especially when they cross paths with my other loves. The character of Dracula has made several notable comic book appearances through the years but now Gary Gerani and Stuart Sayger give us something exciting and different with IDW Publishing’s Bram Stoker’s Death Ship.

Read more about it in this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Newsarama!

May 25, 2010

Is Wil Wheaton Returning To 'The Guild,' Is Felicia Day Moving To 'Big Bang Theory?'

Yesterday I brought you the joys and struggles Felicia Day experienced while filming the third season of her award-winning web series, The Guild, and what we can expect overall from Season Four. Today she reveals even more, speaking about the slew of bonus features on “The Guild: Season Three” DVD (in stores today!), casting friends, plus a missed casting opportunity of her own.

Included on the DVD is the not-quite-chart-topping yet absolutely spectacular performance of Day and cast in their debut music video, “Date My Avatar.”

“We have a behind-the-scenes of that that’s never been seen anywhere,” she said. “You get to see some of the dance rehearsals.” You also get to see the director of the music video and co-writer of the song, Jed Whedon. (That’s Joss Whedon’s little brother and co-writer of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.)

Read the rest of the interview in my article at MTV Splash Page!!

DoubleDCoverage #60

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Does anyone know where I left my Legion textbook? I really need to study. I may also need to pick up a book on how to read backwards fluently. Reviews/recaps for Legion of Super-Heroes #1 and Zatanna #1 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last week!

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May 24, 2010

Felicia Day Brings 'The Guild: Season Three' To DVD

Do you think Felicia Day knew the giant bag of loot she fell on the day she created her stupendously successful web series The Guild? Most likely not but with the DVD of the show’s third season hitting wide release this Tuesday, her raiding party is likely to be sporting some new gear pretty soon.

If that first paragraph made no sense to you, you may not be into online gaming but if you’re a fan of Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) you may know enough to appreciate the humor.

The Guild: Season Three is wrapped but I recently spoke with Day about her ups and downs over the course of the latest episodes in the popular web series. Check it out on MTV Splash Page and look for more from the interview later in the week!!

May 22, 2010

Flashback Lost

Guys...where are we?

More appropriately, when are we? Just in time for the Lost series finale, I’ve input September 22, 2004 into the DeLorean to catch the Lost series premiere. And it’s a good thing too. Even though “Pilot, Part 1” was watched by 18.6 million viewers, I wasn’t one of them.

Check out my look back at Pilot, Part 1 & 2 in my Friday Flashback at Newsarama.

May 20, 2010

Will I ever grow up?

Probably not. Images for the latest wave of DC Classics action figures from Mattel have been released and they're already burning a hole in my pocket. That is to say, the money I'll be spending on them is.

I'll start off with my favorite - Starman. I prefer Jack Knight but I'll take Ted in a pinch and hell, if they come in a set, why not? Usually first, but a close second in this case is the Sinestro Corps Batman. I love how he was in the Corps for all of five seconds and he gets an action figure. Sweet Batarang ring construct though.

Resurrected Martian Manhunter gets a reworking but not in his latest duds (look for a second version with his Martian head) and for the first time ever, Saturnian Jemm gets a figure of his own. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but Jemm just recently made an appearance in the New Krypton storyline. Raven was included as a Fans Choice but it looks like she's ready for diving practice. Thankfully there's plenty of articulation points in these folks.

Speaking of points of articulation, how about a classic OMAC to fold in half and keep on your shelf? The Golden Pharaoh has a transparent purple torso and a badass bald head. That's pretty much all I can say about him.

Each new figure in the wave comes with a piece that will eventually build you a Validus if you collect them all. And if you've got the moola, Entertainment Earth is selling two sets of the figures with additional "Best Ofs," hence the Blue Beetle in that picture.

I'm quite a fan of the DC Classics line actually. Some of them tend to look a little funky because of the crazy number of articulation points but for the most part they look really good. Starman for me definitely out of the new wave, what about you?

May 19, 2010

Hey, That's My Cape! - BATMAN-chicka-bow-wow

Look for a picture of your favorite superhero in Google images with the safe search off and eventually you’ll see why I’m not surprised a Batman porno flick is set to hit stores next week. I’m just surprised it took this long. Well, maybe there’s already been one (I’m no porn expert) but certainly not of this caliber.

Batman XXX: A Porn Parody is either a comic fans wet dream or worst nightmare. From Vivid Entertainment and director Axel Braun, the film is an almost perfect depiction of Batman and friends from the 1960s television show and film, but, you know, with sex.

Holy corrupted childhood memories, Batman!

Read more about it (and watch the SFW trailer) in this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Newsarama.

May 18, 2010

DoubleDCoverage #59

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Bruce Wayne is back! The Birds of Prey are back! Bruce! Birds! I think my head just exploded. Reviews/recaps for Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 and Birds of Prey #1 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last week!

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Should 'Heroes' Continue As A Comic Book?

After NBC officially announced that Heroes had been canceled, fans immediately began putting together “Bring Back Heroes” petitions, and even trending the topic on Twitter for a few hours. According to many reports, not even a television movie was discussed at NBC’s upfronts in New York City on Monday, so it appears the show’s future is all but sealed. But is it?

Heroes was as close as most networks get to airing a comic book on television. In addition, NBC filled in the gaps between episodes and added backstory to most of it’s characters via the Heroes webcomic, two volumes of which have already been collected by DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprint, with a third on the way. All of this begs the question: Could the show continue in that format?

Read more in my latest article at MTV Splash Page.

May 17, 2010

Want a Wampa?

Ever wonder what it would be like to hunt down your own Wampa, gut it, skin it and dry it out so you can put it on your floor? Yeah? That's weird. But good news, it's already been done for you! Now you can own your very own Wampa wug, I mean Wampa rug.

From Comic Images, the company who brought us the Chewbacca Back Buddy, the Darth Vader Deformed Plush and of course, the Tauntaun sleeping bag comes the Wampa Rug. They are available for pre-order now at $99.99 and will ship August 25th.

Measuring in at 62 inches long and 30 inches wide (no where near real Wampa size) the rug is made from "high-quality synthetic fur" with vinyl claws. Upon closer inspection, the creatures horns seems to be made out of corduroy.

It also includes a non-slip backing and as you can see, the head can serve as a pillow. What the rug does not include, and vitally important to point out, is any type of female. Though if you love Star Wars this much, it just might attract the kind of gal you want to spend the rest of your life with lying in front of a fireplace.

Personally, I'm curious to know if the Abominable Snowman is an early ancestor of the Wampas. I think this requires further research...

May 14, 2010

The Kirbyverse

It's Jack Kirby's world. We're just living in it. Or taking a tour of it as the case may be. The Hunterdon Art Museum in beautiful Clinton, New Jersey recently held a Kirby exhibit and I was lucky enough to visit.

This post is going to be mostly pictures because Kirby's art speaks for itself (click on any images to enlarge). Charles David Viera lended works from his impressive collection allowing for a great variety of drawings. "The Marvelous Art of Jack Kirby" consisted mostly of several original pre-press illustrations ranging from the 40s-80s and a few classic comics.

As explained in the exhibit, Kirby was known as the "King of Comics" to many. So much so that artists were reluctant to ink over his drawings because they were so in awe of his work. Above you can see an example of his original from DC Comics Presents #84 on the left and the inks on the right. Inker Greg Theakson did them over a trace of the original instead leaving Kirby's work intact.

Here's a page from Marvel in 1966, Journey Into Mystery #124. It features a police officer giving Thor a hassle about needing a license to give a public demonstration. To which Thor replies, "License?? I have no license! I am THOR!" and the cop says, "I don't care if you're Mother Hubbard! You're not gonna do any hammer-swingin' on my beat, mister!"

I don't even really need to make the obvious joke here, do I?

The exhibit had a great selection of Kirby's varied work. There were pages from Stuntman, (1946), Bulls-eye (1955), Sky Masters of the Space Force (1959), X-Men (1965), Soul Love (unpublished 1971), Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth (1973), The Eternals (1976) and Machine Man, The Living Robot (1978).

There was also this very cool layout from the Hunger Dogs Graphic Novel from 1985. "You expect me to sanction this...this filth," says Darkseid. The lowly minion replies, "Take the risk great Darkseid! Think of our machine's next great project...the Anti-Life Equation!!" It's kind of comforting to see that Darkseid and Kirby's Fourth World is written exactly the same way today.

Thanks to Mr. Viera for giving me the heads-up on this one, it was a great to see such amazing pieces of comic book history.

May 13, 2010

My Geek Master

I have three brothers AND I'm the baby of the family. It wasn't as torturous as you might imagine. Actually, it was pretty great. A lot of my likes and dislikes were as a result of them but there's one brother in particular you might want to thank - Ralph. My eldest brother is celebrating a milestone birthday today and he's one of the reasons I'm a geek.

I think I may have mentioned somewhere before that my mom was the original lover of Star Trek in our family, well she claims Ralph could recite the entire intro monologue at a very young age. When The Next Generation debuted he was so excited for it I couldn't help but be either.

My brothers didn't always like me playing with their stuff (I sat and watched Super Mario Bros. for years before I was allowed to play!) but of course I would get tossed the odd toy here or there. Somehow I always wound up with Muffit from Battlestar Galactica. I also recall taking Lando Calrissian's cape and putting it on some non-space character and totally screwing everything up.

Sadly, the age gap between us meant Ralph went off to college when I was still pretty young but that didn't mean the nerdy influence stopped. I remember going over to his place and sitting with him while he watched episodes of Doctor Who on PBS. I didn't know who this "Doctor" was at the time but he had a cool pad and awesome theme music. Little did I know, ten years later...

Of course things only got more fun as time went on and I was able to discuss things like time travel and the Prime Directive with him. (I have it on good authority he'd still like a DeLorean) So this is my thank you to Ralph, (who's got two young Padawan's of his own now) for teaching me at a very young age just how cool being a geek is.

May 12, 2010

Hey, That's My Cape! - Aquaman Needs A New Costume

Hey guys. I don't know if you heard the news but Heartless Doll is no more. :( I had tons of fun working with the ladies over there but there are all still very much in my life so that is good news. But wait! I have more good news. Newsarama has picked up my column so that it may continue! Viva la Hey, That's My Cape!!!

I made an observation the other day while reading Brightest Day #1, specifically while looking at Mera and Aquaman. Those characters could really use new costumes. I know, we’re all extremely picky about how our favorite characters are presented. I’m sure I’d scream bloody murder on the internet if DC ever made a major change to the Green Lantern uniforms but hear me out.

Without further ado, click on over to Newsarama to check out this week's Hey, That's My Cape!

May 11, 2010

DoubleDCoverage #58

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Aquaman and Mera need new costume designers, who’s with me? Trust me on this one, it totally makes sense. Also, Matt Sturges crushes more than one girl’s hopes and dreams. Reviews/recaps for Brightest Day #1 and JSA All-Stars #6 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last week!

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May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010

Anyone who balks that comic book art isn't "real art" needs only to look to the work of a true master who sadly departed this world today. Frank Frazetta has passed away from a stroke at the age of 82.

Frazetta attended the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight and would have gone on to study in Europe had his mentor Michael Falanga not died before he could pay for him to go. Instead, he began working in comic books of all genres to make ends meet. He would eventually become most famous for his depictions of Conan.

His health had been shaky the last year and rumors started making their way around the internet earlier this afternoon of this death. It was Heidi MacDonald over at The Beat who got confirmation from Frazetta's agent, Robert Pistella. "His covers for Conan, Tarzan and other rough hewn heroes created a visceral, violent, erotic yet somehow still nuanced visual style that has been endlessly imitated but never surpassed — Frazetta’s imagery of brawny, relentless swordsmen, seductive, fleshy sirens and hellfire breathing monsters had a gut level impact because it came from the gut — his many followers were just tracing without the passion of the originals," said MacDonald.

Frazetta also had great success in the movie and music realms as his artwork was used in movie posters and album covers. However, if you wanted a Frazetta original, good luck. He was never eager to part with any of them, one of the first illustrations sold for over $200,000 in 2008 and his "Conan the Conquerer" painting sold for $1 million in 2009 to a private collector. The latter rumored to have been bought by Metallica's guitarist, Kirk Hammett.

If you want a look at some of Frazetta's work up close perhaps a visit to the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is in order. Lots of people are feeling this one today. Rest in peace Frank.

May 7, 2010

Bizarro Supergirl am not exist!

The DC Comics blog debuted a new character yesterday. Someone I've been waiting years to see - Bizarro Supergirl. It's about damn time.

Now, do they actually name the new villain? Not exactly. But the introduction came along with the news that artist Amy Reeder would be taking over cover duties for Supergirl from Joshua Middleton, who left the book (and mainstream comic work) at #51. And as you can see, her first cover features the crackled lady in all her glory.

Writer Sterling Gates and artist Jamal Igle will continue their amazing work on the book post War of the Supermen. Gates said on Twitter, "As we said from day one, I want(ed) to expand her Rogue's Gallery. Next few arcs all feature new villains!" But seriously, am I the only who thinks Bizarro Supergirl is WAY overdue? Bizarro debuted in 1958! Struggling to find villains for her through the years, you'd think someone would have put this into effect before now. I'm just happy Gates and Igle get to do it first.

You can also expect to see a lot more from Reeder, who's work can usually be seen in Vertigo's Madame Xanadu. She'll be serving as the regular artist on the second arc of the new Batwoman ongoing series (whenever that debuts) written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman.

Me am NOT ecstatic about this news!!

May 6, 2010

'Iron Man 2' And 'The Other Woman' Scenario

You’ve got an awesome job and a man you absolutely adore. Things are going swimmingly. Then one day, BAM! — a hot Russian chick shows up and ruins everything. Your name is Pepper Potts and you’ve just fallen prey to...The Other Woman.

Read all about how I think "The Other Woman" is used in superhero films, most recently Iron Man 2, in my latest article on MTV Splash Page!

May 5, 2010

DoubleDCoverage #57

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

The Green Lantern Corps have a major cleanup ahead of them but Peter Tomasi isn’t sticking around to help and the other side of our moon is getting mighty crowded with flying people. You’d think they’d have space cops for that sort of thing. Oh, right… Reviews/recaps for Green Lantern Corps #47 and Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last week!

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Hey, That's My Cape!: Ever wonder about Wonder Woman?

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman-the Trinity of DC Comics. Or at least that's what everyone says. In reality, it's more like The Couple, and not the boy-on-girl kind. Superman and Batman have always been more popular than their female counterpart. Why is that exactly?

Take a minute and think about Wonder Woman. What comes to mind? Most likely a strong, beautiful woman with a colorful costume. Comic book fans know her as the daughter of Amazons, born from clay of Themyscira itself and sent into the world of men. She prays to Greek gods and goddesses (and sometimes fights them) and is a member of the Justice League of America. But tons, and I mean TONS, of non-comic readers love Wonder Woman because of what she's come to represent.

Read more and discuss at this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Heartless Doll.

May 4, 2010

GameCrush - Videogaming Meets the World's Oldest Profession

Gamers come in all shapes, sizes and yes, even genders. Those who play video games, whether casually or consistently, already have to deal with being stereotyped for their hobby. Now there is potential for even more stereotypes to explain away with GameCrush, a new social entertainment website offering solo gamers the chance to play with an attractive, flirtatious companion. For a price.

Read all about the "service" and what gamers, gaming professionals and the company has to say about it in my latest feature on Newsarama.

You Could Be Iron Man Too...With A Few Billion Dollars

Oh, rich, fictional, billionaire superheroes...How you taunt us with your gadgets and dashing looks! Why can’t we be just like you? But wait, why can’t we? Regular Joes don’t need to plunge ourselves into vats of radioactive materials in order to save the world. All we need is a few billion dollars — and maybe a couple of degrees in physics and engineering, too.

Iron Man is one of the most believable superheroes out there simply because he isn’t actually “super.” Tony Stark used science and technology to give him his “powers.” And as Marvel Comics discovered in a recent interview with super smarty-pants Ryan Haupt, there will be some very real science on display when "Iron Man 2" hits theaters this week.

Read all about it in my latest article on MTV Splash Page!

May 3, 2010

The Demon Director of West 53rd St

Tim Burton is his name. Madness is his game. I was one of the 810,500 visitors who helped make Burton's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York CIty their third most visited exhibit ever behind Pablo Picasso and Henry Matisse. This from the man who attached Sarah Jessicca Parker's head to a chihuahua's body. I love our culture.

You're greeted in pure Burton fashion as you must walk through a giant, gaping mouth to get into the exhibit. The hallway you walk down is long and striped and reminded me greatly of Beetlejuice (even though the image is based on a sketch of Burton's). After viewing his Stainboy shorts there you enter a blacklit room that holds what looks like an oversized mobile for a very, very disturbed child. Perhaps Burton himself?

I've been to a few special exhibitions before and barring the unusual nature of Burton's works, I've never seen anything quite like this. Usually the walls are covered with a few pieces each, making walking through a breeze. Not this one. There are over 700 items to look at. You can easily loose track of time getting a look at each one. The costume below and a corresponding robot cookie cutter prop from Edward Scissorhands were among my favorite.

According to MoMA, the "exhibition explores the full range of his creative work, tracing the current of his visual imagination from early childhood drawings through his mature work in film. It brings together over seven hundred examples of rarely or never-before-seen drawings, paintings, photographs, moving image works, concept art, storyboards, puppets, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera from such films as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Mars Attacks!, Ed Wood, and Beetlejuice, and from unrealized and little-known personal projects that reveal his talent as an artist, illustrator, photographer, and writer working in the spirit of Pop Surrealism."

What was really cool about the exhibit were getting to see Burton's initial sketches for ideas he had and then seeing their progression until they were finally realized on screen. You could definitely see the inspiration in some of his very early doodlings in what turned out to be his most famous films.

Some of the most interesting things to look at were pieces that didn't necessarily have a film attached to them. And believe me, there were a lot. Many of the sketches were literally torn out of notebooks and framed. Several even had very short stories to go along with them.

Besides Edward Scissorhands, you all already know what my favorite part of the exhibition was - Batman. Besides these fantastic drawings above (which were not all done by Burton), there were a few props. The Penguin's baby carriage, Catwoman's suit from Batman Returns, looking a little worse for the wear I might add, and three cowls. I considered lifting one since it was the last week of the show but there were far too many people there and I'd have hated to hurt someone in my bid to sleep next to a Batman mask. :)

Overall, I think it was a truly amazing, if not overly filled exhibit. I was sad however that there was only one or two depictions of one my favorite Burton creations, The Family Dog. I'd suggest you go have a look for yourself but unfortunately the exhibit has already run it's course. I don't think they'd have an issue keeping a constant flow of visitors to that part of the museum if they decided to keep some of his work there permanently though. Do check out his page on the MoMA website, there are some great behind-the-scenes videos and images to look at.