Aug 20, 2010

The Blackest Coffee

And just when you thought you'd seen everything, I bring you...the Blackest Coffee t-shirt.

Oh the neverending wonders of Etsy. I can spend countless hours and dollars there. In fact, that's what I did yesterday and how I wound up finding this gem. User mindlesspursuits, aka Keith, has taken the enormous popularity of Geoff Johns' Blackest Night storyline and created something hysterically unique, "Straight from the non-existent pages of 'Green Latte' and 'The Green Latte Corps' comes THE BLACKEST COFFEE!" He even wrote his own oath to go along with it:

In tired day... In groggy night,
No herbal tea can set me right!
Let those who worship decaf light
Beware my power -- Black coffees might!

While I was in San Diego for Comic-Con I saw so many Green Lantern and other Corps t-shirts but nothing like this. Hurry up if you'd like to snag this one (a medium) as it's the only one left besides one other which is a 2XL. Keith says he's discontinuing the design, although, if he gets the traffic I'm expecting after this maybe you guys can convince him to do more. I could go for a Star Sangria shirt.


the John Chihak said...

That is so cool. Even though I am not a coffee drinker per se. I may have to get this.

DarkTouch said...

I was at a Barenaked Ladies concert the other day wearing my Black Lantern shirt. I had two people comment on it, one of whom wanted to know my thoughts on Brightest Day. Even my GL (let alone my Batman or Superman) shirt doesn't get me that level of interest. Apparently there is something about the Black Lantern that buzzes people better than the Quickening. Too bad I don't drink coffee or this would be killing two birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...

I must have this!

Amber Love said...

I'm already in that corps!

ImjustDoug said...

Cool Shirt. Very creative with that oath. Thought I don't drink coffee. Please don't hate me.

After reading it I thought, if you can make an oath for coffee you could make an oath for yourself. Took a second to come up with this one:

In nerdy day
In geeking night
And with quick wit do I now write Read my Columns and Join my Sites
All Will be Fun with the Nerdy Bird light!

(yeah it's another bribe sorry. :P )

Speed Force said...

That's fantastic! I've been avoiding most of Blackest Night and Brightest Day (just no interest in it), but I'd still have seriously considered buying that shirt if it hadn't been sold out by the time I got here!

trinlayk said...

I know Mindless Pursuits, and that if you ask REALLY nice he could possibly be persuaded to make more of them!

comics podcast networ said...

that's pretty funny right there. you mind if i repost that?

The Nerdy Bird said...

Not at all, just credit me with a link back here.

Keith said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shirt! A Star Sangria shirt is one its way to you!

(and thanks to you, I printed more Blackest Coffees that glow in the dark!)