Apr 15, 2010

The Doctor Is In...

...New York. And yours truly had the tremendous opportunity this week to speak with the new Executive Producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, the Doctor's new Companion, Karen Gillan and yes, the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

There was so much great material I had to split it up into two articles. The more the merrier when it comes to Doctor Who, I always say. You can read them now at Newsarama. "Newsarama?" you say? Yes, I'm now writing for them too. :)

Part 1 - Doctor Who's New Crew Has Super-heroes On The Mind - Where we talk Doctor Who comics, action figures and yes, find out who their favorite superheroes are.

Part 2 - Doctor Who: "There's No 11th Doctor, Just The Doctor" - Where we find out the challenges to taking on one of the most popular roles in British television history, where the Doctor would like to travel and discuss that pesky regeneration limit.

You can rest easy reading these before the premiere of the new season this Saturday on BBC America, there are no spoilers in either. But check back here tomorrow when I'll post my "cutting room floor" portions of the interviews and PICTURES!!!


mandyannemurray said...

Great posts, Jill. Somehow I'd totally spaced that the US premiere was this weekend. You got me all excited. :)

The Nerdy Bird said...

Yah!! I can't wait to hear what you think of it!