Apr 25, 2010

And the winner is...

Many entered TheNerdyBird.com's San Diego Comic Con contest but only one could win. Put your hands together (or seethe in jealousy) for Matt Jackson!!

Matt is the lucky winner of one 4-day pass to SDCC this July. When I informed him he was the chosen one his response was a very subdued, "HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME!"

Funny enough, Matt has a blog of his own called Platypus Robot. I perused it and almost had to disqualify him on grounds of it's extensive Marvel content. :P

Congratulations again Matt, I hope you have a fantastic time at comic con!! Send pictures!


jamesninness said...

Grats, Matt! Have fun in SD!!

Zeke Overkill said...

Marvel Fan for the win !

Matt said...

Thanks again Jill. I promise to have an extra good time, just for you.

And who knows, maybe I'll try one of those DC books... maybe.