Mar 16, 2010

DoubleDCoverage #50

I'm back with a VERY special anniversary. DoubleDCoverage has hit 50 at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Not only do I have reviews/recaps for Batman and Robin #10 and Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1 and my star ratings for my other pulls from last week BUT I’ve also got some super-duper special exclusive extras for you as well! Well, ok, maybe they’re just special to me but that still makes them pretty rad.

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #50.


ImjustDoug said...

Congrats on 50 DoubleDCoverage's and also congrats on those comments by other authors too! I read it every week and here is to 500 more of your DoubleDCoverage.

Cheers to the Nerdy Bird.

Randy said...

Happy 50th Golden Jubilee, Jill. That's what they said on the cover to describe DC comics Presents #50. It was a pairing of superman and Clark Kent.