Feb 11, 2010

This is what happens...

...when nerds have a snow day. Meet the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps. Her name is Snowflakk.

This is also what happens when a nerd is too lazy from playing in the snow all day to write a blogpost.


Ricky C. said...

Hehe. Too funny. I wish it was snowing down here in L.A.

NotSoSilentMike said...

In brightest day, in..oh God no not the sun noooo!

The Dave said...

the only green lantern who can really say Yellow is it's greatest weakness! http://twitpic.com/12jl9a


cute i like the hair? ears? snow days rock though i moved 3000 miles away from them I love LA :)

Randy said...

I think the bright light that shines from the lantern is going to melt her when she recharges her ring.

Then again, if she was chosen to be a GL then she must have extraordinary willpower. She could just will herself to stay together.

Michael said...

In coldest day
In chilliest night
No heater shall
Be left un-light
Let those who live
In warmer climes
Rejoice and holler
Snowflakk’s butt be
Frozen all o'er.