Feb 4, 2010

Hey, That's My Cape!: Comic Decoupage

Did you ever dream about sitting on Batman's face? I know I have. But I'm really talking about giving your rump a rest on a retro chair with his, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man's mug plastered all over it. Sound like something you'd be into? Today I bring you comic decoupage courtesy of Bombus Design.

What the hell is comic decoupage? Head on over to this week's Hey, That's My Cape! at Heartless Doll and find out!


TS Hendrik said...

Congratulations, you have within a single post brought back horrible memories of rainy day activities I partook in as a child.

Oh who am I kidding, I loved it.

Randy said...

Actually, Jill, I have a chair of my own.

A few years ago, a customer of mine where I used to work made booths for restaurants. I brought him a t-shirt that didn't fit me anymore and he used it to make a chair for me.

It's actually very comfy. It's the chair we use for the computer now.

The Nerdy Bird said...

See TS, fun for all!

Randy, out of a tshirt? That sounds interesting.

Macabri said...

For some reason all I can think of now is the Monty Python song that goes "Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me..."

Xenos said...

That's awesome. I've always wanted to do something similar using comics as wallpaper ever since I saw actor John Leguizamo has done that in one of the bathrooms in his house.

themonkeyjedi said...

"Did you ever dream about sitting on Batman's face? I know I have." Haha. Laughed my ass off.