Nov 30, 2009

In case you missed it...

I was away from the computer for most of the holiday weekend, and maybe you were too, so here's a look at something truly fantastical that popped up while I was absent. The first look at Doctor Fate and Stargirl, plus more Hawkman from the two-hour Smallville movie penned by none other than Geoff Johns, "Absolute Justice."

I am blown away by these costumes. Usually on Smallville they go with an alternate/updated look for their superheroes, which can sometimes go horribly wrong, so I'm thrilled beyond belief that they've kept things classic for the JSA's appearance. The three guest-stars are no strangers to sci-fi/geek television: Brent Stait is playing Doctor Fate, Britt Irvin is Stargirl and Michael Shanks is Hawkman. The Sandman is also making an appearance, played by Ken Lawson, catch a quick glimpse of him in the promo for the special now airing February 5, 2010. In case you were wondering, it already has the Geoff Johns seal of approval.

What do you all think of the costumes? Do you like that they went the traditional route or would you rather they have sleeked them out for the newer generation? For more of my thoughts about the Smallville JSA episode, the JSA's recent shift in the comics, Blackest Night and more check out something else you may have missed over the weekend - the fellas from Hour 42 invited me on as their guest once again last night. You can stream or download the podcast here.

Nov 25, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #35

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

It’s almost Christmas and all you speedsters have been so good, Santa says, “New costumes for EVERYONE!” What about Supergirl’s mom? Has she been naughty or nice this year? Reviews for Flash: Rebirth #5 and Supergirl #47 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #35.

Nov 24, 2009

Accio Law & Order SVU!

If you're a big Harry Potter fan you probably own a magic wand. Whether you made it yourself, bought one of those plastic toy versions or an expensive wooden replica imagination only goes so far. How would you like a real magic wand? Stop laughing. I'm serious.

It's the ultimate toy for the big kid in all of us and it's called the Kymera Wand. It was invented by two British individuals named Chris Barnardo and Richard Black who got their inspiration from, you guessed it, Harry Potter. "At last, the worlds FIRST magic wand is now available for you to buy and own. Perfectly balanced in the hand and weighted for accuracy, the Kymera wand will allow you to impress and amaze your friends and family with its specially developed 'action at a distance' capabilities," says their website. In Muggle terms? It's a remote control.

"Designed to look like a wizard's wand it can be used as a remote for televisions, hi-fis, DVD players, laptops and even remote-controlled light switches and curtains," says the UK's Daily Mail. Thirteen different flicks of the wrist will give you all the utilities you need. "It uses movement control technology similar to the Nintendo Wii, and can 'learn' the infra-red codes from existing remotes and assign each command a gesture." Check out a demonstration of the movements.

More specifically, here's the technology inside, "The wand runs on two AAA batteries and enters a low-power 'sleep mode' after 60 seconds of inactivity. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to detect movement, similar to technology in mobile phones where a picture turns to remain upright when the phone is rotated. A tiny piece of silicon, the size of a grain of sugar, detects which way up the wand is and interprets its movements."

"We designed the whole thing to look very quaint with an emphasis on authenticity, so the manual looks like old parchment and the wand has no visible seams or screws," said Barnardo. In fact the website itself screams wizarding world from the clickable hodge-podge design to their resident "adventurer" (wizard?) Sir Richard Barons, who had this to say:
The action and reliability of the magic wand will compliment the diligent user, who with patience and practice may attain a wholly enchanting level of skilful operation, as would befit the most accomplished wizard or witch.
. . . If you are lucky enough to own one of the few Kymera Wands that are to be made, you will join with me in being a pioneer of a New Magical Age, and together with a single joyous flourish, we will cast aside the rather pedestrian need to exert one’s self in the dreary experience of pressing a remote control button.
According to the Daily Mail, more than 10,000 wands have been sold in 41 countries since it's launch just over two months ago. The Kymera runs for £49.95 or around $80 depending on where you purchase it. Barnardo said half of their orders come from the United States and really, I'm not surprised in the least. I want one. And you thought you needed a magic wand to summon the missing remote. What happens when you lose the magic wand?

Nov 23, 2009

Do It Yourself DVDs

Things like, Do It Yourself Home Improvement or Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery, may not be suitable for everyone but the Cartoon Network has created something all of us can use! Assuming of course that you own a computer and watch and enjoy their shows. Introducing the wave of the future: Do It Yourself DVDs.

The program has launched with about 100 episodes of Adult Swim programming, "that appeals largely to teenage boys," according to The Hollywood Reporter, and "by year's end, its entire originals library of more than 1,000 episodes from more than 30 series will be available.
Are you sick of owning the same DVDs that your nowhere friends have? Do you only want the Mooninite episodes of Aqua Teen? The funniest Tim & Erics to impress your girlfriend? Rarer and perhaps less amusing shows that have never seen the light of DVD? Perhaps a mix of all of the above? Get on in and cram your DVD full with our treasure trove of television. Then, design your own label, give us $20, and we'll send your precious creation to you.
You can fill approximately 110 minutes of programming on the DVD which, depending on the shows you choose, is not all that much. Right now your options are Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Drinky Crow Show, Lucy Daughter of the Devil, Robot Chicken, Sealab 2021, Tim and Eric, The Venture Bros. and The Young Person's Guide to History.

Upon launching the builder you realize you have three limited designs to choose from for each the case, menu and disc. I had a completely different idea of what "design your own DVD" meant before I looked into it but I still think it's a cool idea. It would be infinitely cooler to be able to upload your own designs but I'm sure that would prove a lot more hassle for Time Warner who owns the company.

I think it's a good experiment and a nice idea if you're looking to get a friend into the Adult Swim shows and want to highlight the best episodes. I'd like to see them expand this to a larger set better for mixing-and-matching down the road. Charge $40 for two or three DVDs perhaps. What do you think? Would you buy something like this?

Nov 20, 2009

So, you don't like Twilight...

It's ok, I won't hold it against you. Much. I know sparkly vampires aren't everyones cup of tea but right now those of you in the anti-Twilight camp must be feeling pretty overwhelmed. It seems as if Stephenie Meyers' saga has taken over the country...nay! The world! Everywhere you turn there's shirtless boys and swooning girls (women). A quick google search will have you believing there is no other kind of twilight out there. Kinda brainwash-scary when you think about it. To help cope with the frenzy this weekend here are 5 OTHER Twilights You Should Know (And Love).

5. The Twilight Zone

It's the most obvious (or at least it should be) so let's get it out of the way, shall we? The classic series brought to us by Mr. Rod Serling originally aired from 1959-1964 and still freaks people out to this day. The show spawned a few movies and inspired countless artists, writers and musicians. It's even got it's own theme park attraction. The actual term "twilight zone" was around before the series and basically refers to a gray area, which is funny when you think about it. I wonder what The Twilight Zone thinks about slipping to #2 in the twilight-name popularity contest? Perhaps like it's lost somewhere in...the Twilight Zone.

4. Twilight Time

"Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me, like days of old. Lighting the spark of love that fills me, with dreams untold." First recorded in 1944, it was The Platters version of "Twilight Time" that really hit it big in 1958. Stephen King actually used it as inspiration for his story "Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling" in 1999. It's always been one of my favorite songs, and I can thank my parents musical tastes for that, but it took on a whole new meaning for me when it was used in the X-Files episode "Kill Switch." That Chris Carter really knew how to take oldies and turn them into creepies.

3. Twilight in comics

This being a comic book blog and all I figured it'd be nice to spotlight the numerous Twilights that happen to exist in the fiction universe. And yes, there are A LOT. Making an appearance in the Justice League of America recently is Twilight from the Shadow Cabinet. He may look like he belongs on Reading Rainbow but he's actually a living portal to another dimension. In JLA's recent Milestone event he kept the Flash busy for a few minutes running around inside him. That must have tickled. From Supergirl we've also got Twilight (Molly), two Marvel Twilight's (X-Men 2099 and Lenore Fenzl), Image Comic's Twilight (Linda Kendall), Top Cow's Twilight Guardian and a new villain from Dark Horse called Twilight who takes on the role of Big Bad for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8.

Of course in light of recent DC events I can't leave out the "Emerald Twilight" arc of Green Lantern by Ron Marz. Hal Jordan flew off the handle like he never had before, killing Corps members and Guardians alike and becoming the being known as Parallax. But, most importantly, what did "Emerald Twilight" give us? Kyle Rayner.

2. Alexander Twilight

Who? Ok, time for a history lesson. Alexander Twilight was the first African American to receive a bachelor's degree from an American college in 1823. Born in 1795, Twilight was also the first African America elected to public office as a state legislator in Vermont. During his life he served as a minister and taught for several years in New York. He was also responsible for the design of the first granite public building in Vermont, Athenian Hall. It's purpose was to act as a dormitory for out of town students so they could get an education at the only secondary school in a two-county area. It, and a house he built for his family, still stand today. Not too shabby.

1. Twilight

Twilight: noun - The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth's atmosphere.

There's nothing better than the real thing. Except maybe vampires who play baseball.

Nov 18, 2009

Geek Girls R Us

So, you've got a geek girl in your life. Congratulations. Now what? The holidays are fast approaching and everyone likes a well thought-out gift. But maybe you're not a geek yourself and aren't sure what being a "geek girl" actually means. Don't fret, a happy little helper named Geek Girl Diva has got you covered.

Friend to and all-around cool chick, Geek Girl Diva works for a company called Entertainment Earth. They sell all sorts of pop culture/geek items, most of which I'd love to own. I try my hardest to avoid tempting links to products she posts on Twitter but 9 times out of 10 I fail. GGD recently put together a very special section on the EE website:
It seems that, occasionally, people forget that geeks come in all shapes, sizes, types, and genders. So, we decided to dedicate some space to the Geek Girls out there. We asked for your feedback on the types of items you liked, and you responded. (Boy, DID you!) Based on your input and a few additions from our own in-house Geek Girl Diva, Entertainment Earth proudly presents...A section made by Geek Girls for Geek Girls.
And here it is. Now, you can easily guess that a geek girl enjoys things like Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer but their likes are much broader than that. Would you have ever guessed that a geek girl would go for something like the Mystic Seer Bobblehead pictured above? Well guess what? They would. And by "they" I mean me. "Nick of Time" is one of my all-time favorite Twilight Zone episodes and I've ALWAYS wanted one of those fortune telling machines. I'm going to be very upset if I don't get one for Christmas this year.

Of course the special section isn't just for those buying gifts for geek girls, it's for the girls to splurge a little on themselves too. How about that Black Canary statue or TARDIS USB hub you've been wanting so badly? Or maybe it's time you finally picked up that Cthulhu hand puppet you've been itching to slip on? What I appreciate most about this dedicated Geek Girl section is the variety. Having an Edward Cullen Barbie Doll on the same list as a Duncan MacLeod replica sword makes me feel all warm inside. In more than one way.

Anyway, go check it out and tell 'em The Nerdy Bird sent ya. I won't get anything for it but it's always nice to say hello. :)

DoubleDCoverage #34

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Another dramatic appearance of a Black Lantern tugs at the heartstrings but was easily overshadowed by the death of a beloved major character. Hint: He’s had bad luck with girls. Reviews for Booster Gold #26 and Green Lantern Corps #42 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

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Nov 17, 2009

Create your own DC Universe

Comic book fans eager in anticipation for the release of DC Universe Online now have something to keep them busy in the meantime. Besides reading comics of course. How about helping with some of the animation?

Sony Online Entertainment and Mass Animation, in association with Warner Bros. and DC have announced a contest taking place via the DCUO Facebook page. Fans can actually get hands-on with their favorite characters and have their animation be used to create the trailer for the game which is set to be released in 2010.
All the tools that animators will need to collaborate on this project, including a special edition of Autodesk Maya 3D Animation software, storyboards, designs and fully-rigged 3-D models will be provided to contest entrants and accessed through the Mass Animation application on the DCUO Facebook fan page. Participating animators will upload their contest submissions back to the application for viewing, voting and sharing with their friends. New to the contest this year will be the Mass Animation iPhone app, which gives people a new way to view and vote on submissions. Qualified contest winners will receive cash or other prizes. Each week, voters and a panel of judges will help determine what shots qualify as the “best” and will be eligible for voter prizes.
"By opening up the contest to gamers and involving them in asset creation, there will be a real sense of connection to the game before it even launches,” said Yair Landau, founder of Mass Animation. This sounds like a lot of fun for casual observers but a huge opportunity for those trying to break into game animation as a career.

Variety reported some further details, "Fans will also create "animation cycles" or "emotes" for game play: gestures that express emotion or personality, as when a character smiles or shakes his fist. Mass Animation emotes will be available for players' game characters but not used for DC's heroes or villains."

The contest kicks off December 7, 2009 and runs through at least February, giving contestants plenty of time to perfect their entry. This is a very cool idea and I imagine we're going to see some very impressive stuff from fans. I also expect we'll see our favorite characters doing some very lewd and indecent things when all is said and done. The internet is a scary place in case you hadn't noticed. Let's just hope no one goes and does anything really silly like making Batman smile.

Nov 16, 2009


"So, are all your tattoos from movies?"

That's what the tattoo artist who inked me today had to say. Fair enough. I guess it is unusual to walk around tattooed with items from popular films. But not completely unheard of. As you may or may not know, I have the tattoo that Leeloo has in The Fifth Element on my wrist already. That one was done over four years ago and I had been itching to get another for a while. I'd been throwing around a few ideas until one finally felt right.

On one hip I had written, "No Fate." As in, "no fate but what we make," from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. And yes, that is the T2 font. Pretty self explanatory in it's meaning I'd say.

On the other hip I got the opposing sentiment, "Swing Away." As in, "Tell Merrill to swing away," from Signs. This one may be a little tough to grasp for people who haven't seen the film but here's the gist. The movie delves into whether things in our life are already predetermined, that everything happens for a reason. In the film, the character Merrill's penchant for always swinging at a pitch no matter what winds up saving his families life. There are several other examples of this type of providence in the movie but "His Lungs Were Closed" or "It's Contaminated" just didn't have the same ring to it. :)

Nov 12, 2009

Great Star Wars Quotes During Sex

You may be looking at the title of this post thinking, "Oh my! What has The Nerdy Bird gotten herself into?!" Well, that's a fair question. I know this is going to sound like a crazy fantasy but every word of this story is true. The night started out innocently enough...

....then I stumbled upon #GreatStarWarsQuotesDuringSex. Where did I stumble upon this wild phrase? Twitter of course! Fellow writer and giant nerd Brian Truitt is the one who got me going. And by "got me going" I mean "got me obsessed for the better part of two hours."

You may remember my failed attempt at a geek-related trending topic on Twitter a few months ago, well #GreatStarWarsQuotesDuringSex hasn't made it yet either but it sure has decent legs to stand on. Here's how it works: you think of a perfectly innocent quote from one of the Star Wars films and then think of someone saying it during sex. So, Brian began with, "It's a trap!" I immediately replied to him with the worst quote I could think of, "He's my brother." Get it?

Instead of just plopping them here in the order I posted them, I've re-ordered my tweets from "innocent" to "illegal in some states" to make it more interesting. When picking quotes I skipped over some of the most obvious, either because they were too easy or someone else had already posted it. Without further ado, here were my contributions to the comical coitus confab.

  • Well Princess, it looks like you managed to keep me here a while longer.
  • Hello, what have we here?
  • You'll find I'm full of surprises.
  • You have your moments. Not many of them, but you do have them.
  • You're going to regret this.
  • No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.
  • All right, I'll give it a try.
  • Here goes nothing.
  • Well, I guess you don't know everything about women yet.
  • Impressive. Most impressive.
  • Your overconfidence is your weakness.
  • Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.
  • I hope you know what you're doing.
  • You must unlearn what you have learned.
  • Sorry sweetheart. I haven't got time for anything else.
  • Control, control, you must learn control!
  • Don't call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.
  • I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me.
  • Don't fail me again, Admiral.
  • Oh, my! I...I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. No, please don't get up.
  • We would be honored if you would join us.
  • Fine. When he comes back, I won't get in the way.
  • I am fluent in over six million forms of communication, and can readily...
  • Would it help if I got out and pushed?
  • But Han and Leia will die if I don't.
  • You're coming with me.
  • What is thy bidding, my master?
  • Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy.
  • Ow! That's not it, bring me the Hydrospanner.
  • Loosen up!
  • I merely commented that it was freezing in the princess's chamber...
  • I'm looking forward to completing your training. In time you will call me master.
  • There's really nothing more we can do. And my joints are freezing up.
  • Well, now, something's not right, because now I can't see!
  • He is as clumsy as he is stupid. General, prepare your troops for a surface attack.
  • We'll never get it out now!
  • This may smell bad, kid, but it'll keep you warm until I get the shelter up.
  • You want this, don't you? The hate is swelling in you now.
  • I haven't gone by the name of Obi-Wan since, oh, before you were born.
  • Punch it.

Now you try! It's fun! As you've probably noticed, I kept to the original trilogy (mostly Empire and Return of the Jedi actually). I could have gone on for a few more hours had I spread out to the prequels and well, I've lost enough followers over this as it is. Then again, I gained a lot of new ones so it all evens out in the end I guess. And if someone can't appreciate a little Star Wars sex humor, well then, I don't really need them in my life, do I? While we're on the topic though, just as a warning: don't, under any circumstances, do a google image search (safety off) for "star wars sex." Unless you're into that sort of thing, in which case, I don't think you need to be reading my blog anymore. Move along.

Nov 11, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #33

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

China’s new super-team are back but are they really great? A rock star takes on Lobo and that equals fun for all. Reviews for The Great Ten #1 and Lobo: Highway to Hell #1 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #33.

Nov 10, 2009

Sgt. Rock reporting for duty.

A-ten-hut! Eyes front and center Privates! Sgt. Rock is finally seeing some action on the big-screen but he's somehow managed to get lost in the time-stream along the way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will not be taking place during World War II. Now, I'm no Sgt. Rock expert but isn't that like, oh I don't know, the entire point of the character?

DC, Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver have been sitting on this one for a while. At separate times throughout the years, Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to star as Sgt. Rock and Guy Ritchie was set to direct. Ritchie has since moved onto Lobo and Schwarzenegger has since become the Governator. Akiva Goldsman will now produce along with Silver, Francis Lawrence directing and Chad St. John writing the script.

Silver originally wanted the film to take place in WWII, so what changed? "A big budget always was an obstacle and, 'Inglourious Basterds' notwithstanding, period war movies have not been in vogue in Hollywood for years, unless it was a more serious contemplation of the subject like 'Saving Private Ryan,'" says THR, "The studio hopes moving the time period to the future solves the dilemma." I have no idea if by "future" they mean now, or 2139.

Gregory Noveck will be overseeing the project for DC and while St. John is rather new to the scene, both Goldman and Lawrence have been around the block. The two worked on another comic adaptation, Constantine, as well as I Am Legend.

Comic properties are a hot commodity these days but is there really a point in making Sgt. Rock if it's not set during WWII? That would be like making a Batman film set in the 1600s. Wait...actually, I'd pay to see that.

Nov 9, 2009

Come to the Cabaret!

What good is sitting all alone in your room? Come hear the Amazon Princess as you've never heard her before. Elizabeth Whitney stars in: Wonder Woman! A Cabaret of Heroic Proportions!

As part of Fall EATFest 2009 Emerging Artists Theater, along with artistic director Paul Adams, presents this comic-al performance at the TADA Theater in New York City this month.
Sufferin' Sappho!!! Everyone's favorite Amazon is coming out of retirement, and New York City is the first stop on her Magic Lasso Comeback Tour! Wonder Woman's new career as a karaoke lounge singer is paralleled by Dina, a DC Comics' lackey who discovers a high-flying future and her inner superheroine through her obsession with the Sapphic princess.
That sounds pretty epic if you ask me. Check out the promo for the show on YouTube, which the director Paul Michael Marino also put together. Seems like Whitney's got a great sense of humor if her website bio is any indication:
Elizabeth Whitney should have been cast as the original Wonder Girl, but didn't have an agent at the time, and somehow, Debra Winger got the part. So she honed her amazonian skills and got busy making her own performance work on gender and popular culture. Along the way she delivered singing telegrams in Florida and North Dakota, crooned jazz standards in Southern France, taught yoga to seven year olds in Utah, danced for dollars in South Carolina, and sang solo in the church choir in Alabama. After completing graduate work in performance studies, she became academic-ish, and now she writes, teaches, and tours her performance work to schools, galleries, and performance and theatre festivals all over the place.
Gender issues, especially how they pertain to heroes and role models are something Whitney usually focuses on in her shows and I'm sure Wonder Woman! A Cabaret of Heroic Proportions! will be no exception.

Performances begin this Thursday and run through November 21st. Hmm, I guess sometimes like really IS a cabaret.

Nov 7, 2009

As promised... convention report from Big Apple Comic Con is now up over at Comic Book Resources.

"Catching up after the newly-packed fall con season, CBR presents a look at the revamped Big Apple Comic-Con from Jill Pantozzi, who donned her Red Lantern costume once more. Lots of pictures contained within!"

Comment and enjoy!

Nov 6, 2009

For your entertainment...

It's been a busy few weeks for The Nerdy Bird. Big Apple Comic Con, car accident, Wonder Woman Day...

Photo by Clay Williams

Ok, don't worry. I'm obviously alive. My car on the other hand, isn't doing so well. On the bright side, the whole thing made for a hilarious story once I was done crying. Long story short, I got into an accident on the WAY to Wonder Woman Day. You know, in traffic, on my way...dressed in my Lady Flash costume. Comments from five fellas (including the police) and a ride in the back seat of a cop car (for safety) later I sufficiently felt like a hooker. But it's ok, at least it was all for a good cause.

After all was said and done I made it to Wonder Woman Day at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ with about ten minutes to spare until the end of the event. The always lovely Amber the Superhero Stylist had been holding down the fort all weekend at the shop and introduced me to the legendary Joe Sinnott who had been sketching all day for fans. Check out a picture of myself, Joe and Amber and read her recap of the weekend at the Girls Entertainment Network.

I put bids in on two of auctions and wound up taking them both home. This one by Michael Dolce and this one by Bob Prodor. I was amazed to walk away with a signed Jack Kirby print that I won in the raffle. In total, the NJ event raised over $5,000 for the domestic violence shelter SAFE in Hunterdon! So, I guess it wasn't too bad a day at all. :)

Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica) He's read my blog!! :)

The previous weekend I attended my first ever Big Apple Con, now the Big Apple Comic Con or just BACC for short. My full report should be going up at Comic Book Resources this weekend and I'll link to it here when it's up but in the meantime, here are a few photos to wet your appetite.

In case you were wondering, the Batmobile is not handicapped accessible. Bruce, we need to talk.

The real power of the DCU.

Adrianne Curry was super awesome! She told me she has a Rorschach fetish.

Three wheels. The only way to ride.

The studs of Archaia Comics: Mel Caylo, Stephen Christy and Mark Smylie.

No caption I could come up with would make this any better.

The Iceman Cometh. I captured his epic freestyle rap with Deathstroke on film.

Nov 5, 2009

Shower Nerdy

Whoever said geeks were a dirty, smelly bunch are about to eat their words. Or maybe eat soap. You know how bitter those geeks can be after years of teasing.

User DigitalSoaps from the craft site,, has made our collective dreams come true by combining two awesome things - showers and video games. Soap...shaped like video game controllers. Who would have thought of such a thing? A lady named Chrystal Doucette, that's who. She's the creator of these nerdy cleansing apparatuses and is actually a mild-mannered reporter by day. You mean, like SUPERMAN?!? It's a match made in nerdy heaven!

"The soap bases I use are natural and vegan - No animal products, animal testing, detergents, sulfates or sugar solutions," she says on her Etsy homepage. Here are the list of ingredients:

· Coconut Oil
· Palm Oil
· Castor Oil
· Safflower Oil
· Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin)
· Purified Water
· Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent)
· Sorbitol (moisturizer)
· Sorbitan Oleate (emulsifier)
· Soy Bean Protein (conditioner)
· Titanium Dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque soaps)
· Fragrance and color

Now these are just plain adorable. "An ode to one of the most recognizable games of all time: Pacman. This set includes renditions of 'Blinky,' 'Pinky,' 'Inky' and 'Clyde,' as well as, of course, Pacman." I totally want to eat them. Wakawakawakawaka...

This set has to be my absolute favorite. I've always been a Tetris fiend. Talk about fun! I'd spend hours in the bath playing with these. And that's pretty much what Doucette expected, "For people with OCD like me, you might get some fulfillment from trying to make these Tetris pieces fit perfectly together before washing your hands of them....mwahahah. Inspired by level 3, with purple and green pieces."

DigitalSoaps doesn't just stop at cleaning your skin, they're aiming for head-to-toe. How about a nice bottle of Mountain Dew scented shampoo? Ok, maybe not but hello Holiday gifts! If none of the soaps are exactly right, you can also create a custom bar at with a variety of colors and scents. Being a geek never smelled so good.

Nov 4, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #32

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

When an insane asylum is reborn things are bound to get messy and when heroes team up, asses are bound to get kicked. Reviews for Arkham Reborn #1 and World’s Finest #1 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #32.

Nov 3, 2009

WARNING: Cute Dragon

I have never wanted a dragon so bad in my entire life. And yes, that means I have previously in my life wished for a dragon. Check out the the first trailer for the new Dreamworks film, How to Train Your Dragon.

I'm so in love!! How freaking cute can you get? The film is based on the book of the same name and being written and directed by Dean DeBlois who wrote Lilo & Stitch. It's no wonder I'm head over heels already.

Jay Baruchel is leading the cast as Hiccup (what a great name) with Gerard Butler, America Ferrera and Craig Ferguson. Plus Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are back together for the first time since Superbad. It hits theaters March 26, 2010 and in 3D in some places.

The Whedonator

Have I lost my sense of humor or is this not funny at all?

Not the picture I put together obviously. The picture is hilarious. I mean the pseudo-joke Joss Whedon decided to pull yesterday. In "An Open Letter to Terminator Owners. From a Very Important Hollywood Mogul" at Whedonesque, Whedon lays down an offer to purchase the Terminator franchise. First reported by Financial Times, the rights to Terminator are going up for auction this month by current owners, Halcyon. The production company behind the latest film installment, Terminator: Salvation, recently filed for bankruptcy.

Never fear! Whedon is here to pick up the slack. He's offering a cool $10,000 for the franchise. That's right. Mere pocket change for the creator. "I am Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind Titan A.E., Parenthood (not the movie) (or the new series) (or the one where 'hood' was capitalized 'cause it was a pun), and myriad other legendary tales," he wrote. "I have heard through the 'grapevine' that the Terminator franchise is for sale, and I am prepared to make a pre-emptive bid RIGHT NOW to wrap this dealio up. This is not a joke, this is not a scam, this is not available on TV. I will write a check TODAY for $10,000, and viola! Terminator off your hands."

Been there, done that.

According to Whedon himself, here are the possible roads he could take with the franchise:
1) Terminator... of the Rings! Yeah, what if he time-travelled TOO far... back to when there was dragons and wizards? (I think it was the Dark Ages.) Hasta La Vista, Boramir! Cool, huh? "Now you gonna be Gandalf the Red!" RRRRIP! But then he totally helps, because he's a cyborg and he doesn't give a s#&% about the ring -- it has no power over him! And he can carry it AND Frodo AND Sam AND f@%& up some orcs while he's doing it. This stuff just comes to me. I mean it. (I will also offer $10,000 for the Lord of the Rings franchise).

2) More Glau. Hey. There's a reason they're called "Summer" movies.

3) Can you say... musical? Well don't. Even I know that's an awful idea.

4) Christian Bale's John Connor will get a throat lozenge. This will also help his Batwork (ten grand for that franchise too, btw.)

5) More porn. John Connor never told Kyle Reese this, but his main objective in going to the past was to get some. What if there's a lot of future-babies that have to be made? Cue wah-wah pedal guitar -- and dollar signs!

6) The movies will stop getting less cool.
Number six is extremely important because, as we all know, his television shows have gotten progressively cooler over the years. I'm giving you my grumpy face Dollhouse.

Speaking of grumpy faces, remember Ted?

So yeah, I didn't laugh once. Is that bad? I am a JW fan. Maybe it's because when I first read the headline I thought it was a serious story and almost got violently ill. Seriously, a worse fit for Terminator I'd be hard pressed to find. Granted, the throat lozenge schtick was good but not because it was funny, because it made sense. So while it was meant to be entertaining, one couldn't help but wonder if there was some sincerity tucked away in all those bad ideas. Entertainment Weekly immediately called Whedon to confirm whether or not this was a joke.
“Here’s the thing: It’s not a slam on The Terminator. I love The Terminator. That part’s totally true. I was thinking to myself, ‘Not since they auctioned off frames from The Little Mermaid have I wished I had more money this much. So you know what, never hurts to ask.’ I loved the movies, even the later movies. I loved the mythology. I loved the TV show [The Sarah Connor Chronicles]–like, really loved. Not for pretend. And not just because of [star] Summer [Glau]. But mostly, it’s just me being a dumb-ass, because that seems to be what I do best — I’m not even very good at that."

I don't think there's anything left for me to say.

Nov 2, 2009

Comic Book Review: Days Missing #3

He’s befriended dinosaurs and battled Frankenstein but has the Steward finally met his match in bright young woman from the 21st century?

When last we left The Steward he was trying to prevent a Frankenstein-like monster from terrorizing a quiet countryside in 1816. The first version of that day resulted in a body count that he was not willing to accept. Folding space and time, the day restarted and the monster was never reanimated to walk the Earth. It did however leave just enough of a lingering thought in author Mary Shelley’s head to inspire her greatest work. This latest issue brings us a little closer to home – 2008.

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