Oct 30, 2009

Halloween, Nerdy Bird Style

Candy, costumes and chainsaws. Oh my! It's time for my all-time favorite holiday. Prepare to be haunted.

Batman rules all things but must he be degraded like this? The helpfully descriptive Batman Halloween Candy Bucket Trick Or Treat Pail can be yours for just $5.60. I'll take two.

This one has been going around quite a bit this month and with good reason. This classic look was apparently done by a MAC make-up artist and it's simply astounding. It would make an excellent costume if one had the time. Also, a great way to scare the crap out of someone.

In the spirit of the holiday and the grand tradition that is comics, here are some SPOOOOOKY Halloween covers. Though really, nothing's scarier than the Batman bucket.

Mischief makers Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale know how to put together a frightening tale.

Young Justice. Nuff said.

I don't know what this says (even though I studied the language for three years) but it's German and they're scary without even trying.

This is indeed a disturbing universe.

Of course, nothing says horror quite like some Bernie Wrightson art. The House of Mystery has been back for a while now and is a book you should be reading if you aren't. But this year Vertigo put out a new special. Featuring a creepy cover in it's own right, House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 was pretty awesome. The issue features the mail HoM cast but tells stories featuring Hellblazer, Madame Xanadu, Merv Pumpkinhead and a sneak-peak at a new cast of characters I'm very much looking forward to reading about in a new book called I, Zombie. Plus, there's some fun extras in the back from the writers and artists about their Halloween memories.

Now it's time for you to give me a Halloween memory of yours. Scary, funny, sad, whatever! And what, if anything, will you be dressing up as tomorrow? I'm keeping my costume a secret until post-Halloween but here's my memory:

I always wanted to dress up as a Princess for Halloween and when I was 8 or 9 I finally got my wish. My mom made me the frilliest, puffiest, pink Princess dress around and I adored it. One of my classmates had their birthday party the night before Halloween at a MacDonalds. I went in costume and wound up spilling ketchup ALL down my dress. As a result, my mother had to quickly whip up another costume for the next day at school. She made me a 1920s flapper and I whined and complained about it all day. Come to think of it, I guess I did get to act like a Princess that day after all. :)


From, The Nerdy Bird

Oct 29, 2009

Being American

It's one thing to be a vampire, werewolf or ghost living in the UK. They're used to that kind of thing. It's an entirely different story to be one of those entities here in the ol' U.S. of A. Or at least that's what Syfy would have you believe. They've ordered 13 episodes of the BBC smash-hit Being Human, American style.

Being Human is a drama (mostly) that centers around three individuals who just happen to be a vampire, werewolf and a ghost. They are trying to live as close to normal lives as they can in the town of Bristol. The show aired it's first season of six episodes on BBC Three (and since aired here in the U.S. on BBC America) and was so successful it's making the jump to the mighty BBC One for it's second season in 2010.

"The deal for a U.S. take on the show at Syfy marks the first scripted series order for the cable network following its rebranding this summer designed to attract broader audience. It also marks the first scripted series order for RDF Media USA," says The Hollywood Reporter. The BBC originally tried to bring in Syfy as a co-creator for the series while it was still in the scripting stage but the timing just wasn't right.

"It turned out great as we can now do an American version," Syfy president Dave Howe told THR. "We've always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of 'Being Human,' the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming." Yes, yes, yes. Vampires and werewolves, young and charming. I love vampires but I for one won't shed any tears when this bubble bursts.

I adore the original Being Human so I'm concerned for this redo. Actually, I'm getting horrible flashbacks of the American Life on Mars. Didn't we learn our lesson? Nine times out of ten if you try to improve upon an awesome British show, you will crash and burn. The show is already on BBC America, why shouldn't viewers just watch it there? There's no writer or producer attached to this new series yet but, "Howe stressed that Syfy is not going to 'slavishly replicate the British version.' " Maybe it would be better if they did.

Oct 28, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #31

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Grab your plastic pumpkins, it’s time for a DC Halloween! And just where do superheroes shop for their furniture? Reviews for DCU Halloween Special 2009 and Power Girl #6 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

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Oct 27, 2009

The Stuff of Legend #2 - Review

Sometimes the expectations for a #2 can be even more excruciating than that of a #1. I imagine for the creators it's horribly daunting, especially when your first issue has received as much praise as The Stuff of Legend #1 has. Fortunately the folks over at Th3rd World Studios can breathe easy for a while, their second issue is collectively loved by the entire internet.*

It's funny that in my last post about this book I said, "Do not pass go, do not collect $200," because we've got our own screwed-up, twisted version of a board game this time around. Our rag-tag group of brave little toys still find themselves in the Dark searching for their lost master, the Boy. It's led them to the town of Hopskotch.

Hopskotch sounds like fun, right? In a place called the Dark? Surely you jest. Very quickly we realize playing this game will get you nothing but trouble but our toys are coerced into joining. Cheating is a big no-no and the Mayor of Hopskotch is there to enforce the many (and ever changing) rules. This town is almost like living in Wonderland, just as backwards but not quite as ridiculous. In Hopskotch there is some semblance of being able to come out a winner even if the game is fixed.

The two most powerful members of the rescue party, Jester and Max, are swiftly dispatched by the Mayor in order to quell the rest. With them imprisoned, the Colonel dead and their weapons confiscated there's not much they can do but play along. Percy, the Judas of the group, quickly becomes the Mayors pawn when he senses their conflicting agendas but even the Mayor must answer to the Boogeyman.

There's a flashback to the toys' time in the real world but for the most part this entire issue takes place in the Dark. We learn more about the politics of this dangerous land and what it takes to survive there. Although we easily see why Percy is so easily swayed to the dark side. After all, what do you do with a piggy bank once you're done with it? Jester, continues to prove he's a force to be reckoned with. With the group in jeopardy he never loses focus and has a mix of whimsy and intensity that make me think this is one character destined to be a fan favorite.

Charles Paul Wilson III's art is engaging yet again. I miss the cuteness factor of the toys in their real world state but the cast is expanded this issue to include some very peculiar characters that are truly a sight to see. An arial view of Hopskotch is enough to make you break out Candyland for the afternoon while savoring some gumdrops. The Boogeyman may only get two pages but his presence is felt in the darkness he carries with him.

Comparisons to several types of stories can be made but The Stuff of Legend is really in a league of it's own. Writers Mike Raicht and Brian Smith have constructed something fanciful and meaningful at the same time. The story feels like it goes on forever but in a good way. And this is only Book One, there's still so much more to tell and I'm eager in anticipation to learn more about the Dark and what's in store for these amazing characters. I only have one negative thing I can say about The Stuff of Legend and that is, I have to wait until Spring 2010 for Book Two to start.

The Stuff of Legend #2 is in stores now. If your local comic shop doesn't carry it, tell them to stock up or you can order in online through the Th3rd World Studios store.

*The Nerdy Bird's definition of "entire internet" is subjective.

Oct 24, 2009

Join me for Wonder Woman Day!

Last year was my first experience with Wonder Woman Day. It was so much fun that I'm going again. In costume!

Wonder Woman art up for auction by Mark Bloodworth

For those of you who don't know, WWD is an event that began in 2006 by author Andy Mangels. Two events are held, one on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon and the other on the East right here in my home-state of New Jersey at Comic Fusion in Flemington. Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti will be guests at the Portland event and NJ will host artists Joe Sinnott and Chris Muller. All the proceeds of the NJ WWD will go to SAFE in Hunterdon, a domestic violence shelter.

Prizes, raffles and auctions are going on now and throughout the day tomorrow. Here are the artists that donated sketches for the NJ event:
Aaron Felizmenio -- Adam Hughes -- Andy Perez -- Anthony Hochrein -- Anthony Lee -- Anthony Rizzo -- Bennett Pisek -- Billy Tan -- Bob Prodor -- Buz Hasson -- Chad Chicconi -- Charles Barnett III -- Chris Giarrusso -- Chris Jennison -- Christopher Ivy -- David Burton -- David Davies -- DJ Jackson -- Ernest Jocson -- Francisco Paronzini -- Franco Aureliani -- Greg Moutafis -- Ibrahim Moustafa -- Jack Harris -- James Fiorentino -- James Rodriguez -- Jeff Smith -- Jeremy Treece -- Josh Heusinkveld -- Ken Haeser -- Khoi Pham -- Lance Sawyer -- Laura Martin -- Linda Chartier -- Marc Lewis -- Mark J. Tannacore -- Matt C. Ryan -- Maureen Gubia -- Michael Dolce -- Mike Pascale -- Neil Vokes -- Nick Mockoviak -- Norman Katz -- Orlando Pagan -- Paige Braddock -- Peter Steigerwald -- Richard Howell -- Rob Kramer -- Ryan Bodenheim -- Scott Barnett -- Stefano -- Ted Dastick -- TL Collins -- Wayne Moraghan -- Whilce Portacio -- Yuko Salvadori
Check out all the artists work at Comic Fusion's auction page. Bids can be made through email until 12:00AM and in person or over the phone until the end of the event at 5:00PM Sunday. I'll be joining Wonder Woman (my friend Amber the Superhero Stylist) there tomorrow in costume! Hope you can come on by or support the cause by bidding on one of the sketches.

Oct 21, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #30

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Krypto causes trouble for Conner and Gotham’s got some weird villains. Oh wait, we already knew that last one. Reviews for Adventure Comics #3 and Detective Comics Annual #11 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

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Oct 20, 2009

Greatest TV Vampire Ever?

It's that time of year. Ghosts, ghouls and goblins are running amok. Mummies, werewolves and vampires are the talk of the town. Everyone is getting in on the Halloween action and the Paley Center is no exception. They're posing the enormous question: Who is the greatest TV vampire of them all? Well, you know who's got my vote.

Arthur Smith asks, "Suddenly, it seems, audiences want blood. Why now? Is it the parlous state of the world, economic anxieties, the end result of a morbidly sex-and-youth obsessed popular culture?" Well the easy answer is, vampires are awesome. But obviously it's not just now, humans have had an obsession with vampires for centuries. Of course the Twilight madness raging heavily for the last year has helped fling them into the spotlight once again. Luckily for us this is a TV vampires only poll. Edward Cullen need not apply.

Here are your nominees:

Barnabas Collins
Bill Compton
The Count (ah! ah! ah!)
Count Chocula
Count Floyd
Eric Northman
Julian Luna
Kurt Barlow
Mick St. John
Janos Skorzeny
Damon Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore

You have until November 2 to vote. As of right now my beloved William the Bloody is holding strong in the top spot with 29.32%. Eric is a close second with 23.39%. They also say write-in votes are welcome and a lot of commenters have already noticed one glaring omission - Nick Knight from Forever Knight. I'd also add Mitchell from Being Human to the list but I'm still behind Spike all the way. Or in front of him. Or under him...

Oct 16, 2009

Wild Rumpus! - Where the Wild Things Are Review

Where the Wild Things Are is what a love letter to your childhood would look like.

Thanks to the IMAX Theater Palisades Center for inviting me to their premiere screening of the film so I could get my review out to you lovely people early. And it's a really good thing because I'm still digesting it several hours later.

Where the Wild Things Are (hereby WWTA) is the long-awaited film adaptation of the children's book by Maurice Sendak. The book, which only contains ten lines of dialogue, has become a must-have for any shelf. The film on the other hand I regret to say will not wind up in everyone's home.

Personally, I loved it. It's one of the best films I've seen all year and I'm sure I'm going to be thinking about it heavily for the next few days but as much as the studio would have liked it to be, WWTA is not an all-ages film. Kids in the audience who were jumping up and down with excitement, wearing gold paper crowns before the show started were definitely subdued afterward. Whether that was because it went entirely over their heads or they understood it so well that they were just as deep in thought as I was remains to be seen.

When I say this film is a love letter to childhood, I really mean it. The very first minute sucks you in and establishes a tone that will be present throughout the entire film. You remember what it was like to be a kid, right? At least you think you do. For example, many of us comic book fans try to hold onto the feelings of our youth by collecting toys that remind us of the simpler days, when force fields held because you said so and your favorite teddy talked back, but that only goes so far. Maybe you found that long-lost toy from your childhood one day and giggled with unbridled glee when you got to play with it again but it was fleeting. WWTA felt like I'd traveled back in time to my younger self for an hour and a half and it felt as real as it did back then. I didn't need to remember what it was like to be a kid, I was a kid.

The film's powerful effect was accomplished by a perfect mix of factors - first and foremost, it's director. I truly believe that no one could have made this film other than Spike Jonze and it feels almost like fate that Sendak waited so long to approve a director. I'm still in awe of Jonze and writer Dave Eggers' ability to take the diminutive source material and turn it into something this spectacular.

Of course all of that would be nothing without the right actors to perform it. Max Records, who takes on the brunt of the work as the main character Max, does so effortlessly. He's you, he's me, he's every child who ever lived. This might wind up being the crowning achievement of his career but if it does, it's worthwhile. The Wild Things are played by an eclectic bunch of actors; Catherine O'Hara, Chris Cooper, Forest Whitaker and Michael Berry Jr. all bring different things to the table as far as delivery while Lauren Ambrose and Paul Dano's youthful perspective gives the group a calming touch. James Gandolfini is literally a monster in this role and at times scared me just as much as Tony Soprano did. He was the perfect choice for Wild Thing Carol.

The most obvious draw of this film are the visuals. Breathtaking is the first word that comes to mind. Location and cinematography were very kind to WWTA and made it easy to accept giant hairy monsters as best friends. The Wild Things themselves? Wow, just wow. A combination of live action, suitmation, animatronics, and CGI were used to make these creatures that strongly reminded me of the assorted characters from The Neverending Story and Labyrinth. It's no surprise really, Jim Henson's Creature Shop were responsible for the suits. The combined effects allow the Wild Things to feel tangible and genuine, right down to the actors expressions mixed in. It's subtle but you can absolutely see each actor's face in their respective monster.

The last piece to the puzzle is something that can easily go unnoticed in some films but is 100% indispensable to WWTA - the music. Karen O lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Jonze's ex-girlfriend, wrote the soundtrack (which I will be purchasing shortly after finishing this review). It's playful, joyous, sorrowful and nostalgic all at the same time.

Where the Wild Things Are did not fail to live up the the lofty expectations I had for it. It far surpassed them in every way, shape and form. I went in thinking I'd see some delightful creatures who put a smile on my face (they did, several times over), I walked out dissecting the many faceted layers of a child's psyche, something we've long since forgotten we all were once slaves to. How can so much limitless imagination, fear, bliss, fury and love can one little person hold inside them? Did you forget? Maybe it's time to remember.

Where the Wild Things Are opens in theaters and IMAX today.

Oct 15, 2009

Nerdy News

Ok, so this first one isn't so much news as it is eye candy. Because I know this will offend you all deeply, I apologize in advance...

"Is providing you with the sexiest photos ever the best way to send off a series that transformed geek to chic? Yes, and so say we all," says Maxim Magazine. Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer and Grace Park cover Maxim's November issue with their lengthy torsos and shirts from Baby Gap.

The issue hits stands October 20th and the gals were included to promote the new Battlestar movie, The Plan, which comes out October 27th. "There will certainly be a lot more explicit action on the DVD," Helfer told Maxim, "And I refuse to have a body double, so you will see a little bit of skin from me as the Six character." Park chimed in, "Yeah, there’s going to be a T & A version. Though maybe I should say T, C & A, because it’s not just girls this time."

Although Maxim fails for using the phrase, "Set phasers to sexy," do yourself a favor and click on over to their site to see more pictures and *gasp* a behind-the-scenes video of the photo-shoot. Park also fails for being entirely too skinny. Boomer, I miss you.


I don't play World of Warcraft but I think it's going to make a great movie. Especially with this talent involved.

Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat will be writing the script for Warcraft, the upcoming live-action videogame adaptation which Sam Raimi is directing. "The plan is for Raimi to supervise development of 'Warcraft' and shoot the picture after he completes work on 'Spider-Man 4,' which gets under way early next year for Columbia Pictures," reports Variety.

The game's publisher Blizzard Entertainment, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are all involved in the films production.


Finally, sad news for the majority of Marvel fans. Jon Favreau has officially announced he won't be directing the Avengers film.

Favreau told MTV, "I'm not going to be available," during an interview for his latest film Couples Retreat. "It's going to be hard, because I was so involved in creating the world of Iron Man and Iron Man is very much a tech-based hero, and then with 'Avengers' you're going to be introducing some supernatural aspects because of Thor," he continued. "How you mix the two of those works very well in the comic books, but it's going to take a lot of thoughtfulness to make that all work and not blow the reality that we've created."

He said having people like Kevin Feige from Marvel on board was good for the films, "You need somebody who has the perspective of all the different franchises to bring them together. I have the myopic vision of just knowing and loving Iron Man." He did, however, say he'd be acting as executive producer and have a lot of involvement. Better than nothing, right?

Oct 14, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #29

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

I’m beginning to realize there are no bounds to Grant Morrison’s mind. Check out what he’s done this time and catch sight of the wild action going down in Gotham lately. Reviews for Batman and Robin #5 and Batman Annual #27 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #29.

Oct 13, 2009

Lord of the Rings Live

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. It began with the forging of the Great Rings.

Well, it was certainly a night to remember. When I first heard Radio City Music Hall would be showing The Fellowship of the Ring with a live orchestra performing the score I just about fainted. When I realized my friends wedding landed on the same day as the tickets I bought for the Saturday show, I almost died. Luckily I was able to exchange them for Friday's show and all was right with the world again.

I decided against dressing up for the event (I know, I suck) but I was super pumped to see other people who did outside Radio City. In order to prevent a geek asthma/panic attack I had tried to forget I was going until last week but seeing folks dressed up got me excited immediately. I did however, proudly wear my Evenstar necklace.

From what I had previously read about the event, composer Howard Shore was supposed to do a pre-show talk but whether they did that before the 7:30 start time, didn't do it at all or only did it on Saturday I don't know because I didn't see him. Regardless, Radio City looked beautiful and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation. They clapped when the 21st Century Orchestra, directed by Maestro Ludwig Wicki, started tuning up. Joining them on stage were The Collegiate Chorale, The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and soprano Kaitlyn Lusk.

The musicians were phenomenal. It was easy to just sit and watch them perform but just as easy to get lost in the film. There were several times I completely forgot about the orchestra. That's how perfect they were. The majority of the time the audience stayed quiet but we couldn't help but applaud here and there, especially when the percussion would really kick in or the vocalists would chant. Speaking of the vocalists, they were all extremely talented but the soloists really blew me away. The score always provokes an emotional response from me and they certainly didn't let me down.

To my surprise, both Elijah Wood and Billy Boyd walked out on stage after the credits had rolled. Neither of them spoke, they just waved and smiled for a few minutes, but it was a fun bonus. My only gripe with the performance as a whole was that the audio of the film, the sound effects and dialogue, are turned down. I'm assuming that's because they want to highlight the orchestra but it's so low at times they actually have closed captioning running at the bottom of the screen for the entirety of the film. What's even more annoying, from a fanboy perspective of course, is the captions didn't always match what the actors were saying. There weren't any big changes really but I couldn't see why it wouldn't be exact. Needless to say, for someone who's seen these movies countless times and has most of the dialogue memorized, it was a bother.

I am so glad I was able to Lord of the Rings in Concert. Obviously I can watch the films whenever I want but it was a special treat to see it this way. My date for the show had never seen Lord of the Rings before and I was interested to see what he thought of it. He said he liked it but that it, "needed more Sauron." Heh.

At the end of the film the screen told the audience Radio City already has dates set for The Lord of the Rings in Concert next year. October 8th & 9th, 2010 you can catch the next installment, The Two Towers. Although, I overheard one orchestra member on the way out saying that was news to him and they better ask them quick if they want them to perform again. You can sign up for pre-sale info at the official site. You know I already did. :)

Oct 12, 2009

Italians do it better.

My gorgeous fellow Italians Sam and Gina got married over the weekend. I'd been waiting for this wedding since junior year of college. It was everything I expected and much, much more. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was so I'll let this picture speak for itself.

Besides dancing on tables and various other forms of debauchery this wedding ruled for an completely different reason. Not only were there lines from The Princess Bride spoken at the ceremony, this was their cake topper.

And here, just because I know you'll ask, is a shot of me. For once my friend Eric didn't make a nasty face while taking a picture with me so this was the one I chose.

And don't worry, that other, much geekier event I attended this past weekend will be reported on tomorrow. Plus! This weekend is Big Apple Con, if you're going to be attending look out for me. I'll be in my Red Lantern costume on Saturday.

Oct 9, 2009

Graphic Novel Review: The Lone and Level Sands

So, this guy named Moses walks into a bar in Egypt and is like, “Let my people go.” And then the Pharaoh says…

You’re probably familiar with the story of Moses. Whether from Sunday school or Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments, I’m sure some information about the guy with the big white beard has trickled your way. And maybe you remember a little something about Ramses II from history class as well but as we all know, history is written by the winners and can be cast in a whole new light when looked at from a different perspective. Writer A. David Mann chose to shine his light on the Book of Exodus.

The Lone and Level Sands examines the well-known biblical tale with a magnifying glass pointed directly at Egypt’s ruler. This is not Moses’ story, it’s Ramses’ and he’s depicted as neither the hero nor the villain. Here, the famous Pharaoh is just a man trying his best to deal with an unusual set of circumstances laid at his feet while protecting his family, people and country. Moses and his personal relationship with “God,” or Yahweh as he’s referred to here, is just that. Personal. Moses barely speaks at all throughout the book, relying on his brother Aaron and Yahweh’s great plagues to do the talking for him. Ramses, first a stoic and proficient leader, is slowly sullied by the events almost to the point of pure insanity. His wife is dying, his people are starving, yet his actions repeatedly take him further and further away from the simple solution – letting his Israelite slaves free. What is right? And how much does faith affect his decisions? It’s questions like those that remind us of the human being he really was and what he might have struggled with during his lifetime.

The Lone and Level Sands did not jump out at me immediately. It wasn’t until I finished the book and let it sink in that I really felt it’s significance. Lewis certainly knows how to spin a yarn. I never thought I’d be reading about the Book of Exodus (especially not in comic form) or feel affected by Ramses II but I did, and I was, and it surprised me. The art by mpMann played a big part in my response to the book. It’s almost like reading hieroglyphics, without being so literal of course. Originally printed in black and white, this new colored version by Jennifer Rodgers from Archaia is absolutely a beneficial addition to the story as a whole. My few gripes are with the art and layout. The speech boxes change format depending on the page arrangement and narration is sometimes left to interpretation, or at the very least, not immediately recognizable. Speaking of distinctions, a few of the central characters are illustrated very analogous to one another, making identification difficult at times.

Despite it’s flaws, The Lone and Level Sands achieves what it set out to do, show us that one event can be viewed in an entirely different way when shown through the eyes of another. I grew up learning the story of Moses but I’d be very interested to hear what an outside observer thinks of the story as told by Lewis. Religious fanatics might call this blasphemy while non-believers may say it’s pure fiction but there are facts and lessons to take away from the story as well. In fact, the book would make a good teaching tool for those looking to explore all perspectives of history and religion.

You can also view and discuss this review at the Girls Entertainment Network.

Oct 7, 2009

Orchard Street Wolf Pack

Venture Bros. Season 4. October 18th. Holy crap that's almost here!

Season 4.1 to be exact seeing as how it's going to be split in half. But indeed, come Sunday the 18th at midnight "which is technically the morning of the 19th, I know, but whatever," said Jackson Publick, new Venture antics will ensue.

If you haven't already watched the trailer for the new season, what are you waiting for?! Here it is with lots of spoilery-type stuff:

So...many...references! I can't even keep up with them all. If you're a geek and you aren't watching this show you are missing out on so much. This seriously looks like it's going to be an amazing season though. Hank is pseudo-grownup, Dean loves Hitler, and LARP! Obviously though the trailer was severely lacking in two very important things: Brock and Monarch/Mrs. Monarch.

Poor Publick and Doc Hammer though. Whenever I hear those two talk I feel as if they eat, live and breath Venture Bros. "We're currently editing that self-same premiere episode, while writing the fifth episode of season 4.2, while designing the fourth episode of season 4.2, storyboarding the second and third episodes, and directing the first," said Publick. He also revealed that the new Professor Impossible this season, previously voiced by Stephen Colbert and Publick himself, will be played by Bill Hader. They've got a pretty sweet cast lined up this season, don't forget about Kevin Conroy (swoon).

Oh and one last thing. Henchman 21 looks badASS!

DoubleDCoverage #28

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

I need to start fleshing out my vocabulary when it comes to Green Lantern and Teen Titans need to start fleshing out their story. And fast. Reviews for Green Lantern #46 and Teen Titans #75 are ahead. Also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #28.

Oct 6, 2009

No. No. No. No. No.

If Beyoncé is Wonder Woman, I am Lobo.

Woke up to yet another RUMOR today about Beyoncé playing Wonder Woman. You know, in that yet to be announced, written or casted film from Warner Bros. The source of this "news" claims they got the information from a press conference with the singer/actress. A press conference, amazingly, no one else attended seeing as how this site is the only one reporting on it. How lucky they must be to have gotten the only invitation.

I say "this site" because they don't deserve to be linked to. It's an obvious attempt to get hits for their website. Without any quotes or other information to back up their claims they fall into the same category as the British tabloid The Sun. At least they take the time to make up mysterious sources. However, the site also claims the new film is being written by Stuart Beattie and David Elliot of G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra fame (if you can call it fame) and is being directed by John Moore who worked on Max Payne. Way to choose a creative team.

Oct 5, 2009

Managing Morrison

We all know actors, musicians and models have talent agencies and managers that help them find jobs, sort out contracts and the like but did you know several comic writers have found representation as well? And why shouldn't they? The top talent in comics is in high demand these days. Now, to me, the epic personality that is Grant Morrison sounds like someone who'd be doing the managing. I mean, I can't see myself saying no to this man, can you? Regardless, top talent calls for a top agency and Morrison has just signed with one of the best.

Previously represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA), home to Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey and Peyton Manning just to name a few, Morrison has just signed with rival International Creative Management (ICM) according to The Hollywood Reporter. Besides his writing duties on Batman and Robin, "Morrison is consulting and writing treatments on DC Entertainment projects for Warner Bros., a deal that recently brought the writer from his home in Scotland to Los Angeles."

A few stars ICM reps include Mickey Rourke, Woody Allen, Eliza Dushku, David Duchovny and writers Toni Morrison and Nora Ephron. Grant Morrison is not the first comic book talent to find a home at ICM. Frank Miller, John Cassaday and Todd McFarlane are already being represented and just this past August it was announced that Neal Adams, along with his Continuity Studios, had signed with the agency as well.

Oct 2, 2009

The Nerdy Bird Adores - The Stuff of Legend #1

We all know The Nerdy Bird Adores lovey-dovey superheroes and inappropriate dirty jokes but what I adore the MOST are cute, quirky, little creatures. Dear god, prepare yourself. It's almost as if The Stuff of Legend was made just for me.

From Th3rd World Studios, The Stuff of Legend follows a group of toys who are on a mission to save their kidnapped master. The young boy was stolen in the night by none other than The Boogeyman. Don't go looking for any Ninja Turtles or remote controlled cars in this group, the comic is set in 1944. These classic toys are made from quality materials built to last and they're determined.

Ok, so maybe not all of them. Some of them are cute little cowards who are just as scared of the Boogeyman as we all were. The boy means a lot to them but, according to some, heading into The Dark to save him is tantamount to suicide. Led by a toy soldier called simply Colonel, a small team forms: the Indian Princess, Percy the piggy bank, Max the teddy bear, Quakers the duck, Jester the Jack in the Box, Harmony the ballerina and the boy's real-life dog, Scout.

Illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III, the 50-page book is magnificent to look at. Even that is an understatement. I don't think I've fallen this head-over-heals for an artist since I first saw David Petersen's Mouse Guard, which, by the way, this comic is similar in size to. That's part of what first caught my eye, it stood out on my local comic shop's shelf. A quick flip-through and it was an immediate must-buy.

So, you might be thinking to yourself, "What are these adorable little guys going to do against the big, bad Boogeyman?" Well, there's the twist. When the toys travel through the boy's closet to The Dark, they transform into hardcore, kickin'-ass-and-takin'-names versions of themselves.

DUDE. Look at the teddy bear! But don't underestimate the Boogeyman, he is fiendish to the core and ready for a fight. It's not just him the rag-tag group faces in The Dark, it's a legion of the boy's discarded, vicious old toys as well and they've just begun their battle.

There is so much heart in The Stuff of Legend it's palpitating off the pages. This is part one of a two-part introduction to the universe that the creative team of Wilson and writers Mike Raicht and Brian Smith hope will be just the beginning. Earlier in the year, Raicht spoke to Newsarama and said he came up with the idea after the birth of his son. "I saw him surrounded by his toys, most prominently a large, slumped-over Teddy Bear, almost as if they were all standing guard over him," he said, "I wanted to create a fantasy world to tell stories in and for my son to enjoy."

You might have seen a preview on Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pick one up but if you didn't either, you can view the entire FCBD offering online. In my opinion though? Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS NOW. The cuteness factor in these pages is obvious, the talent is boundless.

EDIT: For my thoughts on issue #2 click here.

Oct 1, 2009

Chris Redfield cast in RE4 film!

I can't seem to get away from the zombies lately. Exciting news out of Hollywood yesterday. Not only is Resident Evil: Afterlife moving forward, Chris Redfield has been cast. So, who will fill the classic character's boots?

It's none other than Prison Break star Wentworth Miller according to MTV. In the last film, Resident Evil: Extinction, his sister Claire was played by Heroes star Ali Larter. Larter will return for the fourth film as will lead actress Milla Jovovich. "In one notable casting switch-up, Shawn Roberts, who played Rogue's boyfriend in the first 'X-Men' movie and a recurring date-rapist character in 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' will take over the part of Wesker from actor Jason O'Mara," reported MTV.

Jovovich spoke with ShockTillYouDrop.com about further developments. "There's a great script and it's going to be pretty wild. It's going to be in 3D," she said, "We start shooting in September." Of course part of the "we" she's referring to is her husband/director Paul W.S. Anderson who is also returning for the fourth film. Jovovich says her husband has been doing a lot of 3D research and has signed a deal with James Cameron's company to make use of the Fusion Camera System technology previously used for Cameron's Avatar.

Even though the franchise produced three films, most people were under the impression that Extinction was the final chapter. "There's been a lot of interest online, there's been a lot of letters from fans," said Jovovich, "It's not like I said, 'Hey, honey! Let's do another one right away!' I mean, it's an expensive film and it's all business and if the third one didn't do well, there wouldn't be another one." Indeed, Extinction grossed $147,717,833 worldwide, more than the sequel or the original.

Will I pay good money to see Resident Evil: Afterlife? Of course I will. It has Milla.