Aug 31, 2009

Comic Strip Superstar

If you have aspirations to see yourself in the funny pages, Amazon might have just the thing for you.

Do you ever open the newspaper, look at the comic strips and go, "Hey, I could do that?" Now is your chance to show the world what you've got.
Are you the next Comic Strip Superstar? There's only one way to find out--enter an international search for the next popular comic strip artist, sponsored by Andrews McMeel Publishing and hosted by The winner will receive a publishing contract from Andrews McMeel Publishing, a $5,000 advance from Universal Uclick, and a monthly stipend for the development of 20 comic strips that will be considered for syndication.

From the submissions, Universal Press Syndicate will narrow the entries down to 250 quarterfinalists. The quarterfinalists will then be narrowed down to 50 semifinalists by John Glynn and Lee Salem, seasoned Universal Press Syndicate editors. In the semifinal round, popular comic strip creators G.B. Trudeau (Doonesbury), Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), Scott Hilburn (The Argyle Sweater), and Mark Tatulli (Lió and Heart of the City) will choose 10 finalists and post feedback for each on customers will then have the opportunity to view the finalists' submissions and vote for the grand prize winner.
Pretty cool huh? I like that the public will get to vote on them in the end because after all, that's who it would eventually be for. You can read more about it, including how to enter, at Amazon. And of course, don't forget to read up on the official rules before you submit anything. Actually, did a really great breakdown of them with commenters giving some great advice as well. The deadline is September 12 so you better get a move on if you're interested.

Aug 28, 2009

Too soon for Halloween?

Never! For me Halloween can't come soon enough. I'll probably just wear my Red Lantern costume this year, since I put so much time and money into it, but I ran (giggle) across this today and am actually tempted. I give you, Sexy Flash.

I'm not usually a fan of male or wholesome costumes made sexy just for the sake of it (for example: Sexy Freddy Krueger) but I have to say I think "Sexy Flash" is pretty damn cute. Though honestly, I'd much rather have a Lady Savitar costume. I found these after surfing around 80s Tees for a while. This is what else I found.

Holy.....MOTHER OF GOD BATMAN!!! In case you were wondering, yes, it does have a cape.

It's called a "costume hoodie." I call it, "Scare the crap out of Jill." Thanks has to go out to Matt (from No Cure for Comics) who first pointed out the Green Lantern equivalent to me on Twitter. They also have Aquaman and Superman, with no masks of course so, you know, what's the point?

Aug 27, 2009

F@*# me gently with a chainsaw.

Fox is planning a "contemporary take" of Heathers for television. I'd throw up but bulimia's so '87.

According to Variety, "Dark comedy will be adapted for TV by scribe Mark Rizzo, with an assist from 'Sex and the City' alum Jenny Bicks. Sony Pictures TV, where Bicks is based, will produce, along with Lakeshore Entertainment, which holds the rights to 'Heathers.'" The article goes on to say that all the original characters will be there, Veronica, J.D., the Heathers but no word as to whether any of the original actors would be included ala the 90210 remake.

This quote takes the cake though. "We had the title, and talked about doing a film remake at times," said Lakeshore prexy Gary Lucchesi. "But doing it for TV seemed like a fresh and original idea." Fresh and original idea. Fresh. And original. Do he know the meaning of the words or is he just saying things to hear himself talk?

Seriously now. Isn't the bitchy popular girl already represented on shows like Gossip Girl and oh, I don't know, just about every other show on the CW? What's even stranger about this whole thing is Winona Ryder keeps spouting off about a Heather's sequel she insists is being made.

For the record, I'm a Veronica. This gives me a great group costume idea for Halloween this year though. Shoulder pads FTW!

Aug 26, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #22

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Who is Batgirl? The question is finally answered! Plus, the secret origin of Mon-El and Daxam. It’s one for the history books! Reviews for Batgirl #1 and Superman Annual #14 are ahead, also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #22.

Aug 25, 2009

10 Things Angela Chase Could Have Done Since 1994

Hey! Guess what? My first article for Heartless Doll was NOT my last! Who woulda thunk?

"What's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere. Like, your life just figured out how to get good. Like, that second."

My life figured out how to get good around the time I first watched My So-Called Life. I missed it when it originally aired on ABC, but I caught the repeats on MTV (you can now watch the entire series on Hulu). I was just an innocent little redhead and it opened my eyes to so many things, not to mention I related to Angela Chase like woah. My dad was a cook. I clashed with my mom. Had a best friend who was a terrible influence and a crush on an unattainable guy (or five).

Like many others, MSCL had me at Crimson Glow. I couldn't wait to see what Rayanne Graff would do next or if Brian Krakow would ever be able to talk like a normal human being. But the show wasn't picked up for a second season. Talk about a buzzkill. I had so many lingering questions! Would Angela choose Jordan or Brian? Did Graham ever cheat on Patty with Hallie Lowenthal? I NEEDED TO KNOW!! But just like I'll never know what it's like to kiss Jordan in the boiler room, I will never know the joy that came with those answers. So I made up my own. Here are 10 possible directions Angela Chase's life could have taken after the series finale of My So-Called Life.

Come on over to Heartless Doll, read the list and show some love for your hard working Nerdy Bird. :)

Aug 24, 2009

Gore Verbinski out for Bioshock movie

Back in May, it was announced that Take-Two Interactive and Universal Studios were teaming up with Gore Verbinski to create a Bioshock film. Well, the good news is, it's still a go, the bad news is, Verbinski is out as director.

According to Variety, Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is now in talks to helm the video game adaptation. However, Verbinski will still be producing. "Verbinski opted out of directing because the film has been re-calibrated to shoot aboard (sic) to access tax credits and favorable exchange rates. Verbinski couldn’t do that because he is locked into directing the Paramount animated film 'Rango,' with the title character voiced by his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' cohort Johnny Depp," reported Variety. Apparently the decision is contingent on the game developer, who has final say.

As if things weren't complicated enough. "Universal then put the brakes on during the pre-production phase, because the budget rose to $160 million and the studio needed it to cost less. At the time, Universal sources vowed this would not turn into another 'Halo'—U and partner Fox dropped out of that vidgame adaptation, which was to be directed by 'District 9' helmer Neill Blomkamp with Peter Jackson producing. The negotiations with Fresnadillo indicate the studio is determined to make 'Bioshock'—offshore," said Variety.

Negotiations with a Spanish man mean they are determined to work outside the United States? Ok. What's unfortunate about this turn of events is Verbinski chose to direct Bioshock over a fourth Pirates film and well, the ship maybe have already sailed on that one as Rob Marshall is in talks to take over the franchise. As much as I would have loved for Verbinski to direct, I just want this to get made and not sit in development hell for years. I almost feel like they're holding off purposely to see how the sequel BioShock 2 does before moving forward. Anyone else get that feeling?

Aug 21, 2009

Things of the nerdy variety.

It's been a crazy week. I came across several nerdy items I would have happily written entire posts about had I had the time, as it stands, I did not. Since it's Friday and you're most likely at work, counting the minutes until you can get to your nearest pub, I'll just spit them all out at you. Here's hoping it makes the time until alcohol go a little bit faster.

First up is this delightfully amusing Terminator illustration. So simple, but genius. It was yesterday's Woot Shirt of the Day which means it's only around until it sells out so if you want one, act fast. Occasionally they'll continue selling a shirt for a short time if it's really popular though. Don't be lazy, read the site and figure it out for yourself.

My wonderfully talented friend and colleague from the Girls Entertainment Network, Stephanie Carmichael (aka WITA), has added yet ANOTHER her proverbial plate. Besides GEN and a bunch of other sites, she also has her own blog, What is Techno Again? Seriously, this girl is a machine. Not a scary, Terminator-like machine mind you (though I'm sure she'd volunteer if it got her closer to Christian Bale somehow), just a really well-made machine that can do practically anything and you thank god you have on speed-dial. I'm getting so far off course it's not even funny. She's made a Tumblr. She posts ADORABLE comic related images there. Well, at least that's the gist. Sometimes she posts very scary things too. Either way, it's a great daily dose of coolness from a cool chick. And we all know how much I love cute. It's a nice distraction from the stress these days.

Fun casting news! James Marsters (Buffy, Torchwood) has been added to the cast of the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica. I'm pretty sure executive producer Jane Espenson had something to do with that, in which case, I'll bow down and kiss her feet or the dirt or whatever she fucking wants for getting him on that show. He'll be playing a terrorist leader named Barnabus Greeley. A bad guy. The article says he's "driven by desires both moralistic and carnal." Gulp. Don't expect me to come up for air on January 22.

Speaking of things that make me horny. Extra special New Moon trailer on SciFi Wire. TMI?

And now for something REALLY awesome. DC Comics and Milkshakes. That's a song I heard on the radio yesterday by a band called Art Brut. One of my favorite lyrics? "I'm in love with a girl in my comic shop. She's a girl who likes comics; She probably gets a lot."

Here's something that's equal parts depressing and over-stimulating for my nerdy brain. Fifth Element Posable Mondoshawan Head Movie Prop on Ebay. Over-stimulating of course because I'm one of the biggest Fifth Element fans ON THIS PLANET, depressing because it's $6,499. I would give MY head if I could own THIS one. The same seller also has the tunic Lt. Barclay wore in one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Genesis," and lots of other nerdy items for sale. I've been waiting for years for part of the Mondoshawan's to show up on Ebay. It's up for 11 more days, think I can sell my blood or something to make some quick cash? Or, conversely, any sugar daddies out there want to hook a girl up?

Lastly, inspired by the folks over at Geek Six who started a topic called #GeekSin on Twitter last week (mine: I haven't read Lord of the Rings.), I decided to try one out myself. Quick tutorial if you aren't a Twitter person. If you want people to be able to search a particular word or topic easily you put what's called a "hashtag" in your post, hence the #. Although the hashtag doesn't necessarily have to be involved. When a certain topic becomes really popular, that is, when thousands upon thousands of users are talking about it, it will show up as a "Trending Topic" on your Twitter sidebar. If you actually start a Trending Topic that's pretty neat. I decided to give #GeekPetPeeve a try. It didn't take off as well as #GeekSin but I got a good number of people to join in. Here's a few of mine and some highlights from others.

TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When people pronounce Green Lantern Corps, "corpse."

ValVictory: When people call Captain Marvel "Shazam" #geekpetpeeve

krikitmedia: it's annoying when sports fanatics don't realize they're another kind of "geek" #GeekPetPeeve

WndrWmn: "Comic book" conventions who's focus is no longer books not art. (Are you listening, SDCC?!) #geekpetpeeve

levack: #geekpetpeeve nerd girls threatening murder for mentioning cover spoilers. I didn't post the cover!

DangerDude3: #geekpetpeeve when people call The Flash, Flash Gordon.

cnevett: #geekpetpeeve People who call Noh-Varr 'Marvel Boy.'

LorryDrivingeek: when they change the spine on your grapic novels at Vol 9 so it doesn't match the previous 8 volumes #geekpetpeeve

TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When people assume I don't read comics because I'm a girl.

AnimaLux: #geekpetpeeve When skeezy guys come into my game store and try to do my job for me because I'm a girl.

fatmanafterdark: #geekpetpeeve when I can't find the droids I'm looking for

heimp: #geekpetpeeve When people say graphic novel instead of comic book to appear less nerdy.

BubbaShelby: When they make a movie frm a cartoon that was no more than a 1/2 hr toy commercial & ppl complain the movie lacked substance #geekpetpeeve

Bobtimus: #geekpetpeeve Batman & Robin are NOT gay together. that joke is not funny. so quit it.

enyggma: My final #geekpetpeeve of the day: People that go see a movie called SiN city and then complain about the sinful content of the film.....

TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When comics come out a day late because of a holiday.

I'm about to add two more to my list. #geekpetpeeve When my geeky trending topic doesn't make trending. :( AND when my HTML goes bonkers. WITA!! I NEEEEEDZ YOU!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Aug 20, 2009

Lightning Power

They say lightning never strikes twice but for DC Comics writer Geoff Johns, apparently it does. Recently announced to be producing and co-writing The Flash live-action film for Warner Bros., it's now being reported by Variety that he'll be co-writing the Captain Marvel film Shazam! for them as well.

Actor/writer Bill Birch will serve as the other new writer on the project. The same director, Peter Segel (Tommy Boy, Get Smart) is still attached. Originally being developed over at New Line, Shazam! has had numerous writers working on drafts in the past such as John August, William Goldman, Bryan Goluboff, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow. According to Variety the team of Johns and Birch will be starting fresh. "The studio is now looking to go back to the original DC Comics source material for inspiration," they said.

With all the Marvel films that have been produced recently, it's very exciting to see several DC properties finally moving forward. It's about time! And seriously, they couldn't have picked a better writer to hire. I'm curious as to where they are going to take the Shazam! story. I'm sure it will be Billy Batson's origin but will they bring in Black Adam at all? Mary? Tawky Tawny?? For the record, I'm still pulling for The Rock to play Black Adam. I know some people think he should play Captain Marvel but I just don't see that at all. What do you think of the news and who do you think should play Captain Marvel/Billy?

Aug 19, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #21

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

Ready for a little action and adventure? Superman is back on planet Earth and Superboy is well, alive. Reviews for Action Comics #880 and Adventure Comics #1 are ahead, also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #21.

Aug 18, 2009

Comic Book Review: Days Missing #1

He’s the best kept secret in the galaxy and he just might be humanities only hope. Talk about pressure. Check out a review AND preview of Days Missing #1

You ever have one of those days? Nothing seems to go right and it feels like the universe is taking a giant dump on you. Or maybe you made some really bad decisions you wish you could take back. You’d do anything to press rewind and be able to relive the day with the knowledge of what went wrong and how to fix it. Not only does The Steward have that power, he’s been using it to help humanity since the dawn of time. So how come we’ve never heard of him?

Days Missing is a five-issue miniseries from Archaia Comics, created by Roddenberry Productions executive Trevor Roth. Yup, Roddenberry, as in the people who brought you Star Trek. If you aren’t a Trek fan, don’t worry, this isn’t connected, it’s just great sci-fi. In this first issue we’re introduced to a very powerful being known only as The Steward. The Steward has the ability to “fold” time, essentially bringing two points in time together so that a day never happened. It also means the day starts over for everyone else. Days Missing is like Men In Black without the comedy and only one man. The Steward is literally the best-kept secret in the galaxy because no one remembers he exists after he’s gone. He’s able to shape history by quietly affecting changes that have a major impact. He’s witnessed several “judgement days” on his watch only to narrowly avoid them with a little help from humanity itself. He also makes sure to keep Earth’s secret history of these tragic days in a massive library in the hopes that one day, someone else besides him will be able to read it.

Head to the Girls Entertainment Network to check out the rest of the review and a preview of Days Missing #1 on sale tomorrow!

Aug 17, 2009

GEN Interview - Amanda Conner

I got to talk Power Girl with DC Comics’ artist Amanda Conner! What’s in store for our favorite busty hero and why exactly is she so busty?

“I’m from a distant planet called Krypton. I first landed on a parallel Earth similar to this one where I was a member of the Justice Society. There was a crisis and somehow I wound up here, cut off from everything I knew and everyone I loved. For the longest time, all I wanted to do was to get back to Earth 2, to see my friends and my cousin Kal-L. When it finally happened, I found out that I’d been replaced by another version of myself. Yeah, if there’s anyone on this planet that desperately needs a fresh start, it’s me.”Power Girl

That dialogue comes from issue one of Power Girl, DC Comics’ first ever, ongoing title featuring the superheroine. In about a paragraph, everything you needed to know about Power Girl the woman, and Power Girl the character was explained. She’s been a major player, mainly in the Justice Society of America, for many years but Kara Zor-L (also known as Karen Starr) has had one of the most complicated character histories around. Originally she was Earth-Two’s grown-up version of Supergirl but along the way PG managed to become the granddaughter of the Atlantean sorcerer Arion. Luckily she’s gone back to her original origin but that didn’t mean she was able to take her original Earth with her. She’s been replaced there and now calls our Earth her home.

Confused? So were a lot of other people. Fortunately that’s where writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and artist Amanda Conner come in. They’re the creative team behind the new title and I recently got to talk with the increasingly busy Conner about her experiences with the voluptuous character. And her cat.

Continue on to read the interview at the Girls Entertainment Network.

Aug 14, 2009

Nerdy News

Lots of geek-related news flowed out of Hollywood this week. Here's your Nerdy News!

X-Men helmer Bryan Singer has been named director of the big-screen Battlestar Galactica film according to Variety. Just to remind everyone, this is going to be a complete reimagination of the franchise by Universal Pictures and not a continuation or sidebar to Ronald D. Moore's television series.

Although apparently Singer has had this in his sights since after he directed X-Men. "At the time, he was teamed to exec produce the series with Tom DeSanto and to direct the pilot of the new version. The director got busy on other projects, but he was prescient, at the time calling the Galactica brand 'a sleeping giant,'" says Variety.

In related news, a scriptwriter has been chosen for the Wolverine sequel. Christopher McQuarrie, writer of The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie, will take Hugh Jackman to Japan while taking cues from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's 1980s comic. According to The Hollywood Reporter, McQuarrie worked with Singer on X-Men but, "he voluntarily took his name off the movie when the final version was more in line with David Hayter's script than his."


Zombies are classic, right?

The rights to Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic have been acquired by American Movie Classics (AMC) for a possible television series. "Joel Stillerman, AMC's senior veep of programming, production and original content, said the project appealed to the cabler because of 'the quality of the storytelling' in Kirkman's work, says Variety. Frank Darabont will not only executive produce but write and direct the series as well.

The Walking Dead would join AMC's other drama series Man Men and Breaking Bad as original programming for the station. Joel Stillerman, Senior VP original programming, production and digital content told The Hollywood Reporter, "I don't know of another series of books that has such beautiful storytelling, great human emotions and everything that really works on AMC. It allows us to stay where we want to stay: in the world of smart, sophisticated storytelling and apply that to a show that we think the audience would love."

And zombies. Don't forget zombies.


I have two words to describe this next story. Pure. Genius.

Warner Bros. is planning to put together a Lego movie says Variety. Get it, put together? Sigh. "Scribes Dan and Kevin Hageman are penning the script for the family comedy that will mix live action and animation. Warners is keeping the plot tightly under wraps, but it's described as an action adventure set in a Lego world." The Hollywood Reporter digs a bit deeper, "The live action/CG hybrid is described as a movie set in the world of Lego that centers on the subject of childlike imaginations and examines themes of creativity and teamwork in the manner of 'Toy Story.' While the pic will have elements for children, the studio is hoping the film is a four-quadrant play that can also appeal to adults."

"Directors and producers in town have attempted to make a Lego movie for years, approaching the Danish toymaker with various ideas, but Lego turned down most of them because it's highly protective of its brand. To date, Lego has made only a series of direct-to-DVD animated movies based on its Bionicle line," reports Variety. Of course I'm sure the successful Lego video game franchise has something to do with it all finally coming together. If they are smart, they'll look to the animation style and humor from those as a jumping-off point.

This is one toy-to-movie adaptation I'm looking forward to.

Aug 13, 2009

Graphic Novel Review: Wondermark Vol. 1 – Beards of Our Forefathers

What do you mean, “It isn’t about beards?”

As a girl who dated someone with a penchant for making collages out of all things old and decaying, I can appreciate a book whose main source material is taken directly from 19th century woodcuts and engravings. I can also appreciate the absurdity that was facial hair in the 1800s, in fact, I know some guys who still walk around with those styles today. Imagine my disappointment when I opened Beards of Our Forefathers and found out in fact, it is NOT about beards. So then, what is it about? The answer to that would be, hilarity.

Beards of Our Forefathers is a collection of the bi-weekly web comic strip, Wondermark, by David Malki !. Yes, he does have an exclamation mark after his name. Why didn’t I ever think of that? Anyway, Beards isn’t your run-of-the-mill collection, it actually takes on a life of it’s own. So much so I was wondering if I hadn’t made a new friend by the end. Thrown in the mix are advertisements for fictional, albeit, curious products, author commentary and other quirky supplemental material. And yes, there are actually a few beards to be had, enough to prevent me from claiming false advertisement anyway.

Read the rest of my review and check out some of the strips at the Girls Entertainment Network. No, really, it's awesome.

Aug 12, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #20

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

I learned a bit too much about the sex lives of our favorite heroes this past week. Also, have the Secret Six split up AGAIN? Reviews for Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 and Secret Six #12 are ahead, also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #20.

Aug 11, 2009

Heroes Season 4 Teaser

What do we think?

Is Hayden Panettiere still wearing a wig? Is Mama Patrelli still speaking cryptically? Is Ando getting some ACTION?? I gotta say, I'm not a fan of teasers in general but this doesn't do anything to excite me whatsoever. Then again, neither has the show itself in a good long while.

EDIT: This just in, Ernie Hudson has just been added to the cast for Season 4! Yes, Winston. He'll be playing a "Baltimore Detective."

Aug 10, 2009

Burn baby, burn!

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

Some like it hot. Others, like the Red Lantern Corps, like it RAGING hot. When deciding what costume I should put together for the San Diego Comic Con this year, the Lantern Corps were the frontrunners. But which one? There are now eight different emotions and colors to choose from. I took a poll on my Twitter and the top three suggestions were Blue Lantern (Hope), Star Sapphire (Love) (no surprise there really) and Red Lantern (Rage). I originally was going to try and do two Lantern costumes, Red and Blue, on two different days but when putting together just one proved difficult, I decided to take it easy. Plus, it allowed me to go all-out on the Red Lantern. And let's face it, this was SDCC, I was either going to go big, or go home!

The first thing I knew I wanted was to get red contact lenses. As you can see from the first picture, they worked out nicely. My issue there was, I'd never worn contacts before. On advice from friends, I ordered them in advance and tried them on a few times before the convention to get used to them. It took me close to an hour to get them in the first time and I never got used to them but it was worth it. The only downside was, from far away, you couldn't tell they were red. I liked these contacts because they looked more like real eyes but I might invest in an all-red pair for next time.

In my opinion, the costume would be incomplete without blood because as you may or may not be aware, the Red Lanterns spew napalm-like blood from their mouths as one of their weapons. The fake blood capsules I opened in my mouth almost made me vomit immediately but once it started dribbling down my chin I toughed it out because it looked AWESOME. I screwed it up the first time so I had to use some more which resulted in the blood covering more of my chin than I wanted but it still looking good. Instead of doing a traditional Lantern mask, I opted for black makeup around my eyes. I tried a few different designs pre-con but went with one of the first I tried. I simply put the paint on my fingertips and dragged them down my face like I was clawing at myself in a fit of RAGE! :)

Of course a Lantern Corps member's most valuable asset is their power ring. DC hasn't ever given away Red Lantern rings, nor do they sell them so this was the biggest headache of the costume. I searched high and low on the internet and was coming up empty. Someone had a set but they were giant man-sized rings, not even close to my petite lady fingers and they never replied back when I asked about them anyway. I went to a craft store and bought a few items I figured I could use to create a make-shift ring but was pretty bummed as I knew it wouldn't come out all that great.

As luck would have it, my friend Beth pointed me in the direction of a fellow costumer named Shane who could help me out. He runs a forum called The League of Lanterns, which is a great resource for anyone putting together a Lantern costume or for those who already have (check it out because there's some AMAZING costumes on there). See these pretty light-up rings? He made them and was nice enough to make one in a dainty size 7 just for me. I can't thank you enough Shane!

And now we come to the little fella who stole the spotlight from me. I'm talking about everyone's favorite Rage Kitty, Dex-Starr (Dex-Star)! As soon as I saw that adorable purring face vomiting blood in Rage of the Red Lanterns I knew we were kindred spirits and that if I did a Red Lantern costume, he'd have to be part of it. Dex wasn't so tricky, just time consuming. Actually, I take that back. Finding a striped stuff cat was pretty hard. I found black cats, white cats, tan cats but no striped cats. I finally caught one online and had it shipped directly to my friend Beth, who documents her own amazing costuming over at Amber's Fashion Tips for Superheroes. She is the one who created Dex's little Red Lantern costume.

When I picked Dex up from Beth I practically died from cuteness overload but he wasn't complete yet. See, Dex-Starr is supposed to be blue. How do you turn a black and white striped stuffed cat black and blue? No, you don't kick him, you paint him. I found a permanent marker that was just the right shade I wanted and sat for a few hours painting all of the white fur. Luckily I didn't have to do his entire body since most of it was covered by the costume but it still took a long time. Afterwards he looked perfect, I on the other hand, had blue fingers. A little fake blood on his mouth a viola! He was the star of Comic Con International!

During the DC Nation panel I attended in costume, Dan DiDio spotted me and took Dex up to the podium to lord over the proceedings. That Darn Cat even took a few swipes at the panel. A few people that got up to ask questions asked where they could get one but Dan informed them he was one of a kind. What was extra cool was getting to meet creators of the Rage of the Red Lantern arc, Shane Davis and Geoff Johns afterward. They both loved the costume and I got really nice pictures with them.

As for the costume itself, the red leotard and black bodysuit I wore underneath were both Ebay finds. The first leotard I bought looked great online but was absolutely horrible in person and wound up not fitting anyway. I wasn't thrilled about the material of the leotard I wound up with but I really couldn't find anything else I even remotely liked. Getting the Red Lantern symbol on the chest was an issue until my friends mom, who does that sort of thing for a living, ironed it on for me.

The gloves were found at a party shop but the red boots gave me some trouble yet again. Not many stores carry red boots, least of all in the middle of summer, so I was stuck with shopping online. I purchased two different pairs, just to play it safe. One, found on Ebay, were an entirely different shade of red than what they appeared in the listing, the other were too tight. The winning pair came out of left field from my mother. She looked in only two stores and found these in the back of a fitting room at Joyce Leslie for $5! That's a mom for you.

So there you have it folks, my Red Lantern Corps costume. I can't wait to wear it again! Actually I am going to be doing a photoshoot, soon hopefully, with my brother who is a professional. If anyone has any recommendations for a cool setting/backdrop I could use that would accentuate the costume I'd love to hear it. I'm coming up blank.


And finally, that wraps up my SDCC coverage. Here are the links to all my other articles if you haven't already read them. For my daily reports I made it out like I was writing diary entries and that I was having a love affair with SDCC. I can't wait for next year!!!

She’s jealously listened to all her friends gush over this thing called Comic-Con International for years. Now that The Nerdy Bird is finally here, what does she think? More importantly, what did she see?

What has red eyes, a blue cat and vomits blood? Red Lantern Nerdy Bird at her second day of Comic-Con International! But has Dex-Star stolen her thunder?

Saturdays at comics conventions are notoriously busy. There’s almost no use walking the show floor, so The Nerdy Bird decided to take in some of the best panels all week: “Lost,” IDW and “Blackest Night!”

The Nerdy Bird partied too hard her last night in San Diego and spent her last day at Comic-Con with the BBC. Miraculously, she’s made it out alive. Check out her final thoughts on her first ever CCI in her convention wrap-up!

BBC America hosted an extended panel at Comic-Con International, bringing one of its newest shows, “Being Human,” and it’s biggest hit, “Torchwood” to the stage for a panel of news and laughs.

"Astro Boy" and "Sorority Row" were just some of the offerings from Summit Entertainment but it was the cast of Twilight that fans camped outside for over a day to see.

And at the Girls Entertainment Network, a fan-cut if you will, of the Summit Panel focusing only on the Twilight cast, SDCC09 - Twilight: New Moon.

Aug 7, 2009

Learn from the Best

How would you like to work under legendary comic artist Neal Adams? Now's your chance!

Neal Adams' son, Josh Adams, recently contacted me about something very special he put together. Josh is also a very talented artist and runs a studio called The Bunker NYC. They provide work ranging from comic book and storyboards to animatics, web design, production and motion comics. Here's the deal:
Manhattan based Bunker NYC is announcing it's first ever talent search but with one special twist. Those accepted will learn on the job training from one of the industry's most influential artists, Neal Adams. The Bunker NYC, a branch of Continuity Studios, is run by Neal's youngest son and rising star artist, Josh Adams who just recently broke into the comic industry with work for DC Comics. Anyone is eligable, simply email Josh Adams at with samples of your work and you'll automatically be entered into the running for consideration in the talent search.
Sounds like a really great opportunity for anyone trying their hand in the business. I know I have a lot of aspiring artists who read my blog so I hope at least one of you will give this a shot. Here's a recent Batman sketch Josh did for the John Ostrander Benefit going on this weekend at the Chicago Comic Con. Found that via his Facebook page.

Aug 5, 2009

DoubleDCoverage #19

I'm back with this week's installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network!

What does the new creative team have in store for the JSA and what’s Wonder Woman doing in heels? Reviews for Justice Society of America #29 and Wonder Woman #34 are ahead, also, check out my star ratings for my other pulls from last Wednesday!

Click here to check out DoubleDCoverage #19.

Aug 4, 2009

SDCC Sketches!

After forgetting my sketchbook when I went to Wizard World Philly and making a point to tell others not to forget theirs for the San Diego Comic Con, I am happy to report my sketchbook is full of new, fantastic illustrations. Of me!

Colorist on Blackest Night, Batman & Robin and numerous other books, Alex Sinclair was the first artist I sought out in San Diego. He told me he used to make money doing caricatures at a zoo and sure enough, I got my very own! How awesome is my hair? That's exactly how it looks.

Sure, Dennis Calero works for Marvel, but I won't hold that against him. :) He was a really nice guy and broke down my portrait into the bare essentials. What more do you need to know really?

I waited patiently for Aaron Lopresti to open up during the last hour of the show on Thursday. I love his work on Wonder Woman and knew he would do a beautiful sketch of me. Little did I know it would be this beautiful! Or maybe I should have considering I sat for him for a little over a half-hour. He started out drawing with me not smiling so it became a bit of a challenge (not to mention a joke) to keep me from smiling. It got even harder when a blog reader started chatting with me and wanted a picture. I honestly felt like the Mona Lisa during this one.

Mr. Lopresti said he wished he'd had more time when all was said and done but honestly I was blown away by his depiction of me. The funny part is, once I got it home my oldest brother told me it looked like our mother from the 1960s. We found a picture. What do you think?

I met a new friend at SDCC. His name is David LeVack. He's the writer of Aeroine and the Editor at Quarterstone Comics. He thought he could do a better job drawing me so I let him give it a shot. Why am I holding a joystick? I have no idea but it amuses me.

I love Freddy Williams work on Robin and it was announced during the show he'd be stepping up to work on the new JSA All-Stars series with Matthew Sturges. He didn't think he was good at caricatures so instead I had him draw me Power Girl. Looks like she's ready to kick some ass.

At David's suggestion I got a sketch from another Marvel artist, Brandon Peterson. He had a wicked cool sketchbook. I think I'd like to get him to draw a full-body version of me someday.

I started with a Green Lantern associate and I ended with one. I think Patrick Gleason's work on Green Lantern Corps has been consistent and amazing. His Soranik Natu is adorable so I was curious how he'd interpret me to his style. I think it's pretty damn cute.

And thus end the great sketches of SDCC 2009!