Aug 4, 2009

SDCC Sketches!

After forgetting my sketchbook when I went to Wizard World Philly and making a point to tell others not to forget theirs for the San Diego Comic Con, I am happy to report my sketchbook is full of new, fantastic illustrations. Of me!

Colorist on Blackest Night, Batman & Robin and numerous other books, Alex Sinclair was the first artist I sought out in San Diego. He told me he used to make money doing caricatures at a zoo and sure enough, I got my very own! How awesome is my hair? That's exactly how it looks.

Sure, Dennis Calero works for Marvel, but I won't hold that against him. :) He was a really nice guy and broke down my portrait into the bare essentials. What more do you need to know really?

I waited patiently for Aaron Lopresti to open up during the last hour of the show on Thursday. I love his work on Wonder Woman and knew he would do a beautiful sketch of me. Little did I know it would be this beautiful! Or maybe I should have considering I sat for him for a little over a half-hour. He started out drawing with me not smiling so it became a bit of a challenge (not to mention a joke) to keep me from smiling. It got even harder when a blog reader started chatting with me and wanted a picture. I honestly felt like the Mona Lisa during this one.

Mr. Lopresti said he wished he'd had more time when all was said and done but honestly I was blown away by his depiction of me. The funny part is, once I got it home my oldest brother told me it looked like our mother from the 1960s. We found a picture. What do you think?

I met a new friend at SDCC. His name is David LeVack. He's the writer of Aeroine and the Editor at Quarterstone Comics. He thought he could do a better job drawing me so I let him give it a shot. Why am I holding a joystick? I have no idea but it amuses me.

I love Freddy Williams work on Robin and it was announced during the show he'd be stepping up to work on the new JSA All-Stars series with Matthew Sturges. He didn't think he was good at caricatures so instead I had him draw me Power Girl. Looks like she's ready to kick some ass.

At David's suggestion I got a sketch from another Marvel artist, Brandon Peterson. He had a wicked cool sketchbook. I think I'd like to get him to draw a full-body version of me someday.

I started with a Green Lantern associate and I ended with one. I think Patrick Gleason's work on Green Lantern Corps has been consistent and amazing. His Soranik Natu is adorable so I was curious how he'd interpret me to his style. I think it's pretty damn cute.

And thus end the great sketches of SDCC 2009!


A Comedic Author, With Rat Training Tendencies said...

Just gorgeous! I didn't get any sketches of me.. but I bought some from the 'old timers' that I just loved!

Anonymous said...

DAMN!!! That one Aaron did DOES look like your mom!! O.O

You certainly have her face, in the pic! :)

DTD Time Traveler said...

Yeah there is some similarity there to the old photos, especially in the eyes. Quite a range of styles the artists have.

Comix Book Gurl said...

Those are amazing! congrats!

The Nerdy Bird said...

Thanks everyone!

Denny said...

Lopresti's drawing is really nice. A very cool one to own. Lucky girl! said...

I need to be able to tell if the depiction of the boobs is accurate. So, if you please...