Jul 27, 2009

SDCC Twitter Round-up

I made it back alive! Are you surprised? I am. My very first San Diego Comic Con was a HUGE success and entirely too much fun for one person.

I'm still decompressing. I almost missed my flight home last night and I've brought tons of SDCC germs home with me so I'm not feeling all that well. I've still got a bunch of writing to do for Comic Book Resources but my first day report is already posted if you want to check it out: The Nerdy Bird's First Flight to CCI - Part 1

I know everyone was dying to see my Red Lantern costume so here's the first shot to satiate you. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I'll go into more detail in another post about how I put it all together but I just have to say, Dex-Starr totally stole the spotlight from me!

(EDIT: Part 2 is now up! See my full Red Lantern costume)

In the meantime, I'm going to post all my SDCC tweets here for you guys to read. I saw a few other people do something like this and it seemed like a good idea since not all of you are on Twitter and might not have been following along. Here they are and keep checking back at CBR for the rest of my con reports! They are in reverse order so start at the bottom and work your way back up:

  1. You were great San Diego, but New Jersey welcomed me back home like a warm blanket. :)
  2. Yeah...there's a big chance im gonna miss my plane. :(
  3. @PeterPalmiotti Yup!! Matthew Sturges is writing.
  4. Got a cool Power Girl sketch from Freddy Williams who's going to be on the new JSA All Stars book. #sdcc
  5. Just got called out publically as a booze hound by Blair from G4. Oh right, last night...
  6. Tennant is a god among men. God damn I'm going to miss his Doctor. #sdcc
  7. Just saw a trailer for Tennants final episode! SPOILER The Master is back!!!
  8. Having weird, weird deja vu...
  9. Waiting for the Doctor Who panel to start!!
  10. Check out cosplay pictures of @batgirlbabs @MeaganVanB@aktrez and others in my @cbr report. http://bit.ly/z6syG#sdcc
  11. My first con report is up! Check it out and comment!! RT @CBR The Nerdy Bird’s First Flight to CCI – Part 1http://bit.ly/z6syG #sdcc
  12. @sterlinggates I know! That makes me sad. I was at the Hyatt.
  13. Jesus Christ, I thought it was a box.
  14. I adore @jamesdrobinson
  15. Nichelle Nicols is at the table next to me at the Hyatt. I'm in awe.
  16. It's almost time for me to get drunk. Watch out San Diego.#sdcc
  17. Why do spam bots keep retweeting @elizabethamber's message to me?
  18. IAn Sattler just said DC might make a toy Dex-Star because everyone liked mine so much!
  19. @geoffjohns0 Waiting for the BN panel to start, just heard someone call you Ge-Off Johns.
  20. Chatted with @joe_hill for a bit. The panel was great! Sir, you are highly entertaining in person.
  21. Next up: @idwpublishing Locke & Key panel with @joe_hilland @chrisryall
  23. @ the lost panel tey just brought out Josh Holloway!!!
  24. waiting patiently to see if i can get into the Lost panel. it doesnt look good.
  25. Will I make the Lost panel? Probably not. :(
  26. Hello to my new followers! Hope you're enjoying my #sdcctweets. I'm not going to sort through you all I'm back home.
  27. @elizabethamber I know! He loved the costume. :)
  28. @elizabethamber You're on San Diego time because you want to be here with us!
  29. @chris_ryall Here! Here!
  30. @thestubca Here's two via @acomicbookgirlhttp://tinyurl.com/ldb8a6 and http://tinyurl.com/kojj4f
  31. @CBR is now an Eisner Award winner!! #sdcc
  32. Out to dinner in fancy dress with a large portion of the @girlsentnet crew! And friends!
  33. @JamesDRobinson Damn straight! I kicked @geoffjohns0's ass. I have the picture to prove it.
  34. @GeoffJohns0 I was getting offered money for Dex after the panel.
  35. Good god, I'm still embarrassed.
  36. JUST MET JOHN BARROWMAN!!!!! Lost the ability to speak coherently. #sdcc
  37. Yah! Just hung out with @acomicbookgirl for a bit.
  38. Just ran into @breagrant. She loves Dex! Who wouldn't?
  39. Just walked past Kelvin from Lost.
  40. Super awesome picture with Red Lantern Nerdy Bird and @geoffjohns0 has been taken. I think he might have gotten some blood on him. :(
  41. Dan Didio has my Dex-Star on the podium!
  42. At the DC panel!
  43. http://twitpic.com/bhnlb - Me and my 'friend' in costume.
  44. The costume is on. Why do people in Green Lanter shirts keep looking at me weird? #sdcc
  45. @alex_segura Nice meeting you today!
  46. @Agent_M Haha, that's pretty awesome.
  47. @batmanobviously Always appreciated. :)
  48. @batmanobviously Things I already knew.
  49. Met some great fans today at the con! Thanks to all of you for telling me how much you love the blog, it means a lot. :)#sdcc
  50. Aaron Lopresti drew the most beautiful sketch of me!
  51. Just got asked to take a picture with Kel Mitchell of Keenan & Kel fame. I love him!
  52. @jpalmiotti does an amazing Stan Lee impression!
  53. JSA panel with Ian Sattler, Mike Carlin, Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges, Freddie Williams and Jimmy Palmiotti! #sdcc
  54. Just found a bunch of the @girlsentnet gals!
  55. "We, of course, all want to please you." Famous last words from Taylor Lautner. #twilight #sdcc
  56. Twilight clip featured the motorcycle crash and a shirtless Taylor Lautner. :) #sdcc
  57. Ok I'm prepared to go deaf. Let the Twilight panel begin!
  58. @briantruitt I'm here too! #sdcc #twilight
  59. Woops, that should have been @mandustries not @mandymurray before. Apparently someone stole her name.
  60. @toonboy You're welcome! Glad you're enjoying!
  61. @Ell79 Haha, thanks!
  62. @dookieps Not. At. All.
  63. http://twitpic.com/bd5s1 - Blammoids!
  64. I'm 9 rows back in Hall H. How did this happen? #sdcc
  65. I'm in Hall H! Just got to meet the lovely @mandymurray.
  66. Tron looks FUCKING AMAZING
  67. @RichL1 Yeah I can understand completely. Just not used to people dissing the handcapped girl. :)
  68. Oh I forgot to mention earlier, I saw @batgirlbabs looking all smokin' hot early in the morning.
  69. Ok, I think I'm going to attempt Hall H. Yes, for Twilight. Hopefully I won't get trampled by 12 year olds.
  70. But you could tell he was in "leave me alone" mode.
  71. Re: everyone: Said hi to Jorge Garcia, he quickly said hi, didn't make eye contact and kept walking. Didn't even get to say I like Lost.
  72. @Maukingbird Aww sorry you missed me!
  73. @Maukingbird Oh yes, it was the real deal.
  74. @tragedyman ...gave me a sort of hi and kept walking. :/
  75. @tragedyman Said hi in the hopes of stopping him for a picture or at least to tell him how great he is and he didn't make eye contact...
  76. Killing some time at the bottom of the escalators by entrance G if anyone wants to stop and say hello!
  77. Just caught @Templesmith posing for pictures like he's in GQ.
  78. Just ran into the guy who designed the IDW SDCC key. Him and his wife are super nice!
  79. Yah! Just ran into @aboynamedart!
  80. http://twitpic.com/bcj4w -
  81. Wow just got dissed HARD by Jorge Garcia.
  82. Alex Sinclair is sketching me!
  83. I'm awake!! And in San Diego! #sdcc
  84. Check out my coverage on CBR Live over the next few days! Fun stuff up already! http://bit.ly/1avE7F
  85. @Guj19 @dookieps Yup! That's where all the CBR TV stuff is being filmed.
  86. @killkillkill You mean homeless people.
  87. Ok first day in SD is almost through, I'm already exhausted. Who wants to mail me home when I'm done?
  88. Met @melcaylo in person finally! What a sweetheart.
  89. Hanging out on the @cbr yacht!
  90. press line is CRAZY! but im freaking stoked.
  91. The Nerdy Bird has landed!
  92. http://twitpic.com/b8ahw - The Nerdy Bird takes flight!
  93. At the airport!!!!! Stealing wi-fi from the rich folks I think...
  94. Off to the airport soon! Nervous!!


Ken said...

Great stuff Jill, enjoyed the article on CBR too.

Superduperman said...

Glad you made it back home in one piece. I bet it's one of the few times you'll glad had a scooter to ride around in huh? Even viewing the pictures and content online was sensory overload! Very overwhelming the amount of info and pictures flowing out of the con. You mentioned and I'm curious as in... how large is the convention center anyway? The SD convention center is listed at exhibition per square feet is similar in size to the NY's Javit's center. How many halls are used for the con? I'm assuming all of it judging by the size of it.

Curt Russell said...

Hey great costume, I started remembering all of the cons I've too. Also my Green Lantern costume (met my wife while wearing that). Glad you had a great time

Nick said...

So many tweets, so little time! I can't believe I've still never been to San Diego. Have to try to catch next year's Comic-Con.

By the way, what do you think of my blog post today: "Superman Needs a Cape -- Even on Smallville!"


wik said...

Dex-Starr! and Geoff Johns :)
wheee!!!! :D

Milad Taleghani (ARIAN) said...

just became a follower, i had no idea who you were, but reading through CBR and i went BOOM! and that slogan of yours : has boobs reads comics... awesome! it's totally cool to see some one like you do this and put such amazing effort on it. thank you. you rock.

CHOVENGO said...

Congrats , it is so cool , u had a lot of fun ^_^

The Nerdy Bird said...

Thanks Ken!

Superduperman, you bet! It's even exhausting sitting down!! I have to say the SD center looks much larger than the Javits but maybe thats because its very long and the Javits is more squared up. And yeah, the entire thing is used plus some of the surrounding hotel space as well.

Thanks Curt! You must have an awesome wife. :)

Nice, I know! I can't believe this was my first time there. Why did I wait so long? As far as a cape and colors for Supes. I agree with you. I didn't like the look they gave Black Canary either.

Thanks wik, Milad and Chovengo!