Feb 4, 2009

Save the cheerleader, save the island.

We've got another wonderful new episode of Lost to look forward to tonight. Considering it looks like next weeks Heroes is going to turn into Lost anyway I found this highly appropriate. For your viewing pleasure, LOST Parody, Season 2, Episode 1. 

I think Jack gets the best lines: 

"It doesn't matter, she's dead!" 
"Let me look at your wounds, I'm a doctor."
"Wait a sec. Aren't you the same actor that played the co-pilot on Oceanic 815?"

All the voice actors are pretty great but the guy doing Sawyer's has me in hysterics. I love how they're all stuck in their permanent action figure poses but there was a special effects budget.



K. D. Bryan said...

Heh. Very cute. This is my personal favorite personal recap of Lost. Of course, there's other similar gags, assuming you love hearing "WAAAALT!" or "Sonuvabitch!".

Also, my word verification is "Gasmetal" which clearly is a clue to the higher mysteries of Lost. Maybe the Smoke Monster? Hmmmmm.

dancewithzombies said...

Haha! Very nice...yeah and heroes does look like it could turn into the next Lost. I did like the heroes premiere though...

Amber Love said...

I feel that Heroes is becoming way to much like Lost. Poor Jeph Loeb. WTF? I'm ready to drop Heroes now because it's just as confusing. In the rare occasions there was time travel on Star Trek, it didn't last more than an episode. This is ridiculous.

WITA said...

I've seen these before---fun! :)

The Nerdy Bird said...

Hahaha, yes K.D.! I've seen all of them and think they're great. Hmm you seem to always get psychic word verifications. The smoke monster is totally Gasmetal. That or we've got a new genre of music on the way.