Nov 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

For your holiday weekend enjoyment I present a tired, full and quite possibly lazy blogger's idea of a Thanksgiving post. 

Something tells me none of them catch it.

That turkey's face is priceless.

I couldn't decide which one of these Walt Disney's Comics disturbed me more. Donald wielding an ax but a dead bird...

....or Donald with a rifle and three live nephews.

"Who wants breast?" Sorry, I had to.

I would be scared too.

Hope your Thanksgiving was better than theirs! 

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Nov 26, 2008

X-Men Lite?

What do you get when you put Dakota Fanning in a mini-skirt and knee-high boots? Besides my nightmares, you get the upcoming film from Summit Entertainment. Push.

Push, not to be mistaken for La Push (considering the trailer aired before Twilight and both are distributed by Summit), is a sci-fi thriller focusing on a group of people with special abilities running from a secret government agency who want to use them as super-soldiers. They must work together to shut down "The Division" for good. 

Sounds like it's ripped from the pages of an X-Men arc doesn't it? Of course there's Heroes parallels as well but we all know which one came first. Instead of fancy terms like telekenisis, people with such powers are called Movers. Pushers can get inside your head, Watchers can see the future, Bleeders exhibit a Black Canary-like cry, Stitchers heal people etc. 

The film stars Chris Evans, who's no stranger to playing a superhero, Camilla BelleDakota Fanning and Djimon Hounsou. Their impressive powers come as a result of Nazi experiments during World War II though most of the main characters have inherited their powers genetically from their parents.

Not to lose a chance at marketing, Wildstorm has produced a comic book prequel to the film written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman. The second issue apparently hit stores today but I haven't seen it. You can view preview pages over at Superhero Hype. Push, the film, is in theaters February 6, 2009.

Nov 25, 2008

Mouse Guard Marches On

The adorable little troopers are back this Wednesday!

David Petersen announced on his website and blog that the long-delayed issue will finally be available this week. "This is my favorite issue to-date, has my favorite cover, and features Mouse Guard music!" said Petersen. He apparently needed a ballad for this issue and wanted it to be as realistic as possible. He turned to his friend Jesse Glenn who recorded a tune to which Petersen finally wrote the words. To top that, Glenn recorded a version with him singing the ballad that Petersen promises to post on his blog next Wednesday.

As we discussed in my interview over the summer Petersen has been very busy creating a MG role-playing game which he also announced is now set for a December 24th release date. A restructuring at Archaia Studios Press and acquisition by Kunoichi further prevented MG's release and kept fans wondering the fate of our brave little friends. Petersen discusses his own experiences:
I can't thank fans enough for not only taking a chance on a odd-shaped book about mice with swords, but also for being so patient and loyal. I have heard from many of you offering support and kind words when the book was in publishing limbo. Trust me when I say that it meant a great deal and helped me through a frustrating and stressful time. Hopefully that is all behind us now, and I can focus on just telling the best story I can and hopefully entertaining you fine folks in the process.
I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on the new issue. It feels like forever since the last one and I've been anxiously anticipating where the story is going to go next. I know I've said this before but if you've never read MG do yourself a favor and pick up Fall 1152 and get to know the in's-and-out's of Petersen's wonderful creations for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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Nov 24, 2008

Twilight in the daylight.

I've never fallen in love so fast. With a book. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for vampires but I was originally skeptical of the Twilight series. Knowing full well I'd see the movie I finally decided to break down and read the books first. About three weeks later I was thoroughly sleep deprived but completely head-over-heels. Aware of the craze surrounding these books I passed on the midnight showing and opted instead for the first viewing the next day. I was rewarded with a calm and sparsely populated theater. Turns out the one I had to worry about was myself.

Twilight, for those of you in the dark (haha) or those of you who could care less (yes, you boys), is the story of Bella Swan meeting the love of her life Edward Cullen who, turns out, is a vampire. It's ok though, he's a good vampire. The Buffy/Angel comparisons are only one-sided though, Bella is an average teenage girl who just moved into the small Washington town of Forks (a real place!) to live with her father. Edward's family are "vegetarians," drinking only animal blood and blending in as best they can at the local high school. In this world vampires can go out in the sun and they don't have fangs just to name a few differences from the stereotype. 

The love between a vampire and a human is obviously set for disaster from the start but is complicated further by the involvement of the Quileute tribe who've had a treaty with the Cullens although they still distrust them. What's worse, Edward doesn't even think it's safe for them to be together. This is proved true when a coven of people-eaters discover Bella and one of them decides he must have her. Edward, now accepting of his love for Bella, and his family defend her as if she was one of their own, which she one day hopes to become.

Melodramatic? Yes. Intense? Absolutely. Classic literature? No. The majority of Twilight is written from inside Bella's teenage mind. Over-thinking and worrying about every minute detail of every moment. It's the most realistic reactions you could expect from a world where vampire exist. The problem with adapting most first-person narratives to the screen is you lose a lot of the intent behind the actions. Luckily Twilight the movie did the smart thing and gave us at least some voice-over dialogue from Bella's perspective. 

In the film Bella is played by Kristen Stewart (Panic Room, Zathura) and Edward is played by Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). The pressure to bring such beloved characters to life must have been daunting to say the least but both actors play it natural. Stewart as a freaked out but in love teenager and Pattinson as a freaked out century-old vampire who's been empty inside for just as long. The intense looks Pattinson gives Stewart alone will have the ladies coming back for repeat viewings.

Restrained by the need to develop Bella and Edward's relationship most of the ancillary characters take a back-seat. Sure we see Bella's father but we don't see her taking care of him, cooking for him, we see them going out to eat a lot (look for a Stephenie Meyer cameo there). You get about one quirk each for the Cullen family but it's enough, especially with the knowledge they'll be back for sequels. Bella doesn't seem particularly close with her new high school friends though that's acceptable. Here they mostly serve as a backdrop for a normal human existence.

Bella and Edward's relationship, which develops over several encounters in the book is delegated to a few choppy montages. The vampire information sessions could have been condensed down to one leaving more time to show the pair's love growing. For all the moments in the book we only get one real kissing scene and not much physical contact at all. I would think for those just seeing the movie without reading the book it would seem all a bit contrived. However, the vampire characteristics, such as they are in this series, were showcased delightfully. The speed and other supernatural abilities are simple and naturally done without many effects and even the most peculiar of traits (their skin sparkling like diamonds in direct sunlight) was better than I hoped for a budget of $37 million.

Some scenes from the book are deleted, shortened or otherwise substituted but that's par for the course on adaptations. There's nothing particularly jarring that would cause a fan to throw their hands up in outrage unless you count Bella's prom attire (didn't we learn our lesson with Hermione?). One thing's for sure, the fans showed their love this weekend with grosses of over $70 million dollars insuring there's more Twilight films to come. Summit Entertainment, the small studio behind the film, announced Saturday they would be moving ahead with the second installment, New Moon

I'm a hopeless romantic and Twilight's got me hook, line and sinker. Stephenie Meyer knew exactly what to write to get us sucked in and it worked just like magic. See, there were teenage girls in the theater when I saw the film and they were enjoying it just fine. Me on the other hand? I was covering my mouth suppressing a giant smile and squeals the entire way through. What can I say? That's what I'm like when I'm in love.

Nov 21, 2008

So you can afford that extra turkey leg.

It's almost Thanksgiving. That means it's time to start thinking about turkey legs. Giant turkey legs to be exact.

Photo by: V. Brando

I just got an email letting me know the New York Renaissance Faire is having their annual Holiday special getting you the first chance at tickets for next years mirth and merriment. Of course it doesn't start until August 1st but their "Holidazzle Ticket Sale" gives you a full 50% off the ticket prices. The sale is going on now through January 5, 2009 so if you know for sure you're gonna attend it's a great opportunity.

I missed this past year but I've been many times and it's always a blast. Now if I can only get them to bring back the damn spinach pies we'll be set.

Nov 20, 2008

Lost ARG over?

I was surprised to find a new email this week from Hans Van Eeghen with news that my Volunteer Assessment Dossier was ready. It arrived almost a full month earlier than it was supposed to. Always highly suspicious of any Dharma Initiative practices, I proceeded with caution.

But Van Eeghen spoke of how pleased he was with the result and praised our efforts, then it got a little weird.
Our plan was that together we would commence a glorious adventure: the revival of the Dharma Initiative using the myriad talents of all our amazing new recruits...Then the financial crisis struck.
Huh? Ok. Huh? Ok. I guessed they were just using real life events to make everything sound more plausible. But then it got a little more weird.
This stunning reversal of fortune has forced us to abandon our ambitious plans. In fact, absent this funding, the Dharma Initiative was forced to make the only sensible decision we had available: we sold the Dharma Initiative to the television show LOST.
Ok now they’ve (no pun intended) lost me. Van Eeghan goes on to spill his personal problems, police charges, a broken marriage and a lot of casino debt. He’s decided to go work at an auto dealership in Dubai and tells us if we’re in the area to email him about a special “Dharma Rate.” Is this a failed attempt to make us laugh or have the creators really lost their funding and this was the best way they could find to end gracefully? Either way, lame.

A quick scan of the Lost ARG site shows an email address was inbedded in the code of the Van Eeghen message. (<-- DSAqandaatgmaildotcom --> ) If you send something to that address you get this response:
Got a question for the creators of LOST? Submit your question along with your name and hometown, and if selected, Damon and Carlton will answer it in a DSA announcement… that is, if you haven't been a bad Black Swan.
No official word but it seems like that’s that. I was given the job of Cinemetographer for the Dharma Initiative but I’ll never get any actual work experience. It’s a shame, I could have done wonders for them, those old Dharma videos were rife with problems.

Nov 18, 2008

The hits just keep on comin'

So much has been going on with DC Comics the last week and a half. Now I'm kind of glad I waited to write anything about it. To be a fly on the wall over there right now, or dare I say, a Beetle, would be very interesting indeed.

Previously announced cancellations had me pretty upset but you can now add two more books to that list. Blue Beetle and Manhunter. Honestly I knew Blue Beetle wasn't doing all that well and Manhunter didn't have me very excited during it's latest run but I'm sad to see them go. Dan Didio confirmed the news in a round of 20 Answers with Newsarama. He had this to say about the former:
One of the books that I’m most disappointed about in that regard is a book like Blue Beetle, which we are cancelling. That’s a book that we started with very high expectations, but it lost its audience along the way. Recently, we felt that it was standing on firmer ground, and was getting a more positive response. The problem is that the firmer ground and positive response is not enough to keep the book afloat. So unfortunately, we had to cancel that series.
Obviously the characters themselves are not disappearing just the books. Blue Beetle of course is still involved with the Teen Titans for the time being. Didio also explained that the cancellation of Birds of Prey, Nightwing and Robin did not have to do with sales but "positioning characters for future stories." You can also read Matt Sturges feelings on the BB cancellation and what he sees for Jaime's future. Apparently there will be a death in the final two-parter.

Over the weekend Didio had an interview in the LA Times and announced some more big news. Superman will be leaving Action Comics to make way for new characters and in the Superman book itself he'll be leaving Earth in favor of space. In another bold move DC is bringing back Adventure Comics restarting with a #1. Apparently the Legion of Super-Heroes will be the main attraction there and they promise more from the interview later in the week.

In the sort of rumor/probably true section today, a lot of writer trouble. CBR's Lying in the Gutters says the end of Final Crisis will be delayed because Dan Didio didn't like how the story ended in respect to it's implications in the DCU and asked a "rather unhappy" Grant Morrison to do rewrites. "As a result, creative teams working on a number of spinoff and affected books have also had to stop work while the 'Final Crisis' ending is reworked," explained columnist Rich Johnston. Adding to the misery, Johnston talks of an argument between James Robinson and Didio that "led to Robinson quitting the Superman books and the DCU in general." 

Seems like utter mayhem over there at the moment but at least one thing has been settled. The writer for the long-discussed mini-series Battle for the Cowl had not been announced until last weeks Newsarama discussion. It will be written and drawn by Tony Daniel which came as a big surprise to some. While having illustrated Marvel and DC comics in the past he's a relative unknown as a writer. Of course the extra well-known Neil Gaiman will be stepping in to write a two-issue tribute to the character in Batman #686 tentatively titled, "What Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" (ala Alan Moore's What Every Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?). Gaiman will be working with artist Andy Kubert on that one to condense the infinite versions of Batman. He also told USA Today, "This is my last Batman story."

Besides all the rumors and controversy it does seem that DC is attempting to break everything down so it can be rebuilt on firmer ground which is not only admirable but an enormous undertaking. Superman and Batman will no doubt prove to be the most difficult, not only in the practical sense but also in a pleasing-the-fans sense. Either way I look forward to seeing how all of this pans out.

You can also view and discuss this article over at GEN.

DoubleDCoverage 11/5-11/12

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There’s been a lot of Batman and a lot of Superman the last two weeks, not to mention a few amazing stand-out issues in other series and a couple of let-downs. Read all about it by clicking the link: DoubleDCoverage

Nov 17, 2008

You asked for it...

Well ok technically MTV asked for it, not you, but I know you're all going to get a kick out of this. It's my audition video for MTV's True Life: I'm a Fanboy. 

I originally submitted a whole bunch of information at the NY Comic Con site and had since gotten an email asking for more information and a three minute video. I couldn't decide if I should focus on one thing for the video, like The Fifth Element, or try to do a little of everything. I settled on mostly TFE seeing as how my written submission explains everything else. So, what do you guys think? Do I have a chance? Wish me luck!

Edit: I also have it uploaded on Google Video now. It was giving me trouble earlier.

Nov 14, 2008

Dear Santa,

I was really having a hard time deciding what to tell people this year when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I considered telling them to give me money towards my laptop fund but I hate when people do that sort of thing to me. Luckily I've got just the thing. Who needs Buffy when you've got your own Vampire Killing Kit?!

My friend sent me this link today and I knew immediately it was the most perfect gift anyone could ever give me. It's from the 1800's and completely authentic and I really really really really want it. It's got all kinds of great stuff! Do you know how long it would take me to collect all of that separately? 

I know it just sold at an auction for over $14,000 but seeing as how you're Santa and all I figured you'd know who deserved it more and find some way to slip it underneath my tree come Christmas morning. I'll be extra good next year I promise! Think about it.

Your friend,
The Nerdy Bird

P.S. Sorry about that crack directed towards the mall Santa yesterday. I only said it because I knew it wasn't you!

P.P.S. I promise not to kill any vampires with it. I actually like them!

Nov 13, 2008

Cypher BitTorents a lot of movies...

Short on time today so I'll just give you this piece of cinematic genius. Thanks to one of my myspace friends for posting it.

"Hope you have cookies enabled!" 

Nov 11, 2008

Buffy Bounces Back

There's been serious Buffy comic withdrawal over my way. Luckily my fix is coming soon. November 26th to be exact.

The last issue of Buffy Season 8 was in stores...a while ago. I remember hearing there was going to be a delay but I had no idea it would be this long. Editor Scott Allie had this to say:
Good news, gang -- Andy Owens has just turned in the final inks for long-overdue Buffy #19. So while Michelle wraps up the colors on Buffy #19, I want to thank you for your patience, apologize for the delay, and promise to do my best to keep it from happening again.
Even better news, issue #20, Jeph Loeb's one-shot about the Buffy Animated Series that never was, is almost finished and issues #21 and #22 are already in the can. As a result Dark Horse will ship the issues every three weeks to get back on their first-week-of-the-month schedule. Fine by me! The more Buffy, the better I say.

Allie also hinted at some unusual promotion for the next arc, written by Jane Espenson, which will feature Oz. He said to keep an eye on the Myspace Dark Horse Presents site (and other spots) around the 1st of the year for whatever that may be.

Nov 9, 2008


Everyone has an opinion on who they'd like to see play Wonder Woman in a live-action film. It seems one fan took their and ran with it. Not only did they photoshop Transformers star Megan Fox into the famous costume, they created their own viral marketing campaign. popped up last week with a picture of the Wonder Woman logo over an American flag with the words, "The Truth Will Be Revealed," below. Over the next few days parts of the flag photo were "ripped" off, similar to the Joker picture from The Dark Knight, and showed parts of a woman standing underneath. You can see at io9 each time the image was ripped a new tagline was written, "It's time for a new 'W,'" is just one of them.

Anyone can see this is an obvious photoshop of the actress yet, I'm assuming, it's the DC, Legendary Pictures and WB logos that fooled more than a few journalists into thinking this was a site created by one of those companies and therefore the real deal. The site is not registered to any of them and indeed got confirmation from a Warner Bros. rep that it's "complete BS."

It's an impressive effort to highlight a certain actress in the role and although it's been done before, it's never been to this extent or detail. Now the questions is, will any of the companies be taking legal action for improper use of the logos in the making of this hoax? I hope not, the fan obviously has talent and a strong point of view. I say they hire him or her for their web department.

Another one down the tubes, in a hallelujah-they've-seen-the-light kind of moment (for me anyway) it was announced this past week that The Graysons series would not be taking flight after all. 

Variety says the decision came from Jeff Robinov from Warner Brothers Pictures Group, although another executive said, "Warner Bros. TV never had 100% clearance." The actual statement released by the studio read, "The studio has opted not to go forward with the development of 'The Graysons' at this time as the concept doesn't fit the current strategy for the Batman franchise. Warner Bros. Television is currently working on several replacement options for the CW." Production had not begun and a script had yet to be written.

You may recall my inherent dislike for the idea, so I'm glad they came to their senses. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if fan reaction played a part either. It seems to me that if the CW is looking for something to replace Smallville, they should look within their own cast. Spin-offs could easily be made with either Supergirl or Green Arrow and probably have better results.

Nov 6, 2008

The Genetic Opera Screams Off-key

Do you find organ failure amusing? What about addiction? Are you the type of person who thinks vivisection is cause for riotous fits of laughter? Well then, Repo! The Genetic Opera might be just what the doctor ordered. (Spoilers ahead)

Just so we’ve got things straight, Lionsgate/Twisted Picture’s Repo is not a comedy, it’s billed as a “future rock opera cult-horror.” Maybe that’s why it feels like the movie can’t decide which genre it actually wants to be. It’s just like it’s teenage main character Shilo Wallace, it still has some growing up to do.

The film is directed by Saw II-IV helmsman Darren Lynn Bousman. Co-creators of the original stage production Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich wrote the screenplay, music and lyrics for this dysfunctional look at our future. It’s the year 2059 and the biotech company GeneCo is humanity’s savior following a worldwide organ failure epidemic. Of course, like any big corporation, greed plays a big part. Once you get your new organ you better make sure to keep up with the payments or else GeneCo’s Repo Man will come to rip it out of your still-breathing body. You’re guaranteed not to make it out of this surgery.

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the Repo Man but that’s just his night job. His real name is Nathan Wallace and he’s father/doctor to the very sick Shilo (Alexa Vega from Spy Kids) whom he keeps locked in her room all hours of the day for fear of the horrifying world outside her windows. Like any teenager, Shilo rebels and finds a way out, though how she actually does this is never explained. That’s something you have to get used to while watching Repo unfortunately, a lot goes unsaid. However, through clever use of Sin City-like comic panels we learn the background stories of our main characters.

Nathan was married to a woman named Marni. She became pregnant with Shilo but was struck so ill Nathan had to make a choice who would survive. He chose the child but he may or may not have kept his wife’s corpse in a perverse diorama in his house. These are the kinds of missteps that plague Repo.

President of GeneCo, Rotti Largo played by Paul Sorvino, is the dying patriarch of an ungrateful trio of psychotics. Horror legend Bill Moseley is wasted here as the eldest son Luigi Largo. He has a terrible temper and likes to stab people yet we barely see him do so. Regrettably Moseley does not have the voice of an angel. Industrial rock musician Nivek Ogre is intriguing as the younger son Pavi. His fetish is the beautiful face of a woman after he cuts it off her and places it atop his own like a mask. It’s a frightening image fit for any horror movie and is, in fact, reminiscent of Moseley’s character from House of 1000 Corpses. In another inexplicable move Pavi does all his work behind the scenes and, even more curious, is the only member of the family to speak with an Italian accent. Jack-of-all-trades Paris Hilton is Rotti’s daughter Amber Sweet. She’s addicted to plastic surgery and the painkiller Zydrate which is available illegally on the street. For all intents and purposes Hilton is just playing herself. Minus the plastic surgery of course. With all the hype about her being in the film she barely rates as a featured character. In the middle of a sibling argument (watch the clip) over who their father will leave the company to she simply disappears off-screen. She’s also denied singing a full song all by herself. To her credit, she allows herself to look ugly for a change.

Repo is called an opera for a reason, there are only about four straight-foward spoken sentences in the entire film and two of them are by Hilton. The music is all original and was recorded by a veritable who's who in the rock industry and is Repo’s main draw. Performances include Joan Jett (who also has a cameo), Richard Patrick (Filter), Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Clown (Slipknot), Brian Young (David Lee Roth's band), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), Tommy Clefetus (Rob Zombie's band), Melora Creager (Rasputina). Singer/songwriter Poe also lends her voice to the soundtrack.

Creator Terrance Zdunich is marvelously delicious as the anti-hero Graverobber. He acts as an involved narrator throughout the story, helping Shilo along the way while explaining to the audience where Zydrate comes from. Think Fight Club, only worse. It comes from dead bodies. Zdunich shows proper stage talent that would be well at home on Broadway. “Zydrate Anatomy” is one of the best songs of the entire film. Alexa Vega actually has a Broadway background (Hairspray) and was an excellent choice to play the curious and frustrated Shilo. Her solo “Infected” is impressive and she really has the bratty behavior down pat on “Seventeen.”

If you were a fan of Buffy you’ve already seen Anthony Stewart Head belt out a few choice notes. Giles fans will be giddy with excitement over his performance, a lot of “Ripper” comes through as the Repo Man. He’s a true rock star on “Legal Assassin” even though it’s pacing slightly interferes with it’s enjoyment. Even though “Thankless Job” sounds like an alternate horror version of “Master of the House” from Le Miserables, hearing Head growl instead of sing like we know he can is off-putting and unnecessary. Watching Repo you’ll find yourself considering what Sweeney Todd would have been like had Head had the title role instead of just his small cameo.

Although Paul Sorvino is classically trained, the unmistakable talent here is ethereal singer Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag. GeneCo gave her the ability to see, and then some, with a special pair of peepers and now she’s indebted to them for life as their resident talent. The entire movie it feels like she’s waiting to be released on the audience, “Chase the Morning” (watch the clip) is a beautiful song, along with Vega and Nancy Long, but is just a fraction of what she can do. It’s not until the very end of the film we get some honest to goodness opera and by then it almost feels dull and out of place next to the raging rock tracks throughout, although it certainly does it’s job.

Repo is almost shockingly bloody at points but if you were expecting Saw-type horror you came to the wrong place. Some of the effects are very well done, a mass grave of naked corpses was specifically impressive, while others felt very do-it-yourself (That brain was jiggling a little too much). It could have been budgetary concerns (It was made for less than $10 million) or it might have been done purposefully but that’s what was so frustrating. This is the main area where Repo went wrong. It’s trailer makes it out to be hard-as-nails, unrelenting and cruel and while it starts out like that, a humor creeps it’s way into a storyline that would have been remarkably intense had it not gotten laughs.

While these issues may not bother the average fan, not to mention the rabid fan-base that has grown in anticipation of the film, avid movie-goers will find one big problem with Repo. A plot device is revealed in Rotti’s backstory, turns out he was with Marni before she married Nathan. When she left him and didn’t come back he decided to poison her and make Nathan think he was responsible, hence her illness while she was pregnant. He explains this to the audience and makes it feel incredibly important, and it is, except it’s never followed through. Writing 101. Checkov’s Gun. It means, if you show a gun hanging on the wall in the first act it must be fired by the last. Rotti never admits he killed Marni to Nathan and a heart wrenching realization is completely lost. It very well could be the result of Smith and Zdunich’s lack of experience in the film industry but it’s hard to believe no one mentioned it to them.

Even though Repo has it’s quirks it does present to us a frightening idea of a future that may not be that far off. One of GeneCo’s happy customers boasts about her new liver, “Now I can drink whatever I want!” It’s not hard to believe that’s what some people would do given the opportunity. It’s also not hard to see this will easily become a cult classic no matter what the reviews. “We Started This Op’ra Shit” has midnight movie material written all over it just like The Rock Horror Picture Show. In fact, because Repo is only opening in limited release, they’re taking it on the road through November to give more fans the chance to see it. If you’re just hearing about Repo it would probably help having some interest in musical theater in order to get enjoyment out of it. Or, you could just be the kind of person who thinks intestines are funny.

(You can also view this review at GEN)

Ok, the redhead is pissed.

Birds of Prey, Robin and Nightwing are all canceled. Don't you know you're not supposed to mess with a redhead?

"I'm WHAT?!"

DC confirmed the news to Newsarama. Birds of Prey #127, Robin #183 and Nightwing #153 will be their final issues in stores this February. It's doubtful this decision was based on sales and more likely it has something to do with Batman. Fishy (pun intended) considering Catwoman got the ax not too long ago also. Maybe we're all really underestimating the effect Batman R.I.P. will have on him and the Bat-family. Either way it seems hard to imagine a reboot of all three series.

Cancellation doesn't fly with Zinda.

Robin and Nightwing writers Fabian Nicieza and Peter Tomasi told Comic Book Resources they were aware of these plans far in advance. Tomasi also revealed he'll be writing a Batman and the Outsiders Special in January and continuing with Outsiders after his last issue of Nightwing.

I'm trying not to be too mad about Birds of Prey as it really does seem something new will come for each of the books after all is said and done but, yeah, I'm pissed. DC just better realize if they don't bring BoP back, they'll have THIS redhead in a wheelchair to deal with.

Nov 5, 2008

Check me out on GEN!

I've got some exciting news to share with you all today. I am now a contributor over at the Girls Entertainment Network

GEN is a great site made up of several ladies just like me who write about video games, comics, cosplay and geek pop culture. I've admired their work for a while now and I was supremely enthusiastic when I was asked to join and contribute. 

I'll be writing a column every two weeks to review/recap almost all DC Comics titles. I'm calling it DoubleDCoverage, sort of a play on my "Has Boobs, Reads Comics" title for my own blog. I'll also be posting other articles on there from time to time but the column is going to be just for GEN for now. Two weeks of reviews really takes up a lot of space, you know? But whenever I have an article on GEN, I'll let you guys know here.

So without further ado, here is my very first DoubleDCoverage on the Girls Entertainment Network. Leave some comments, let me know what you think. As always, spread the word! I've got a nice bio up on their about us section if you'd like to check that out as well. Thank you for all your support in helping me continue to grow. It's very appreciated.

Nov 4, 2008

Don't forget to vote...

...for General Zod. :)

Nov 3, 2008

Nerdy News

All aboard the Nerdy Bird train, where today we're off to Hollywood and possibly through time and space. Better buckle up.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson not only wants more children with wife Milla Jovovich he wants more Resident Evil films. Although Resident Evil: Extinction was set as an end to a trilogy it seems Hollywood is calling Anderson back for more. He told the UK's Sunday Sun last month "I’m writing an adaptation of the Long Good Friday right now, set in present-day Miami. Then I will probably write Resident Evil 4." No more details were given, not even if Jovovich would be starring as Alice yet again. The husband and wife's first child together, Ever, turns one tomorrow. Could Alice have a super-Umbrella-Corporation-baby? Anything is possible.


Breaking news explosion today for NBC's Heroes. Co-executive producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander have been fired.

Variety's Cynthia Littleton reported the news late Sunday, "It's understood that Alexander and Loeb were let go because of Peacock execs' frustration with the creative direction of the show." It's obvious declining ratings for the shows third season didn't help either. Heroes is averaging about 9 million viewers this season as opposed to an average of 11.6 from last year. Littleton also cited budget overages as an issue. So far no one from the show or the studio is commenting.


Sigh. I heard this news last week but was too depressed to report on it. The 10th Doctor, David Tennant, will be voluntarily stepping down from the role he's played since 2005 in just over a year.

The BBC announced Tennant will appear in the next Christmas special in 2009 then four hour-long episodes to be aired in 2009 and early 2010. By the next full season the show will be without him and writer/executive producer Russell T. Davies who announced his departure earlier in the year. 

Steven Moffat will be replacing Davies but there's no word on who the 11th Doctor will be. Since the announcement, speculation has begun about a possible female Doctor, British media going so far as to suggest the Doctor's old companion Billie Piper could be a front-runner. Tennant was asked on BBC Breakfast recently what he thought about the Doctor being a woman. He replied, "Why not? It's one of those parts that any actor could bring something valid to, because it can be anything and it's a sort of blank canvas every time." 

True words but this Bird will miss that Bloke a lot.