Apr 30, 2008



Art by J.G. Jones

Around this time last year comics jumped onto the front page of the mainstream media. The NY Daily News announced the demise of Captain America to the whole world. It was huge. It was dramatic. It was...depressing.

Today the NY Daily News reported something much bigger and definitely happier. Barry Allen, the beloved Flash who died 23 years ago saving the universe, is being resurrected. Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns are quoted in the article but neither actually say the words 'Barry Allen is back.' Though the article does name Johns as a co-writer of the new Flash series.

DC Universe #0, released today, gave us our first glimpse into his return. A nameless narrator box led us through the issue changing slowly from black, to red, to red with a lightning bolt. It was as if he was slowly coming back into consciousness and it was thrilling. If you don't already have a copy shame on you. Go pick up two, they're only fifty-cents.

Online, fans are already disagreeing about whether this was a good move or not. Surprisingly I've seen a lot more on the negative side. Also, what will this mean for the current Flash, Wally West? Only time will tell and we probably won't have to wait that long. Final Crisis begins next month.

By the way, The Daily News also has a nice History of the Flash companion piece to go along with their breaking news.

EDIT: Newsarama interviewed Dan Didio who mentioned that the part about Geoff Johns being a co-writer on the new Flash was a misprint. According to Didio it was supposed to say that Johns is the co-writer on DC Universe #0, so nothing new there.

Apr 28, 2008

My kind of weekend

What did I do this weekend you ask? Or maybe you don't, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I watched all three Indiana Jones movies one day and the next I watched ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica in a row. Totally geeked-out? Never! If I didn't have work today I'd still be watching Battlestar.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (they could have made that title shorter) hits theaters May 22. My friend had the idea that we should have a marathon of the previous three. I was totally up for it because I love Indy and anyway it wouldn't be nearly as tough as when we decided to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in one day. The extended editions no less. My mind has never fully recovered from that.

It was a lot of fun. We got loads of junkfood to pig out on and settled in for a long day. Raiders of the Lost Ark was great of course. I'm happy that Karen Allen is back in the new movie to play Marion. Temple of Doom, which has always been my least favorite of the three for almost nothing else but that bug scene, went by pretty quickly. We took a break before we started The Last Crusade (my favorite) because that's the longest of the bunch. But even that was over before we knew it. It was only 9 o'clock! I only wished that Lego Indiana Jones was already out so we could have kept it going that way.

It's amazing what DVD's have done to tv shows. Around the middle of my ten hour Battlestar viewing yesterday I realized how grateful I was that I could watch the next episode immediately. This was especially felt when I got to the end of the first half of season two. When it aired there was about a five month hiatus before the next episode. If you've watched the show regularly since it's aired I applaud you for making it through those months.

The thing I love about Battlestar Gallactica is that, for me anyway, you can never like one character for too long before a horrible personality trait comes forward and you start to realize what a terrible person they are. But then a few episodes later, sometimes even the next episode, you're back to loving them again. Such great things are happening, I can't wait to continue. If only I had eight hours a day I could devote to watching it all the time.

Apr 25, 2008

May the hair on his toes never fall off!


After hearing this rumored for months, it's finally official. New Line Cinema announced yesterday Guillermo Del Toro will be directing "The Hobbit." Not only that, he'll be moving to New Zealand for a few years to give it his full attention. The film will be split in two with executive producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh also on the team. You may remember Jackson had sued New Line over "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy profits. "The Hobbit" could not move forward until that was settled, which it was this past December. 

"Contributing to the 'Lord of the Rings' legacy is an absolute dream come true," said Del Toro in a statement. Jackson and Walsh also released a statement saying, "We have long admired Guillermo's work and cannot think of a more inspired filmmaker to take the journey back to Middle-Earth." 

You can find out all you need to know and keep up to date on what's going on with "The Hobbit" at the films official blog, TheHobbitBlog.com. As of right now, filming is set to begin next year with the movies being release in 2010 and 2011. Del Toro is currently out promoting his latest film "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" in theaters July 11th.

NY COMIC CON Day 3 - Wrap up!

Catwoman, Oracle, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
Art by Adam Hughes

Honestly, I didn't think I'd be able to move by the time Sunday rolled around so I wasn't planning on attending the third and final day of the NY Comic Con. One day in plain clothes, one in costume and a night of drinking really does take it's toll. But I figured, I'm here, why the hell not take another look around? Maybe it will be less crowded. Which it was, to a degree but still not easy for someone in a scooter to get around.

I had no intention of getting up early though and I didn't bother going to any panels. I think my brain had actually stopped functioning by Sunday afternoon so it would have been rude of me to do so anyway. I took a few more turns around the show floor. My friend was working one of the booths that day and I caught up with her finally. She told me she sold an amazing amount of Chewbacca back-packs. (Scary looking if you ask me) Which, oddly enough, I saw a girl wearing to the Star Trek convention I went to last month. 

My friend asked me to do some shopping for her since she couldn't really leave her booth. I found something she'd like right away, that I had apparently missed every other time I'd been on the floor. I got a Voo Doo Baby for her. They gave out nifty sheets with all the different characters on it so I brought it back for her to pick one out. By the way, if anyone would like me to be their buyer next year at the comic con I'm totally in. Buying stuff with other peoples money is fun. She got the Ninja and I got myself the Hell Kitty because, well, it's a kitty. Though if I were them I'd think about changing my url.

The last thing I wanted to do was check out Artist's Alley. I was so glad it was on the same floor as the show this time around. I can imagine the artist's felt very isolated last year. There's not too many artists I would actually seek out. I feel like just telling them you love their work is lame. I'd rather have something interesting to talk about. Adam Hughes, who drew the amazingly beautiful promotional poster art you see above wasn't in attendance. The posters they gave out said above the drawing, "The Real Power of the DC Universe." I only wished it wasn't folded because I want it framed and up on my wall now. I've settled using it as my computer background. By the way, on the actual poster Poison Ivy's skin is green.

I decided to go see if Cliff Chiang was at his table. He was! Hooray! I really wanted to ask him to sketch me something but I was withering by the second and I don't think I could have lasted that long. However he did have lithographs of his Doctor 13 work so I bought one and he signed it and we chatted a bit. Apparently there may be something in the works for those characters again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I gave him a card with my blog information on it and he got a kick out of the "Has Boobs, Reads Comics" bit. Overall, real nice guy.

Infectious Lass, Anthro, Captain Fear (Fero), Dr Thirteen, Traci Thirteen, I...Vampire, Haunted Tank, Genius Jones, Count Julius
Art by Cliff Chiang

Somehow on Saturday I missed the fact that there were costume contests. I didn't see any advertisement for them in any of the program guides I had. I heard the area for it was tucked away in the back somewhere. Oh and apparently I missed a screening of the new Dark Knight trailer too. I'm sure it will be online soon, if it isn't already, but it would have been nice to have seen it there. I always miss out on the fun. 

So that was in for the 3rd annual NY Comic Con. It keeps on improving with each year. Something like 64,000 people went the entire weekend. That's just insane. Though I am bummed to hear that the con is back to being in February next year. I don't know if that's the only date that was open or what? For one, I think they need to standardize the date so people associate a certain time of year with the NYCC. But please, let's not make it February forever. New York is FREEZING in February! Not so nice for the costumed folk.

Just a few Thank You's:

- Ron Hogan at Galleycat.com did a short interview and was nice enough to put my picture up on his site too.
- Andy Khouri from Comic Book Resources took a picture of me for his girlfriend who loves Zatanna. Hope she liked it! Now, you guys wanna give me a job? :)
- To all the panelists who entertained me, you know who you are.
- Everyone at DC Comics for being so down-to-earth.
- Anyone who stopped and chatted with me and took pictures. If you've got one, send it along.
- Of course everyone who works for the NYCC and Reed Exhibitions.

See you next year! In pants.

Apr 23, 2008

DC Comics at the NY Comic Con - One Liners Galore

"How many people here want to know what's going on in the DC Universe?" That question was posed by Sr. VP/Executive Editor of DC Comics Dan Didio at the start of Friday's "DC Nation" panel of the NY Comic Con. It was met with a decent amount of applause and lots of laughter when some of the DC editors raised their hands. After two DC panels I'm still in the dark about what's going on in Supergirl but at least I now know lots of new and exciting things about to happen in the DCU. Here's some news from both.

Gail Simone filled us in on what's coming up in Wonder Woman. "Some of the best scientists in the entire world have the mathematical formula to take down Wonder Woman, so we're going to create a new Rogues Gallery for her," she said. As if that wasn't scary enough she followed it up with this, "Someone believes the Amazons are a failed experiment and is going to create their own Amazons. However, we are going to have a new Wonder Woman -- who is a man." No one in the audience knew quite how to respond to that so Didio asked if we liked their working title of The Manazons. It was a resounding no from the audience. One fan yelled out, "It sounds like a drag show!" Here's hoping it doesn't stick.

Peter Tomasi and Geoff Johns

Senior Coordinating Editor Jann Jones has been working hard on comics aimed at kids. She introduced a new six issue mini-series on the way called Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. "We have a real commitment to taking our characters and making them really accessible to young kids," said Didio. And yes, 8th grade Supergirl will have a super cat.

The subject turned to the new Blue Beetle. After the crowd hollered that most of them read it, Didio admitted it is one of their weaker sales but, "one of the books that has the most support right now." Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler announced something different that would be happening in May. "Blue Beetle #26 is actually entirely in Spanish with English script in the back of the book," he said. Sadler and Didio said it is a good spot to jump on board. Blue Beetle is one of my favorite books so I was concerned about it's sales. At the second panel I decided I'd ask a question to see if I could help things along. Basically, I figured most people who weren't reading the book were big fans of Ted Kord and were still sour over his death during Countdown to Infinite Crisis. I stated that fans could still see him in recent issues of Booster Gold and asked if he was sticking around for good. "I can't tell you that," said Geoff Johns. What can I say? I gave it a shot. Speaking of Booster Gold Johns said that in issue one-million, "We find out who Rip Hunter is."

Of course the panel would finally get around to discussing Batman R.I.P. When asked directly by a fan if Batman was going to die, Didio put it to the panel. Keep in mind, most of their answers were in jest so there's no way to tell if they were telling the truth. Though by process of elimination one of them has to be right, right? Here were their varying answers:

Ian Sattler - "Someday."
Peter Tomasi - "Mmm could be?"
Geoff Johns - "Uh, no."
Sean McKeever - "Absolutely yes."
Jimmy Palmiotti - "Twice."
Gail Simone - "Of course."
Keith Giffen - "God willing."
Bob Wayne - "Not in a movie year!"
Jann Jones - "Mostly?"

Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones and Gail Simone

During the second panel the writer of Batman R.I.P., Grant Morrison, got a chance to speak. Didio asked him what that stood for and Morrison replied, "'Rest In Piece' apparently -- but he doesn't." Morrison sounded excited that this would be the culmination of all his Batman work. "Basically if you miss this one, you miss your chance to say goodbye," he said.

Geoff Johns announced that in the JSA Annual in July, called "Welcome to Earth-2", Power Girl finds herself back home there. Jimmy Palmiotti then announced some of the biggest news of the day. He and Justin Gray will be working on a new on-going series with art by Amanda Connor called Powergirl. "It's one of the books we've been asked for the most," said Didio, "I'd just like to say, we heard you. We just wanted to get the right team, the right style and the right jump-off point." Hooray for Powergirl!

About forty-minutes into the first panel and numerous questions being directed at Geoff Johns he finally decided to say, "You know what's weird, is that most people call me 'Geoff Johns' instead of Geoff." That didn't stop the fans, they kept calling him by his full name. Though one younger fan finally just said Geoff, with emphasis.

Gail Simone, Geoff Johns and Stephan Roux

In the second DC panel, just before she had to leave, Gail Simone delivered what was probably my favorite news all weekend. "We are doing a new Secret Six, ongoing," she announced. She anticipated us asking who the six would be, "Catman, Deadshot, Scandal, Ragdoll -- an A-list Batman villain -- and a new character that I've created with Nicola [Scott]." She revealed the new characters name is Jeanette and she has a secret that even the Secret Six do not know. She added, "It is going to be literally, the most ballsy DCU comic out there and it's going to be done by two redheaded women. So how cool is that?" Pretty cool if you ask me.

I was saddened to learn that Catwoman is getting canceled. A fan said he heard a rumor online and Didio confirmed it saying, "Catwoman is canceled, but that doesn't mean you won't be seeing the character in the DC Universe. By the next day of course news of the books demise had spread and by the time the second panel rolled around there was one very angry female fan who go up to demand an explanation. "I heard you're canceling Catwoman and I'm pretty pissed off about it. I just wanna know what's gonna happen to her," she said. Ian Sattler fielded this one, "She'll be in the Batman universe." But she quickly replied, "That's not good enough." She left unsatisfied with their answers and scared the panel so badly Didio felt the need to ask the next fan to, "Please be nice to us."

For the record, I did ask about Supergirl after my Blue Beetle question. I asked them what was going on, because I had no clue. Ian Sattler told me to hang tight, "Supergirl is gonna be a lot closer linked to Superman and Action shortly." Johns decided to add, "Supergirl is gonna be intricate, the character in the book is intricate to all the Superman plans for the rest of the year."  He continued to say she was an important character to the DCU, "We've got a story that's gonna kinda tilt her on her head but in a good way." I'm happy to hear that obviously because I think Supergirl deserves a lot more attention than she's gotten lately. But did you notice none of them actually told me what's going on right now in Supergirl? Nothing to do but wait I guess.

Grant Morrison

I think a good place to end would be with the fan who asked if Zatanna would be showing up anytime soon. After a few jokes about how she was sitting in the front row, i.e. me, Didio replied, "Reign in Hell and possibly something with Paul Dini coming very soon." Sounds good to me.

Apr 22, 2008



Tada! Well, that's what magicians usually say anyway. As you can see, my second day at the NY Comic Con was in costume. Zatanna to be exact. I wouldn't really call myself a cosplayer. I dressed up as Poison Ivy last year but that was only because that was my Halloween costume that year and I spent enough time on it to warrant wearing it multiple times. I did Zatanna this year because it was relatively easy. I didn't have to make anything for it and my boyfriend already had the top hat for me to borrow. Plus, dressing up is loads of fun! I might skip the costume next year or at least dress as someone who wears, you know, pants.

Saturday was filled with lots of people and lots of picture taking. For me, scooting around the show floor was practically impossible. I couldn't go five inches without someone walking into me, stopping abruptly or asking to take my picture. After a while I just gave up and hung out with my friends by the entrance. I kept it lighter on the panels this time around. I went to the second DC panel, "DCU: Countdown to Crisis," but as I mentioned yesterday I'm holding off to report on those two alone.

"Spotlight on Grant Morrison" was my second panel of the day. I got a front row spot (lucky for me my seat travels with me) and settled in for what I knew was going to be a great time. Comic book art historian Arlen Schumer compiled a ten minute introduction made up entirely of quotes from Grant interviews and a slideshow of art from his books as well as a few shots of Grant himself. My personal favorite had to be the one with the kitten on Grant's shoulder. I just about melted. Anyway, kudos to Mr. Schumer on a well thought-out and outstanding introduction. Plus, he liked my costume.

DC Editor Eddie Berganza also sat in but didn't get a chance to talk after the crowd started in with their questions for Grant. A fan asked him what his plans were after Final Crisis. Besides some creator owned projects he's working on he said, "I'm gonna keep doing Batman for a while. Superhero comics I think I'll take a little break. I'll try and rethink what I want to do with them and how I feel about them." Speaking of Batman later on Morrison said he'd be taking him, "To the grave." He was asked, of course, about the upcoming Batman R.I.P. He continued talking about the part he's working on now, specifically Batman getting taken down. "When we begin to suspect the identity of the villain, I think it's the most, like I said the other day, it's possibly the most shocking Batman revelation in 70 years," he said.

There were quite a lot of questions concerning Morrison's drug use through the years and how it affects his work. Surprisingly he announced he was straight-edge until he was 30-years-old but then, "I kind of decided to treat myself as a laboratory and to become something else. I wondered how much you could mess with your own personality. So I just started to do all the things I never done before." He even went so far as to admit, "I became like a Tranny for a while, I used to dress up like a girl once in a while. And I was beautiful at it!" That particular statement was met with extended laughter and applause. As to the drugs themselves, "I don't do so much of that anymore," said Morrison.

I said earlier I knew I was in for a great time. That became blatantly obvious when Grant decided to tell a joke about two Nuns and a Donkey. A fan asked about a reference to it in the script for Arkham Asylum and wanted to know if it was a real joke. He was reluctant to oblige at first telling us he was horrible at telling jokes, which in the technical sense he was. He started off with the punch-line but the way he told it was probably even funnier than if any other person had done it in the correct order. "That's the only joke I know and I still can't tell it," he said. We don't mind Grant.

A fan asked if Morrison would ever consider writing an autobiography, "Nah, you wouldn't believe it," he replied. He said that comics were more like real life to him anyway, "Have you seen this South American dwarf? Have any of you guys seen that thing? That's the world we live in, it's nuts, it's filled with gaps and weirdness and strangeness. So I'm actually trying to be realistic in my stuff." In case you have no idea what he's talking about, check out this article from The Sun.

After Grant Morrison's panel I made a failed attempt to get inside the "Voice Actors and the City" panel which was in one of the smaller rooms and had so many people they flowed out through the door. I was really looking forward to getting into that one seeing as how I do voiceovers but alas it was not meant to be. I took a trip back upstairs to see if the show floor had gotten worse since I last saw it. It had, so I stayed near the entrance and got this great shot of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett.


The Venture Bros. had their first panel at NYCC last year. It was small but popular. They decided to invite the guys back this year. They weren't nearly prepared for them. A line so long had formed outside their designated room, employees soon realized they needed to make a switch. They put us in the room that was used for the DC and Marvel panels and that was currently reserved for an Eli Stone panel. Sorry Eli, but you've got nothing on the Ventures. 

Ken Plume (yes I just linked you to his wiki entry, get over it) moderated this years panel with Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, Mike Sinterniklaas, and James Urbaniak in attendance. I missed last years more intimate setting that allowed me to chat with the guys afterwards. It was standing room only this time around and even that had to be cut off shortly after the panel started. It's no wonder, the four guys showed up in semi-coordinated outfits that made them look like winners of Best Rock Album at the MTV Video Music Awards.

A video previewing clips from season three was shown. There were parts set to the usual Venture Bros. music (a soundtrack is finally in the works) and parts with dialogue. Inevitably at things like this you miss the best parts because people are still laughing about the last bit but it was still great obviously. The guys could probably talk amongst themselves for hours but eventually got around to taking questions from the audience. The guys said they had prizes to give away to the questions that entertained them the most. One asked if Kim was going to be back this season. Doc replied, "I have a theory on Kim. A lot of her stuff is cut out and I think the only reason people love Kim is because people want to be, or be with Kim." He continued, "What happened that she was awesome? She's like Triana's dopey friend. She's hot, admit it!" That fan, you might have already guessed, did not get a prize.

A prize did wind up going to a very unique couple. They were dressed as the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. What made them stand out was the fact that they asked Doc Hammer to perform their wedding ceremony. And they were serious, the girl had their invitation in hand. Doc quickly jumped in with questions like; "Where is it?" "Is it, like, an over-night thing?" "Are we gonna be on a boat? Cause I get mighty sea-sick." Finally there needed to be an actual response, "I'm gonna give you a tentative maybe," Doc said. He took the invite and in exchange gave the girl a random DVD.

Of course, for any fan of cartoon voice actors, the thing you wait for is the moment they slip into the character you know so well. More often than not, for whatever reason, it never happens. A fan asked James Urbaniak to give us a pick-up line in his Dr. Venture voice and end it with a "meow".  I had the forethought to record this one on video:

Someone near the end of panel asked why Brock can't disable a simple chastity belt, referring to the one Molotov Cocktease wears. "Obviously he can do it but that chastity belt is a symbol for her virginity. It's not like a physical shield that he can't get through. When she opens that and gives the divine bounty of her delicious crotch to Brock, she will open up that symbol." The fan still seemed unconvinced so Doc jabbed, "What is stopping you from having sex?" Getting more riled up as he went along he bellowed, "Brock can pull the thing off with his teeth! And he will! Swallow it whole and then go back for seconds." I barely recovered from that one.

Well, there you have it, Day 2 of the NY Comic Con. Since I avoided the show floor for most of the day I missed most of the posing opportunities with other costumed folks. I had a lot of pictures taken of me earlier in the day though, if you have any please send them along to me. Fortunately on my way out I caught some of Batman's Rogue gallery plus another Zatanna!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my DC panel coverage!

NY COMIC CON Day 1 - The Day I Got To Breathe

After a very long (but fun!) weekend at the NY Comic Con I'm back to present you with Day One's events. Last year I only made it to one day. This year I was only planning on attending two, but figured what the hell, I'll go for all three. I would have tried live blogging from the event but I was having too much fun to bother. However, I did use a digital voice recorder and took notes. So here we go.

I arrived early before the general public was let in. All I can say is thank god for that because I was able to scoot around the show floor without being walked into. It gave me the chance to buy myself a stuffed Weighted Companion Cube and this Wonder Woman action figure that I've wanted for a while but kept missing in stores. The con had a bigger space to work with this time around. That meant wider isles and artists alley being on the same floor this year.

I had five panels I intended on going to. The first was "Choosing the News: The Changing Face of Online Journalism." Moderated by Heidi MacDonald from Publishers Weekly's The Beat, panelists were, Matt Brady from Newsarama, Rick Marshall from ComicMix, Richard George from IGN Comics, Brian Heater from The Daily Cross Hatch, Jonah Weiland from Comic Book Resources. Beside the moderator, Matt Brady and Johan Weiland were the most talkative of the bunch. The consensus about getting your blog to be popular was hard work and regular posting.

The topic that garnered a lot of discussion from the panel was viral marketing and whether it should be considered news or advertising. "Personally I find viral marketing just distasteful," said Brady, "that it's taking advantage of the gullible audience and tricking them even more so than regular advertising." Jonah Weiland thinks viral marketing can be fun if it's done respectfully, "Viral marketing can be very successful, can be very exciting. I don't know that the comic companies have it totally figured out yet and by the time I think they figure it out viral marketing will probably be dead." Weiland thinks Warner Brothers has done a great job viral marketing The Dark Knight but he also warned, "As a journalist you have to take a step back and you have to be skeptical of pretty much everything now. Brady agreed, "You have to be very careful, especially when it does come to viral marketing because, I mean, it's always been we've kind of regulated it to the blog section to do any kind of reporting on it. Because if you're reporting on a viral marketing stunt, a cake showing up at your door from the Joker with a cell phone, that's cool. Is it news or then you actually marketing or using your outlet then to advertise and that's, that's a huge gray area to go into."

Next up was the first Vertigo panel of the weekend. Sr. VP/Executive Editor Karen Berger was the moderator for this one. Grant Morrison was the biggest name at this panel and therefore introduced first as one of the founding foursome fathers of Vertigo. This was my first time seeing and hearing him and saying I was enormously entertained by him is a gross understatement. Also there were Amy Hadley who is the artist on Madame Xanadu, G. Willow Wilson who wrote Cairo and is now in the midst of a new comic called Air, writer of the upcoming Unknown Soldier Josh Dysart, Jason Aaron the writer of Scalped, writer of DMZ and Northlanders Brian Wood, Brian Azzarello the writer of 100 Bullets and Loveless, Bite Club writer David Tischman, and artist Russ Braun from Jack of Fables. Berger's fellow Editor Shelly Bond also sat in to talk about her new project MINX which are graphic novels aimed at teenage girls. Editors Will Dennis and Jonathan Vankin attended as well. I was very happy to see Mark Buckingham, artist of one of my favorite comics Fables, slip in just as the introductions were finishing up.

The panel mostly consisted of slides of upcoming Vertigo titles with each artist or writer talking about their own and then questions directly mostly at Grant Morrison. There were a lot shown and I don't read a lot of Vertigo titles so I'll just talk about the few that I already know or that peaked my interest. Air is the new title from the creative team behind Cairo which I did not read. G. Willow Wilson said the idea came about after she got stopped by a stewardess in Amsterdam who thought visa's for Iran and Egypt made her a suspicious person. She said Air is, "a really weird surreal look at sort of the way flight has remained sort of magical to us." Wilson also said, "The thing that we've been telling people that they've liked is if Umberto Eco and Hayao Miyazaki had sort of, you know, been in on Alias the TV show it might be something like this," which is what sold me on trying this one out.

I was very excited to find out Vertigo is going to sell a coffee table book of Fables covers come October. If you haven't seen any you're really missing out because James Jean's art is gorgeous. Mark Buckingham talked briefly about issue #75 of Fables called "War Pieces," which will be double sized. "Lots of dramatic things happen, um, you know, nobody's safe. I know they say that a lot in comics, but no, this is one of those moments we will make big changes," he said.

Finally, Grant Morrison spoke about continuing and finishing up Seaguy, three books of three each. He told part of the story which I could never accurately describe how funny it was, I really wish I had video. It involves Seaguy in Spain in a new identity as a professional Matador As a result of mad-cow disease they can no longer kill any cows or bulls therefore they are now known as "Bull Dressers." Morrison explained what that meant exactly, "The Matador buys all these really sexy clothes and stuff and he has a hat and the bull charges up and he just goes whoosh and the bulls like wearing a hat. And then it charges again and he's got a pair of stockings and whoosh and the bull's suddenly dressed in stockings. And the idea is eventually if you're a really good Matador you've got this thing going around in high heels and you win." Hearing him tell that story almost made me pee my pants. He was convinced to tell it again during his spotlight panel the next day.

Finishing up my Friday panels was "Women In Comics" moderated by Abby Denson. Panelists included Karen Green, a librarian at Columbia University who started a collection of graphic novels for them, she also writes for Comixology, Heidi MacDonald once again, artist of American Virgin Becky Cloonan, Shelly Bond also again, collections editor at Marvel Jennifer Grunwald and newly appointed writer of Wonder Woman, Gail Simone who outshined everyone on the panel with her bright red hair. If only I hadn't dyed my hair recently that would have been the perfect open to a conversation.

The ladies discussed how being a women affects their individual work, but did not touch on if they were ever hindered in the comic industry because of their sex, which I found odd. Denson asked them each if they considered their work feminist. Green replied, "I find that a really fascinating question. I think because 'feminism' has become this kind of dirty word and people all over the world want to say, 'oh I believe in equal rights for women but I'm no feminist.' I think that feminism needs to be redefined as basically the right for any woman to have the same opportunities as any man and I can't imagine that anybody wouldn't believe in that." She continued. "I would hope that everyone in this room is a feminist and it's not something that you have to be it's just something that is." Gail Simone felt a little differently. She thinks she has good reason to call herself a feminist, "I grew up in a family that was mostly strong women, there wasn't any really strong father figures to speak of that stuck around for any length of time." She added, "My great-grandmother was a Suffragette and she was in jail many times for, you know, women's right to vote, handing out birth control to women, I mean, it's always been women's issues in my family."

I hopped into the screening of the trailer for X-Files: I Want to Believe before I left. It was about a minute of pure awesome. Fans went wild when the familiar theme tune was played. Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz were brought out for a Q&A session directly afterwards. I stayed for a few minutes then beat it when I realized it was going to be a lot of questions involving the movies plot and a lot of "watch the movie" answers.

I attended the "DC Nation" panel that day also but there's a lot to talk about there so I'm going to do a separate post and include the "DC: Countdown to Crisis" panel I went to on Saturday afternoon as well. All in all it was a fun-filled day but it was time to head home. I needed to rest up for my day in costume. Speaking of costumes, here's a shot of three awesome Indiana Jones cosplayers. Unfortunately for me my camera didn't take pictures very well on the show floor with or without flash but you get the idea.

From left to right:

Apr 17, 2008

Catching up before the NY Comic Con

I put the finishing touches on my costume for the NY Comic Con tonight. Last year I went as Poison Ivy. I dyed my hair black recently, that should give you a hint as to who I'm going as this year. Ok, one more hint. I had to buy a bowtie.

Anyway, I apologize for the break in blogging. I've been busy getting ready for the Con plus I was on vacation last week. You'll have to wait until after the Con to hear about the experience I had at my FIRST EVER Star Trek convention last month, but it's worth it. Come say hello if you see me scootering around. I'll be in costume Saturday and then regular Nerdy Bird Jill on either Friday or Sunday.

Apr 4, 2008

So long, Cylons

The fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica begins tonight on the Sci-Fi channel. I guess you could say I'm a little behind. I just started watching season one two weeks ago. I know, shame on me, a huge sci-fi fan. What can I say? There's only so much television a person can watch and I don't stay in on Friday nights. But I'm making up for it now, I'm halfway through season one and having a blast. At the rate I'm going I'll be caught up before the final season finishes.

I wasn't born when the original Battlestar Galactica aired but I remember bits and pieces of repeats from when I was younger. For one thing, I definitely remember wondering how Faceman from The A-Team got into outer-space. We also had some toys from the original series floating around our basement. I think Starbuck's cape is on a Lego man now.

The cast of the new series is a good mix. Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell are two fantastic experienced actors who head both halves of the show, the military and the government. James Callis, who I previously adored in Bridget Jones's Diary, is already extraordinary as the paranoid Dr. Gaius Baltar. Regardless of the hot Cylon (Tricia Helfer) sitting on my lap every few minutes I probably would have thrown myself out of the nearest airlock by now if I was him. Bringing the old cast together with the new in the form of Richard Hatch, who played Captain Apollo on the original 1978 series, was a great idea. He takes up the role of terrorist/politician Tom Zarek in the new series. Of course the weirdest thing was seeing a chick playing Starbuck. Captain Kara Thrace, as played by Katee Sackhoff, is totally channeling Maverick from Top Gun, but she sure does have that Starbuck cigar thing down. Is she ever going to run out of those?

I'm thoroughly blown away by the action so far. The special effects and choreography for the space scenes look like they should be in a feature film rather than a series on the Sci-Fi channel. They're exhilarating to watch, not just because of that but because there's a sense anyone could die at any time. The last episode I watched they killed off 13 pilots and that was just in the hanger. I sometimes like a show where no character is safe, it keeps the tension high. I also enjoy the fact that technology is being used against the humans and that they have to take a step back in order to survive. Corded phones on a space battleship with faster-than-light capabilities is ingenious.

The worst part about the final season starting tonight is that there's been Battlestar Galactica marathons and specials on all week that I've had to avoid. I'm so invested in the show already that I want to watch it all right now. Unfortunately real life responsibilities prevent me from watching it 24 hours a day until I'm finished. I long for the day of direct download of television shows to the brain.