Oct 29, 2008

WONDERful Works of Art

Over 50 auction items were up for grabs at this years Wonder Woman Day. It was really hard to pick and choose and even harder to hold back for what I could afford but I went home a happy nerd.

This is an 8x10 painted Wonder Woman tora by Carlos Vega I fell in love with. The colors were so vibrant and I liked the fact that she was wearing jeans.

This WW sketch by Jun Bob Kim was my other auction win. I thought Diana looked particularly beautiful in this one.

I also received this Spider-Man print signed by James Fiorentino who attended the previous day's events.

And here is my very magical, personal illustration of Zatanna by Neil Vokes who was sketching that day. I was told he was going to do something extra special for me. Can you tell what it is? He signed it backwards àla Z's magic speech! How cool is that? 

Thanks again to everyone! 


eric said...

Thanks for showing the swag you acquired. They all kick buttock. I imagine the Zatanna piece is your fave. They all look awesome.

GeekBoy said...

Those are all awesome.

You need to put the first one in your blog header!

The Nerdy Bird said...

You know, I actually thought the same thing GB.

Randy said...

So will you be Zatanna for halloween this year, Jill?

Amber Love said...

If I had the money I would have gotten into a bidding war with you and Davey over Carlos' piece. Your appearance was a huge hit! Can't wait to see even more pics.

Michael Bailey said...

I like the piece where she's wearing jeans too. Don't really know why. Probably because it isn't something you would expect Diana to wear, but still. Those are some neat pieces of art.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Amber, that close-up Leonard took of you is so great! You should make that your new profile pic.

That was exactly my thinking Michael.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Oh and Randy, I originally didn't have plans for Halloween so I was gonna take it easy but my friends dragged me out last minute and I didn't feel like going all out with the Z costume so I threw together stuff from my closet for a Bellatrix Lestrange costume (from Harry Potter).

Randy said...

I admire your creativity, Jill. To just throw together items from your closet and be a Harry Potter character amazes me.

If I threw together things from MY closet I'd have a lot of comic book t-shirts. Or Cubs and Bears shirts.

Basically, I'd just walk away looking like myself!! :)

The Nerdy Bird said...

Thanks Randy. It's funny because when my friend told me to throw something together she just meant, come as a weirdo in mismatched clothing. haha.

And duh, you could easily make a costume out of that stuff, baseball player or comic book shop owner!