Aug 21, 2008


My friend passed this along to me and said, "You totally need one." I totally do.

"It exterminates all in it's path and is planning domination of the known universe starting with Wolverhampton." God I love British television.

So, it's powered by a mobility scooter? I have one of those! Seriously, what a great idea. I wonder what it's like for people in England when they see a Dalek roaming the streets. I guess it would kind of be like a Terminator walking down your block. Now that would be a sight!

My favorite line from the whole thing has to be, "Do you think this would go down well with the girls on a night out?" "Yeah, if it had a stripper inside it." Ok, so maybe THAT would be a sight to see.

And yes, he is available for children's parties.


GeekBoy said...

That's brilliant!

Crazy and excessively nerdy, yes ... but brilliant nonetheless!

Blue Chair Blog said...

I have always loved the Daleks, and supported them in their efforts to control the Earth!

Never understood the logistics, how they get everywhere without ramps, especially in those early black and white days?

The Nerdy Bird said...

Haha, you're absolutely right BCB!

GeekBoy said...

These days, they just fly.