Jul 28, 2008

Eisner's are up!

The list of 2008 Eisner Award winners can be found here

I'm particularly excited about:

Best News Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Best Publication for Kids/Best Graphic Album-Reprint: Mouse Guard
Best Cover Artist: James Jean

Congratulations to everyone!


GeekBoy said...

Yay, Buffy and Mouse Guard! Also yay for "The Umbrella Academy" which I thoroughly enjoyed. As well as "Y: The Last Man" which I'm only about halfway through so far, but really enjoy as well.

I'm so glad that nothing from either a Marvel or DC "MAJOR EVENT" comic won anything.

The Nerdy Bird said...

I haven't read Y yet but I've heard nothing but good things. It's on my list to start soon.

Luke said...

I think just about everybody I wanted to win did. And you honestly need to start YTLM. Now that it's complete and you can read it straight through, there's no excuse.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Haha I know! I actually wanted to start it earlier but then I figured I'd just wait until it was all done. You have no idea how large my back-log of to-read is.