Feb 14, 2008

Happy Nerdy Valentine's Day!

I found a box of old X-Men Valentines in my room the other day that I apparently never used. I felt compelled to share.

Other gems include:
Cyclops- "I only have EYES for you!"
Professor Xavier- "THINKING of you on Valentine's Day!"
Rogue & Gambit- "I get a CHARGE out of you!"

Am I the only one who misses the days of these kinds of cards? One sheet and a really flimsy envelope. Which, by the way, they actually state on the box are "non-mailable." I used to love giving them out in school! Valentine's Day shouldn't need to be much more complicated than that. I'm gonna go write some out to my friends. :-)


ATP said...

Nothing from Magneto like "You are a love magnet"? hehe

I love Magneto the best. I think it's cause Ian McKellan made him so damn lovable!

I marked out at the end of X Men 3 when, well you know :)

Nerdy Bird said...

Haha, that would have been a perfect one! I'm surprised they didn't go for it.

Gary said...

I Bought the Wolverine and the X-men Valentines for my Boyfriend this Year, and all they say is have an Astonishing Day. I miss Old School ones.
P.S., Your Blog Is Fabu, we should be friends.

Dominick Papandrea said...

I remember giving out Ninja Turtles cards and WWF wrestling cards. The girls didn't appreciate the WWF ones as much as I did. But I agree, I think the small cards have the more Valentine's Day feel than anything.